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Ratings and reactions: Villa 1-0 Fulham


Who was your man of the match?  

132 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Cuéllar
    • Ireland
    • N'Zogbia
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Herd
    • Agbonlahor
    • Weimann (for N'Zogbia 71)
    • Bannan (for Herd 82)
    • Gardner (for Petrov 90)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

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[table color=#bccde9:890eb576d3][mrow][mcol color=#8c333c:890eb576d3]Aston Villa[mcol]1-0[mcol color=white:890eb576d3]Fulham

[row][col color=#8c333c:890eb576d3]Weimann 90+5[col][col color=white:890eb576d3]


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So happy for Weimann.. I reckon he will score goals regularly if given the chance imo, his movement is fantastic and he has that striker instinct to capitalize on the mistake reminded of Bent.

Gardner and Weimann did more than Petrov and Gabby did in those last few minutes.. Gardner's first shot troubled the keeper far more than Petrov's 80 minutes+ of shooting from distance.

Anyway, 3 points - vital 3 points.

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Given 6 - Had nothing to do

Warnock 7 - Fulham had no attacks on his side

Collins 7 - Good game

Cuellar 7 - Good game

Hutton 7 - Better and better

NZogbia 6 - Decent match, shouldve stayed on

Albrighton 4 - Nothing works for him, very poor

Petrov 5 - Zzzz. Slow, cant shoot and just moans

Ireland 7 - Good game, several great interceptions

Gabby 5 - Another poor performance

Herd 7 - Did his job well


All of them 10! ;) All involved in the build up for the goal.

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So glad it wasn't a draw, the win pushes closer to safety

we're safe

11 points off the relegation places with 10 games to play. for us to be relegated we'd one of the bottom 4 to pick up 12 more points than us in 10 games - that's more than half the points each of those 4 teams managed in the previous 28 games. that's just not going to happen

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Cant choose MOTM due to everyone being pretty average today. Good approach play and credits to McLeish that it was his 3 subs who created the goal - Bannon>Gardner>Wiemann. The only concern is that we really lacked any movement further up field. Just happy with 3 pts today. Well done boys!!!

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I just broke the habit of a VT lifetime for giving MOTM to someone who didn't really do anything other than score a goal.

Reasons being:

a) He stayed onside so him...

B) ...reacting faster than anyone else to the spill actually had the chance of counting for something

c) He got to the ball before the goalie

d) Had the presence of mind to still be able to scoop in his initial effort after it was blocked

c) All of the above got us a win - something I though I wasn't going to see again this season.

Tickaboo, son, tickaboo.

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A well deserved win; we went out in a positive manner and got the bit of luck we deserved.

Not going to knock any players because we WON! :D

Ireland MOTM for me. Worked hard in defense and was our most creative force.

Bannan to Gardner to Weimann - GOAL; hopefully the first of many.

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MotM - the Mexican commentator. Hearing him shout for 'Cueshar', 'Al Brinkton', 'Agbonlowrrrrrrrrrr'and the 'GOLLLLLLLLLL~~~' kept my spirits up.

Delighted by the win, delighted for Weimann. At least we know we'll almost certainly be in the Prem next season.

I think we showed we were creatively much better than Fulham but much less well drilled than they were. Almost all their possession was effective, hardly any of ours was. It took sustained periods of possession for us to even start to push up the pitch, then we'd drop back to the basement every time we lost it. A bizarrely cautious mentality for a match we were dominating, and it nearly sealed the draw.

The N'Zog withdrawal was absurd, but considering the goal was made by the subs then you can't really say much. Without them we may not have scored - but then again if our players had been given proper tactics to follow in the first place we may not have been so desperate for it after 92 minutes, so swings and roundabouts.

Gabby didn't look with it at all, it's like he doesn't know what the hell type of player he is any more. Albrighton too was sadly terrible. Some of our crossing was just laughable.

We got the points though and we'd better savour them because with performances like this they don't come too often. Like Gabby I just want this season to be over.

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A good first half and three golden points, mates.

Without Richard Dunne three unbeaten games and two clean sheets in a row, the utility of this overpaid, average, player is under the eyes of everybody! :mrgreen:

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