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  1. flashingqwerty

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    has anyone considered that barry might come in as a player coach? i think that could be a very good move as he has a good head on him
  2. flashingqwerty

    Mile Jedinak

  3. flashingqwerty

    Mile Jedinak

    jedi scored a penalty in the 2014 wc against holland so hes level with platt on 3
  4. flashingqwerty

    Aston Villa History Thread

    i'm clearly wrong but i'd have put money on bosnich having appeared at the world cup...
  5. flashingqwerty

    Mile Jedinak

    thought jedi put in a solid performance today and think a defeat was harsh on australia. france should count their blessings. over the moon for jedi. only aus captain in 2 wcs and only aus scorer in 2 wcs. fair play to him. great achievement!
  6. flashingqwerty

    Birkir Bjarnason

    i have great respect for iceland. they dont have hugely talented players so cant go toe to toe with teams that do. unlike villa they press really well and fight for 90 minutes. they are incredibly strong mentally and physically and never quit. i wish villa had a fraction of their work ethic. i think thor played reasonably well too. a few misplaced passes but played lw, lb cm and was at cb for a while at one point. very proud to call him a villain!
  7. flashingqwerty

    Steve Bruce

    i suppose what im trying to say is that i can understand why he did it and why he would think it would work. hindsight is the only thing that really makes it bad. of course id have prefered we went full throttle 1st half with the hope of blowing them away. we had enough chances 2nd half to make me think that fresher players in the 1st half might have converted them
  8. flashingqwerty

    Steve Bruce

    im not quite sure how/why this is even a debate. SB has been quoted as saying the game plan was to contain in the first half until the youth of fulham tired ( which it did) and go for it in the 2nd where the risk of fast counter was less. not a bad plan - but every pundit in the land said if we did that we'd lose - and we did. Not only did he get it wrong but seemingly the general consensus out there knew he was wrong.
  9. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    had a winding up order been issied we would be out of business already as the issuing of such an order would mean it was too late. all we know for sure is that a payment was missed. HMRC doesnt issue a winding up order after 1 missed payment otherwise the vast majority of young business would fold.
  10. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    with all due respect we do not know the winding up order was ever a possibility. we also do not know that xia was aware of the pulling forward of transfer fees and a number of other items being bandied around by the media. i certainly wont be calling xia or wyness crooks, liars or whatever else until i have the facts. because until the facts are out to do so is nothing more than slander.
  11. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    so when i said 'excluding this year as they havent been published yet' you took that as what? you said what has been posted about our past accounts is conjecture but its not its a matter of record. i can also back up the 17m figure with published evidence. so whilst the number may not be 100% accurate it certainly wont be far from the mark.
  12. flashingqwerty

    Pierluigi Gollini

    Oh, i hadn't heard about his contract being renewed. i have a file of the players contract dates taken before xmas and his contract was still 30/06/2018 - someone must have forgotten to update it...
  13. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    Well - i take it back - he was listed the last time i checked
  14. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    you can call it conjecture if you want, but should you be so inclined to actually look at the clubs published accounts (obviously excluding this current season as it isnt published yet) you will find its actually factual and not conjecture. Published businesss accounts in so far as possible are as far from conjecture as you can really get.
  15. flashingqwerty

    Tony Xia

    i havent said his concerns arent legitimate nor have i said what has been published isnt legitimate. What i have said is that to call someone dishonest and a liar without any proof to back it up is setting yourself up for a fall. I dont have any evidence to say Xia is honest and truth telling, but i am not slandering him. Events have happened that are bad for the club but we as yet do not know who is culpable for what. Based on what we do know, i'd prefer Xia sold the club to someone else, but i am not going to accuse him of being something that i cannot be sure he is because i dont like whats happening to the club. the 'facts' are that we dont know who is responsible for the events of the last few days and until we do i am not going to judge and/or slander anyone.