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  1. P3te

    Wage Bill

    Depends how much, if anything, City were paying of his wages while he was at the club, and if we gave him a pay rise over what he earned there (unlikely?) or parity (maybe?) or a pay reduction (most likely?)
  2. Not only is the picture 100% NOT a fake who anybody with even the slightest knowledge of photo manipulation could tell you I'm a graphic designer It's fake you tart
  3. Look at the man with the clipboard. Same clothes as the "Delph photo", but with blazer on in the above one. Same shirt, same collar. Now we've got Fabian Delph wearing the same clothes, with the same fit, as Sterling, and that other guy wearing the same clothes, coincidentally on "different" days. Occam's razor ffs people. Is it? It's on the BBC. Again. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/33571351 Yes, it is
  4. So where's the original? I dunno, I haven't got time to go looking. What are the odds that Delph is wearing the exact same thing as Sterling (albeit with a few minor colouring/brightness adjustments) that fit the exact same way? People need to stop getting their knickers in a twist. It's not real.
  5. It's 100% a fake picture. 100%. People need to chill the **** out. It's a retouched shot of Sterling that likely took all of 10 minutes in Photoshop
  6. I've just proven its fake with 5 mins in photoshop You haven't proven anything. You've changed the colour of his jeans and trainers. That doesn't mean it's fake.. Oh come off it
  7. I've just proven its fake with 5 mins in photoshop
  8. Because I didn't Photoshop the head
  9. haven't been bothered to change the head, but with a few minutes simple shopping, the jeans and shoes now match, helped by the very low file quality similar to the image posted on twitter
  10. Guarantee they're reporting it based on the photo though
  11. Wrong trainers and Delph is wearing dark jeans. Trainers are almost identical less the fact that you can't see the nike swoosh. Head and jeans would've been shopped. Jeans are the exact same fit and cut. What are the odds on Fabian wearing the same get up with darker jeans to a medical as sterling wore to his medical a few fays previous? Fake for me
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