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  1. Anyone know if this will be open pre-match and whether it is just ST Holders as per previous seasons? If so, what time does it open? TIA!
  2. Not quite the same, will be mainly Thursday nights we play.
  3. Is this season ticket's to reach 30k or 428 spaces left on the waiting list?
  4. Just try your luck on the site: Click here
  5. You were lied to as a child.* *Appreciate this isn't in Villa Village but it's close enough
  6. Obviously! Just very surprised it's happening so soon. It's hard to imagine that this would be happening if we hadn't beaten Derby last month. The what if doesn't bear thinking!
  7. It looks like they are demolishing the Academy/Villa Store? That can't be right surely?
  8. 3636, think it's been corrected. So if just over 2k are on the list, I think was around the 700th mark. Fingers crossed I can get one as I had permission last night
  9. Argh gutted. Shows me. Should have bought one and applied for retrospective permission from the missus Of course now there's a waiting list I could have got one at any time!

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