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  1. Thing is Jose likes to stick a bus in front of the goal.... Cole is an attack minded player who likes to go on runs things like that.... Not a "proper" mourinho player.... He's managed to turn Oscar from a kaka-esc attacking mid into a cm who defends too.... Which is good and bad I guess
  2. Welcome!! Hope he can prove a few people wrong... He's a tricky player who could be a bit of a game changer considering how bland our midfield can be when they try to pass it around! Might just have a merson-esc signing!
  3. Once Notts' season is over have him back in the first team... Start him off on the bench then if he plays well play him last game from the start... Obviously as long as we are safe!
  4. He's one of the reasons to be positive for next season, he should be given a lot of opportunities considering the constraints we are under financially! Hopefully Robinson and Graham can step up to either first team here (albeit sub apps) or on a loan in the League 1/ Championship!
  5. I didn't like her, I loved her with all my heart, there's one soulmate on this planet and I found her, the most naturally beautiful human I've ever met, she had me at hello, somebody please tell me where the **** she is!!! In GGs flat, legs a kimbo, lying on piles of cash, getting an absolute portion. Sorry mate, time to move on. Ouch =P
  6. If we had to sell him... (Which I hope he doesnt go!) we should go for Josip Drmic from Nurnberg!! He's class!
  7. Can't wait for him to start playing for us next season! Good with the ball at his feet and can score goals.... more than what our current wingers can do! play him on the right of Benteke and let the goals rain in! =D
  8. This!! It's either Benteke or Holt at the moment.... We miss Libor =(
  9. I think playing with 2 wingers we would be overrun in midfield 4-2-3-1 for me with a winger being one of the 3....I like the idea of 2 Dms in front of the 2 centre halves, for a while at least until we stop conceding so easily. or as Ricky Tomlinson says in his latest Radio advert for Vauxhall......4-4-4....if only, we may have a chance.lol Indeed 4-2-3-1 would allow us to use the width of the pitch and still have a solid center, then have Albie on one side and Gabby the other... have Delph and Sylla as the 2, then Westwood a little further forward but behind Gabby and Albrig
  10. I think Lambert was "trying" to sort out the home form with bringing in a Number 10 (yes the mythical one) in Jan.... We must have put all our eggs in a Hoolahan shaped basket which is kind of scarey to be full honest... I know we might not be what we where when we where pushing top 4 and that now the finances are constricted to next to nothing, but who else could we get in that would do a better job given the finances etc? Lambert's had to change the whole team which yes was his choice but the other way would have stood us in worse stead! (My opinion).. If we could change the home
  11. <3 ohhhhhh Christian benteke!!! <3 loved how he dominated skrtel and toure!! He's such a beast! Hope he stays next season BUT let's focus on the here and now!! We have one of the best young strikers in Europe! Lets get a number 10 in an really smash the boggies!!!
  12. Get well soon Libor you big beast!!! =( We have such bad luck with injuries! <3 <3
  13. Over and over again or just one really drawn out time? What do we do at HT?? 0.o
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