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  1. There are some near the front which have a supporting pillar for the roof completely blocking your view.
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    Rudy Gestede

    Crikey. 11 goals in 75 games.
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    Jordan Ayew

    How would you know? You've never seen him play. "Anyone know anything about the froggy leagues" to a few days later "some of us do watch football outside the Premier League"
  4. Liecester are being used as a stalking horse.
  5. I've had a read over the FoxesTalk forum. I know we all hold our clubs in high esteem as fans, and admittedly it's not all of them, but my god, the delusion on their about the place of a small provincial team, unknown abroad, who have spent much of the past 15 years and their entire existence, looking around in the Mickey Mouse leagues is quite staggering. They spent 90% of the season rooted to the foot of the table, they've lost their only Premier Legaue quality player who was instrumental in their good run. They're likely to be relegated next season, yet if you read some of the comments you'd think you were on a Champions League clubs website. It's actually quite amusing. They're like a fat bird on a night out who is wearing a dress too small for herself and leaving her blubber on show, but strutting around as if she was fit, when in reality, the only chance of pulling she has got is drunken stay dos on a bet for pulling the pig.
  6. ISIS killed a Turkish soldier from inside Syria, so for now the gloves have come off. They're allowing the US to operate air strikes from Incirlik too.
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    Jordan Ayew

    Seems a bit of a God botherer if that Facebook page is legit. Lots of footballers seem keen on Jesus or Allah and the like. The best was Bozzie deciding he was a Buddhist for a week and in his first game Klinsmans face viciously assaulted Bozzie's knee...
  8. Agreed. Gueye says we are going to play 433 and I think Sherwood has realised Gabby and N'Zogbia don't cut it. I'd still hope for a younger forward too along with Adebayor. Gil and Grealish as you say, give variety for when two quick players like Sinclair and Rolan wouldn't suit. I think we'd end up in the positive with that lot, as we wouldn't be solely reliant on Benteke and knocking crosses into the box.
  9. He looks a very good player and a big improvement on Gabby. Him and Sinclair either side of a front man is going to work full backs to death.
  10. I think a year loan with a young striker coming in is a good move. He was 13 in 25 for Sherwood, which is not to be sniffed at when you're replacing a 1 in 2 striker.
  11. Nope, I hope he gets his career ended in front of the Holte End. He is sub-Hodge, lying scum. There aren't enough words to describe what a word removed he is.
  12. He's had a bad case of the Patrick Burgers.
  13. Move over Hodge, scum has a new name.
  14. I wouldn't disagree that generally a large percentage of candidates fail selection, but if the pool of Special Forces remains small, its not necessarily because the number of line regiments has been cut. If you wanted to get into a shooting war, these past 14 years your only had to join the infantry or RM, rather than put yourself through hell to join Them.
  15. I think it's alright. I assumed it was a cook house before they got there or at least some Cartel base of nefarious operations, as it was quite obviously a set up.
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