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    I would argue Birmingham as a City is a factor in this. To call it unfashionable is an understatement. London just becomes more and more dominant economically & socially. As a knock on effect even clubs like West Ham & Crystal Palace are in danger of sailing past us in coming years. Manchester manages to to act like UK's real second city, has a swagger and confidence that Birmingham somehow lacks. In fact the whole Midlands is a bit of a malaise. Is it a coincidence Midlands football is in the doldrums?
  2. Lettuce wait and see on this one...
  3. Foxy1

    Tom Fox

    Coolest name of any club CEO, ever.
  4. Vlaar & Senderos the double bald headed beast!
  5. Possibly the best comment ive ever seen on VT. If we only see a glimmer of magic this season from Jack then what a tonic it would be for our fans in the current climate. By the way what are you feeding him at home? the boy has legs like a Grand National winner.
  6. Local boy breaking through who can beat a man and get the crowd on their feet. If that doesn't stir your soul then nothing will. It's Roy of the Rovers. It's George Best chipping the entire defence. It's Ryan Giggs gliding past trailing tackles. It's at the very heart of why we love football.
  7. If we don't sign someone soon we are rubber ducked.
  8. I don't have stats to hand but don't recall Bale scoring too many goals early in his career. In fact he started notoriously slowly and then exploded when everything clicked in place and he was scoring ridiculous goals. Bit like what happened with Ronaldo at Utd and what we're seeing now with Hazard.
  9. 3 good quality players would make hell of a difference to this squad. Esp if we keep Benteke in summer. Hopefully Bertrand would be one of these purchases along with an AM and a Winger / striker (assuming Zog is on way out).
  10. You're talking about 2 different seasons there.
  11. Notice how you never see him and HairyHands in the same room together He's in a new FIFA video looking a bit chubby round the gills
  12. My Motm yesterday. The only summer signing who is looking the real deal (hopefully Okore too).
  13. Has HH responded to the question about the academy players? Interested to hear his views on that.
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