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  1. January transfer window 2018

    We have a lot of key players on loan, which will inevitably mean a restructuring next season whether we go up or not.
  2. Robert Snodgrass

    No harm in having quality cover in high energy positions considering the density of the fixture list.
  3. Steve Bruce

    I think I saw Steve Bruce walking through Surrey today!!? He was with two teenage lads (probably his sons). I was whizzing past on a bike. Could have been someone else. Eh. That's all. Hope this post was enjoyable for you to read.
  4. The VT Advent Calendar 2016

    Hehe. Even our advent calendar best starting 11 has a left back and a striker on the wings. Happy Christmas VT!
  5. Jack Grealish

    Grealish needs to work on the aspects of his game that are lacking. Until he can improve his marking and defensive engine, he'll always be a liability/luxury this club can't afford. Talk of him flourishing at another club are probably valid. That said, I don't think the likes of Mourinho would play him. Neither would the Ranieri types. As an Irishman I was quite disappointed when he declared for England. Looks like I had nothing to worry about... yet. In fact, the player I was hoping he'd replace in a couple of years is currently one of the best CAM's in the Championship - Wes Hoolihan.
  6. The push for the Play offs ?

    I reckon the if we do make it to the play offs, then the final, the stress will kill me. Bigger than any cup final we've had before. Yes I include our European Cup win (although it was before my time).
  7. Relegation thread 2016/17

    Our name is irrelevant in modern football. Reputations aren't worth sh1t.
  8. Next Villa Manager

    Don't like the thoughts of Big Fat Sam at our club. He's a shyster, and has just been exposed as being corrupt. Add that to a mentally fragile dressing room and it's a recipe for further disaster. The amount of negative press attention he'll be attracting in the coming months makes him an even less attractive option.
  9. Tommy Elphick

    Team Doc: "Tommy, are you alright?" Tommy: "It's not my blood!"
  10. Ciaran Clark

    I'm disappointed to see him go, but I think the move will do him good. He'll have an Indian Summer career and become another one that got away.
  11. Your Predictions of How our season will pan out

    After a pre-season that saw us win a lot of easy games, the challenge/intensity of the Championship will catch some of our players off guard. We'll get off to a shaky start, possibly 3 points from first four games. Xia will panic and the chequebook will open wide. I've no idea if that will work. A flurry of panic signings late in the window will either plug our gaps, or create further disharmony within the squad. Toss a coin and cross your fingers.
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Wonder if we could get Wes Hoolahan now that Lambo is long gone? Need a stocky CDM type as well though.
  13. Promotion 2016/7

    We have six competitive games to play before the window closes, so there's plenty of time to assess the squad in the theatre of war.
  14. Promotion 2016/7

    I don't think we can compare this squad with their performances last season. There was no impetus from above. No motivation (although they should have been motivated regardless). I'm interested to see who responds the most to the new regime.