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  1. A lot of Force Majeure definitions I see specifically include pandemics as a force majeure event so I would be surprised if they didn't either. To add to that, most FM Event clauses allow early termination but only after a set period (3/6 months is usually typical in the contracts I see) so we could see sponsorships etc end early, but not for another couple of months if we have no football. Regarding extensions of contracts etc, this will depend ultimately on what the parties agree (and, if our club has been proactive and got a replacement sponsor etc, they will also need to ensure it doesn't cut across anything that contract says).
  2. A few more appearing as well - all in the same block. I wonder if they are tickets taken off people after Sunday or returns?
  3. They will be cancelled tickets that have been illegally sold on a third party site. How I got my play off final ticket last year.
  4. I've just bagged a cancelled ticket in 527. I wasn't going to be in the country but am now so got very lucky!
  5. Taylor had been tackled up the top of the pitch after being given an absolute hospital pass of a ball from McGinn IIRC
  6. My daughter is nearly 3 (in October) and doesn't have capacity to sit through a game although will watch bits of it with me/celebrate a goal (much more common last season). She knows when I'm off to watch the Villa, and will often ask if she can come with me to the stadium (although I don't think she really appreciates where I am going). She knows the Super John McGinn song though and instantly recognised a Villa shirt worn by someone when we were at Peppa Pig World last weekend (makes me proud)! She needs to be 4 years old to become a Cub member so will probably get her one next October and maybe start with a women's/under 23 game where the atmosphere isn't quite so loud (although she is used to me screaming at the TV ).
  7. Anyone know if this will be open pre-match and whether it is just ST Holders as per previous seasons? If so, what time does it open? TIA!
  8. Not quite the same, will be mainly Thursday nights we play.
  9. Is this season ticket's to reach 30k or 428 spaces left on the waiting list?
  10. Just try your luck on the site: Click here
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