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  1. WhoScored appear to have been very generous to Villa, meanwhile many other publications have the same three players rated a 5, which is more in line with what I saw, and more in line with the stats. Villas 3 cm's had an average passes between them of 22 each, Tottenham had an overage over 50. Pass completion Villa 72% Spurs 85%, hojberg attempted and completed more passes, through balls, crosses and long balls than our 3 combined So I have no idea how they rated them so similarly. Similar trends can be seen across all the stats.
  2. If he doesn't, then we have a bigger problem...
  3. That's not an issue with options though is it? It's signing a player who doesn't fit our style of play and shoehorning them in anyway. All 3cms were poor all game, he could have changed that long before 80m to try and change the game and chose not to because he has favourites.
  4. So when you sit and watch our 3 cm's get beaten to every 50-50 and totally outplayed and overrun, you don't think "I should change this"? Spurs are in dire form and we're there for the taking, and at least 4 of our starting 11 choked. A few early changes could have turned the game, but we'll never know now cod DS doesn't do early changes despite how much he goes on about options, different ways to play, etc. He has his favourites and only changes when late in the day, and not to change the game. It's frustrating and he needs to learn from this.
  5. I'm not too worried by today's result. What bothers me more is how much Dean talks about all the options he has and how it allows us to play so many different ways and to change things up. Well, it needed changing today, and he waited until 80 minutes to change. Too little too late. For me, Nakamba had to play today to give us extra steel in the middle. Today was an excellent example why so many wanted us to sign another centre mid - too often we get dominated in that area because Luiz, McGinn and Ramsey are all too similar and none offer any real steel. Spurs have been on a dire run of form, and good old Aston Villa gave them the win they needed to pull out of it. Biggest plus, Ollie scored.
  6. I pity the fool who brings that up
  7. "If you have a problem (poor run of form), if no one else can help (lost to relegation fodder), and if you can find them....maybe you can play The A-Team (Aston Villa)" I think we will win today, but I could not help post this To clarify, this was posted on another forum in reference to Villas ability to be the team to end other teams runs of bad form.
  8. Great performance by the lads during the game. A little spoilt by terrible goalkeeping by Steer in the shootout. Very schoolboy going so early. Great to see Archer score again, there's a player in there - very exciting!
  9. I have a terrible feeling that we will regret not making additional signings this summer. Hope I'm wrong...
  10. Whilst these players improve the squad, none of them are a specialist LM, so we have not replaced Grealish, none of them are anywhere close to as good as Grealish and will not occupy 2/3 defenders as Grealish did, creating space for others, and none of them address the biggest weakness of the team last season, which was our cm's. I'd say we are 2 signings short of being a better side without Grealish, and with our injuries and south American contingent, we are unlikely to see our best 11 on the pitch together many times this season.
  11. Unfortunately two of our cbs are already injured. Our fit defenders are: Tuanzebe Hause Targett Young Cash One more defensive injury, and we're in trouble.
  12. I agree we should be looking to finish higher than last season. But, I don't agree the squad is good enough right now to achieve it.
  13. Did I say he wouldn't make it? No Did I say he didn't have great potential? No Did I say he wasn't a good player? No When he arrived at the club there were a number of quotes from club representatives including DS about how good he was and how he would be in and around the first team squad. This gave the impression rightly or wrongly that there was an expectation that he would quickly break into the first team - there was no talk of Archer at this point. So what I am saying is right now Barry isn't the player we thought he'd be, and that's likely due to his injuries. It's not to say he won't make it. So yeah, rein yourself in, and don't put words into people's mouths or group people together based on things that were materialised in your head and we're not actually in my post. Thanks
  14. Sorry, you need to rein yourself in a little here. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm not belittling him at all, nor am I saying he won't make it. My observation is Archer has been made our 3rd choice striker being Ollie and Ings - I think few people would argue this point. I also do not think anyone at the club expected Davis or Wesley to play a real part in the first team this season. Based on those points, sending Barry out on loan to league 1 rather than keeping him in and around the first team squad, whilst keeping Archer at the club, shows to me that Archer is seen as the stronger player. Yes, Barry tends to play on the left, but that adds even more weight to him being seen as less ready as we don't have a lot of left sided forwards to chose from. AEG, Bailey and Buendia all prefer and general perform better from the right, leaving Young, who I believe, was brought in primarily as fullback cover and not wide forward, or wing, can't ver, especially given that he has hardly played as one for years. Not saying he won't be great in time, just saying that given the circumstances we find ourselves in, it's an odd choice to send him out on loan to league one rather than keep him in the squad, unless he's not viewed as ready.
