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  1. **BUMP** I've added those who have listed their trainer codes here. Mine is 7094 3926 5460!
  2. I was exactly the same/am of the same view as you now. All ifs and buts though... we could scrape the play offs still.
  3. Wow. Results have seriously gone our way today. Don't mess this up!
  4. This thread is massively depressing. Same spiral.
  5. Have a like. If only for the sheer lunacy of it all...
  6. Di Matteo was sacked for 1 win in 11 games (or 10 points from 11 games). Bruce is now 8 games without a win (1 win in 9) (or 5 points from 9 games). I think if we fail to win one of the next two (bearing in mind we have Newcastle away next still!) I think he has to go. Criminal given the amount we've spent in January.
  7. What are they doing on Villa Talk then? And just because I don't have Fifa 17, I'll go 2-1 to Villa, attendance 24,964
  8. Don't do it, you'll only be regretting it again at 7:20pm on Saturday!
  9. Welcome Steve! Glad to see the majority of comments on here are positive. Some of them are completely bonkers though - we are 19th in the Championship for heavens sake!
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