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Even after yesterday's disappointing result I am still excited for Lambert's first home game in charge on Saturday. The attacking intent evidently IS there which is more than we can say for last season and I believe that the VP crowds are going to get a lot better value for money this season. I will be watching Everton with interest tomorrow night and it will be another tough game for sure. An instant transformation will not happen overnight with us this season and it is going to take time for the players to settle in to a new way of playing which will benefit us in the long term. Hopefully it will be a big crowd and the atmosphere will lift us to victory!

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We do have a very good record against Everton in the last 6/7 years, almost always ends in a high scoring draw or a narrow Villa win. But they'll expose us this wkend and leave VP with a comfortable victory imho. Hope im wrong obviously, doubt we'll bring anyone in so we'll be relying on DB again. If we do lose there will be alot of Frustrated and Restless fans demanding some activity from Randys pocket

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They looked good tonight. I'm concerned about Fellaini. Cole gave Vlaar a hard time for parts of Saturday's game and Fellaini is much more dominant. Clark isn't the biggest and Delph is a midget. We'll have to play well to win. Looking forward to it though.

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Well hopefully they've worn themselves out a bit.

on the other hand that ( work out)was probably as good as 6 pre season friendies.

They look very strong to me.

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I can't see us getting anything out of this since we are so early in our transition, and Everton looked very solid tonight.

I fear the Everton defense will be harder to break down than West Ham. An eagre young Villa side with something to prove at home will push forward and Everton will pick us off on the break.

Hope I'm wrong.

On the plus side; I think we will definitely come good once everyone gets used to the system and the gap between midfield and attack is filled. I trust our support will be brilliant on Saturday.


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Everton is always a really tough game, although we haven't lost to them in the league since O'Leary in 2006 so amazingly we're their bogey side I guess!

If we are going to be positive and get our full backs going forward, we need natural full backs either side and despite Warnock's well recent seasons, he's a decent enough footballer and happy to get forward and can be half decent so I'd risk him at left back.


Lowton Vlaar Clark Warnock





3 quite central players so I'd persevere with N'Zogbia who would have the license to link with either full back in attacking positions and a chance to move into wider areas and make things happen. Naturally you'd go with Ireland in that position but then I think we have to many tippy tappy players and maybe not enough players who can do something different (although N'Zogbia clearly struggling with that part but this is a good chance..) while Holman just seems to strike me as a safe hard working player.

Think Bent needs support right now simply to occupy other defenders and create space for him. While we struggle to really create opening for him, another striker to hound and hold the ball up will just help ease the pressure off him slightly and hopefully also reserve his energy to make sure when we do get the ball in good areas, he is making the right runs every single time.

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Everton wil be absolutely buzzing now

I have a funny feeling though that we will beat them

If the Villa had just beat one of the top sides, you could guarantee we'd slip up in our next game.

I disagree that Cole gave Vlaar a hard time. I thought Vlaar looked very comfortable, but Dean kept pinging him because Cole had borrowed Heskey's roller-skates.

I always fear we're going to get bullied out of it by Everton and its no different now.

Still, we're at home, we have a fantastic record at B6 against Everton and its time to improve.

Villa win 2-1.

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