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  1. I'm not entirely sure what's fresh about it? I've never really played borderlands or anything like that.... Basically the only games I've played are cod, FIFA and a bit of gta.
  2. Got it today and I'm so far rather enjoying it... It's a fresh idea considering I've only really played call of duty on ps3! I know it will probably be dead in a few months but hey, going to enjoy it while it's good!
  3. Kinda sucks to be honest, rather got my hopes up on canales. :/ Oh well always January for us to strengthen!
  4. It's a shame though, we need a clever attacking mid and he would have been more or less perfect, kind of like a mini David silva!
  5. Ayew would be awesome!! Tricky winger who can beat his man! On the subject of vlaar and benteke "going" I'd be shocked if that happened, would mess up a lot of the hard work done this summer!
  6. I'm gonna say cleverley in after the hull game. Then onto assaidi or vitolo.... Hoping for the 2nd player to be a surprise winger! But either of those two would be good!
  7. Hope we get him to be honest, he might not be flashy but he could really be good for us, less pressure, no moronic united fans on his back despite the team and manager failings which aren't his fault really. For 6-8million it would be about right considering the transfer inflations this window!
  8. Yes! He is a good little player but isn't liverpools level, also he's a god on FIFA!
  9. That's where the deal for Luna last year started.... Just a random rumour on twitter, same with Sanchez! Also cissokho? I would take everything with a pinch of salt of course but it's kind of credible, as you say the cap fits for what we are looking for at the moment!
  10. Same all I know screw all about him, if he can have an impact and the management team want him then I have no problem with it!
  11. According to twitter.... Yes I know. We are linked with vitolo (victor machin Perez) from Sevilla, he's a winger, scored 4 In Europe for them last year and got 4 in the league. Maybe him and cleverley before the window shuts?
  12. For under 3m it would be a no brainer really...
  13. http://youtu.be/G8afiEG59uw Seems a decent little player.... Small technically good Argentinian attacking mid? Wouldn't say no to us buying him.... Or even a loan with a buy clause in there!
  14. Lestienne would be amazing as a signing.... I wouldn't expect us to get anyone else after Sanchez (if/when he signs). That's unless vlaar goes then I'd hope someone like bruma (suggested above) would be the replacement!
  15. Wouldn't be adversed to us getting cissokho.... I assumed we got Richardson as a left back but maybe either he has been earmarked for a wing role or Bennett is on his way out? Also cdm please!!!!!!!!!
  16. Ki, Sinclair and a cdm in would be a decent summer considering....
  17. Tettey would be a good player, big physical presence... Wouldn't mind us looking at leroy fer either! They would be a bit costly though as they are at Norwich!
  18. Moses wouldn't be a bad signing adds another winger to the team and can also play behind the striker if I remember rightly?
  19. Please tell me we aren't getting that moronic cretin....
  20. Would be a good player... Him one side and n'zogbia the other.... Benteke/kozak/bent in the middle..... On paper would do damage! Also he's good on FIFA so screw it!
  21. If he doesn't want to join us then tbh he can go do one.... We only want players who want to play for us! No point in trying to sign a player who doesn't want to be here!
  22. He isn't that bad of a player... Hopefully lambert thinks that keane and himself can get the best out of him.... To be honest it could be worse! I'd rather have him than holt!
  23. Rincon and pilkington would be very good signings for us! Both shouldn't cost the earth in wages either!
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