  15. Thing is though, right now we are missing a few to injury, in a few weeks we will be missing a few to internationals, and the cycle goes on. Europe is not my target, I think we will do exceptionally well to come close to last season. I'd predict 14th as reasonable given the loss of Grealish, the disruption it caused, the injuries so far, and the future loss of south American players during the season. It's the club who have set the European target, and if serious, I think we need serious reinforcements still, particularly in CM. I think the 3 games so far have highlighted that our squad lacks the quality to achieve this goal. Our best 11 maybe, but there's pretty much zero chance that we'll have our best 11 available all season. I'll say it again for those who missed it: I'll be happy to achieve comfortable mid-table (14th-11th). I think the club setting a goal of European qualification is highly optimistic, and does not align to our summer transfers to date. Whilst we have made some decent additions, I don't agree it replaces Grealish's contribution, especially as we haven't signed a specialist LM, but it also hasn't addressed our biggest weakness (CM) and I feel has left is still light at fullback and out wide, given the aspiration of European qualification. I love the ambition, but don't agree that the ambition matches the squad currently.
  16. Hardly our 2nd string. Last time I checked, a team consists of 11 players and we had less than half missing, so some way from a second string. Some of our players may well not be match fit yet, but our cm area was poor last season and will only be under more pressure without a world class player in the team. We do not have the personel in cm to control games against teams at this level. We have not addressed this problem, and until we do, won't matter how 'fit' or 'settled' players are, our midfield will continue to not control games, resulting in more chances for our opponents and less for us.
  17. Yeah, I'm inclined to agree here. Archer has been kept as third choice striker seemingly, so Barry is likely seen as behind Archer at this point.
  18. Do you think we lacked motivation last season too?
  19. Not sure what you're on about. Where have I mentioned anything about new players settling? The issues we have had so far this season, are the same ones we've had for years, in that our central midfield failed to control the game. We've not changed or added to this area of the squad, so I expect the same to continue. My point was that teams who openly state they want European qualification should be beating teams who are relegation candidates, which all 3 or our opponents to date have been. The post I responded to, was saying that a draw was a good result as we were missing 4/5 players. My response being that if our squad was good enough, as a team expecting European qualification, we should be able to deal with this. To your point about players settling, Martinez, Cash, Target, Luiz, AEG, Konsa, were all here last season. Young is a seasoned pro and played here before so shouldn't need much settling. Similarly, Tuanzebe has played here before, and played well tbf. Buendia was also better than his first 2 games. Ings scored in both of his first 2 games, so who are you implying hasn't settled? To me, it seems pretty clear that our squad isn't of sufficient quality to get into Europe. I actually think this squad will struggle to repeat last seasons 11th place. Nothing to do with settling, and everything to do with squad balance and quality.
  20. Don't get this attitude at all tbh Yeah, we were missing a few players, but our aspirations are top half/Europe, so if we can't get results against newly promoted, relegation favourites (Watford and Brentford) then it's going to be a long and disappointing season. Either the squad is good enough and we are not getting the best out of them, or the squad is not good enough and more need bringing in.
  21. Whatever about the ref, but we have simply not been good enough today. 3 games in and we still look like the clueless side we were last season without Grealish. Let's hope Bertie and bailey get fit fast and make the difference!
  22. Widely documented that Barca lost somewhere in the region of 100m in sponsorship money that was contingent on him being at the club. The man is a conglomerate in himself, companies pay massive sponsorship deals to have associations with him, such is his profile.
  23. Sorry but are you honestly saying you would turn your nose up at having Messi in a Villa shirt for 50m? Even for just 1 season? Hes worth WAY more than that in merchandise and sponsorship without what he adds 9n the pitch. I'd take the hand, arm, and whole body of the person offering that.
  24. Then he's naive, shortsighted, and unlikely to keep his job. Last season, we conceded more shots per game than all but a couple of teams. The reason for this, is that a midfield of McGinn and Luiz isn't competitive enough at this level to adequately prevent teams getting within shooting range. And that was with Grealish pulling 2/3 players to him, giving them more space to do their job. Without him, they will now have to work harder, as, despite bringing in good players we did not sign someone so good that teams will double and triple up on them. Both need more time and space than you generally are allowed at this level. We can't rely on Martinez having another stella season and making a disproportionate number of saves to hide the fact that our midfield exposes the defence far too easily. Its been mentioned already that the most successful teams in England over the last 20+ years have all had a dedicated CDM - and there is a bloody good reason for that!
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