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Ratings and reactions: Villa 0-1 Man Utd


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Jenas
    • Albrighton
    • Bannan
    • Herd
    • Bent
    • Agbonlahor
    • Guzan (for Given 38)
    • Petrov (for Herd 59)
    • Heskey (for Jenas 63)

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id love to know what we do in training, because it sure isnt practicing keeping the ball. training probably consists of the defenders having a competition to see who can smash it highest and furthest.

You go to Bodymoor and see what a fantastic facility it is and you just think it's a crime that McLeish is in charge there. Think of the work a proper up and coming coach could do on those immaculate pitches, think how grateful and appreciative he would be to work in an environment geared to producing attacking, winning football played by a group of hungry young players - and then cry.

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Terrible, just terrible. Feel sorry for bent. Why pay 24m for a striker and then not use him properly.

It's so frustrating that for, what is it now, 15 years we have been waiting for an out and out striker that can bag 20 goals a season. Now we finally have one look at what we do with him.

HE'S...NOT...A...TARGET...MAN...ALEX! :evil:

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"out of his league""" mcleish has to go. united were poor today ad we did not even trouble them. three games and no goals scored.i think we are in big trouble everyone. this clown is seriously taking us down if its not this season it will be next.

our fat four are just a accident on legs

midfield? what midfield cant even string three passes or create anything for our one forward

bent will leave in january under mcleish and i don blame him why stay with this shocking fooball? he had i think 3 touches all game


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Mcleish would come bottom half with the team united had out today, we will come bottom 5 at best and it should be noted we have fewer points than small heath at this stage last season. We've won 3 matches in a league with 13 very, very poor sides. Both these stats are frankly disgraceful.

3 humiliatingly poor performances in a row on national tv, we are a joke. Mcleish out.

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I think we all know how bad we are.

What surprised me is how poor United were. Alot of mis-placed passes. 2nd half they seemed to resort to our tactics. Nowhere near good enough to win the league. Think Spurs are a better shout.

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On the megabus home now,what a shit waste of a day.

Mcleish must go, game after game of shocking tactics. He finally had a good attacking line up out there and what were the tactics? Hoof hoof **** hoof. When our midfielders got the ball there was no movement no ideas.

Darren Bent is not a target man, he is being wasted and I can't begin to imagine how frustrated he must be feeling.

Guzan motm. Warnock was alright,as was Dunne but I won't give him motm due to his part in the goal.

We are in big trouble, but no doubt Faulkner will see today as a success because we had 40k in and only lost one nil to the defending champions.

We looked better with Petrov on but only slightly. I seriously never want to see Heskey in a villa shirt again,case in points being his shot which went for a throw when he couldve played 5azza in, and the attack he missed completely because it took him three minutes to tie his shoes up.

Hope Shay isn't out for long.

Abysmal stuff.

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Agree me and the guys I went with were talking about it on the way back to the car, mainly because there were 2 utd fans in front of us, they were poor, considering the space we allowed them they created little, some really bad decisions, nani was quiet and Rooney other than the chance at the end didn't do anything, hernandez being out will hit them hard, will have to wait for motd but welbeck being offside from that attack is piss poor, way off city

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The most troubling thing about all this negativity and crap is that I just don't see anything happening regarding the ownership or manager anytime soon. I feel as though we'll just have to put up with it and watch this football club sink even lower.

I don't see Lerner selling and I don't see him sacking McLeish either. :(

Thats exactly the worrying factor for me....plus the fact we keep signing players worse than what we already have. I'm at the stage when I'm pleased we arn't signing anyone in fear of yet another duffer. We are literally bailing other clubs out of their mistakes.

On the surface it seems we have too many senior staff at Villa out of their depth.

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Kevin Keegan:

'The most disappointing performance by a home team that we've ever seen on ESPN'.

Just in case those that didn't see the game think they're reading hyperbole.

you know Stuff like this might just force lerners hand.

In recent times he has come out of his shell when:-

he was cited as being one of the americans who wanted to abolish relegation

when rumors were rife that he would sell up.

Although he isn't bothered what villa fans think. He doesn't seem as comfortable if something is a slight on him

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Clueless - another shockingly inept performance from a bunch of players who clearly are not comfortable with what their manager wants from them. We have managed to suck all of the attacking flair out of all of our players and turned them into hesitant shadows of their former selves. Seeing McLeish screaming "you must track back" at Gabby in the first half was just it for me - clueless rubbish and I'm gobsmacked that all 40,000 didn't boo him off at the end !!!

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only saw the last 25 mins but we could if not should have scored 3 goals

dont know what happened in the rest of the game but we looked the better side in what i saw

not saying we were good or even mediocre, but we were better than man utd

you got to be kidding right? i appreciate you didnt watch the whole game but we were so so poor. united cut us up so easily at times. their passing was far better than us and just dominated while we couldnt string passes or create anything.

bent had four toucjes all game that sums it up

mcleish out

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that was simply horrendous yet again....

everyone in the media and other fans have got a new club to take the piss out of, and its us....

i hate chris waddle and tonight i wished he was our manager because he was saying things that the whole country is thinking apart from that utter knob jockey mcleish....

bent touched the ball about 20 times in the whole game and a game of football for him at the moment consists of a steady jog whilst playing piggy in the middle....

when i saw the starting line up i was more encouraged...finally hes dropped **** heskey!....

and then i witness an even more defensive performance.....chris waddle got it spot on when he said we look like a team that only cares about the opposition...

anybody watch the newcastle game? they lost 3-0 but played some really nice football with players no better than ours...

how? coz they played to their strengths...didnt worry about chelsea's players and everyone is saying they didnt deserve to get beat 3-0....

id rather have that than pundits take the piss out of our complete inability to attack after a 1-0 defeat

**** off mcleish

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United wont have an easier three points than that all season. they didnt have to break sweat. what really pisses me off is that we have players that are capable of playing high tempo but this clown sends us out to play deep and allowvthe opposition to dictate possession

we played man u today and didnt have a single yellow card and that tells me that there isnt the desire or belief to get about them and put pressure on them.

The whole atmosphere within the ground told me that there wasnt a single person in claret and blue who had the belief that the result was gonna be anything other than what it was.

Absolutely pathetic

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