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  1. All on Southgate for me that. All that attacking talent against a mediocre Scotland and he plays 7 defensive players. Muppet.
  2. I don't see any defensive stays presented for DMs only passing stats. Would people want a dm who has great passing range but whose tackling was worse? We already have one - his name is Doug Luiz. Also find it odd that you'd use data from the top 5 leagues as a point of comparison when dms in most leagues don't need to be anywhere near as aggressive as they do in the Prem. I understand the desire to have a dcm who can tackle and pass, but we are a LONG way from being good enough to attract one
  3. 7 subs is 3.5 mins. Theres always a couple mins for stoppages.
  4. And Grealish developed mich layer and at a slower rate than Foden. Different situation though as we do not have world class players to pick up the slack if a youngster is a little off the pace.
  5. I sincerely hope you are right. Unfortunately history doesn't lie, and is more in favour of the former than the latter
  6. You must be watching different games to me The players and manager are making the same mistakes now they were making 3 years ago when DS took over. The team is riddled with individual errors, the team look bereft of basic footballing skill, and we almost always suffer from the half time break. The manager insists on the same tactics and formation for nearly every games, and hardly ever makes changes when its clear the game has gotten away from us, instead making them only when forced, and more often than not sticks to like for like changes rather than trying to change a game.
  7. Smith needs to look in a mirror and tear a strip off himself. It was clear 10 mins into 2nd half that we had lost the midfield battle, but rather than strengthen our weakness he introduces an unfit grealish placing more pressure on our defence. Smith is so tactically naive. He has learnt nothing from his 2 years in the prem, and is not the man to take us into the top half. Guarantee come christmas we will be in the relegation places wondering where it all went wrong. Limp, the lot of them
  8. Almost zero chance of a top 10 finish. We've hardly won a game this year, no chance we win 3 on the trot, and even then, a number of teams would have to fall apart for us to do it. Leeds and Arsenal have much better, easier, games than us. We will finish 11th or 12th.
  9. Well, Watkins will be back, Grealish will likely be on the bench again. Hopefully Emi and Mings were just suffering from impacts and nothing serious. Its a weird game this as it does not matter to either side, so expect a dull affair. A few have said it, and maybe it is time to blood some of the kids and assess if they are ready to be involved next season.
  10. Did you miss the bit where i said 6 would mean we were had done well? 4 of those just cover the players whose contracts are expiring. Not really a big ask to improve on 2 players is it?
  11. I was looking at the first team squad and contracts due to expire and realised we are pretty short. Gk Emiliano Martínez Jun 30, 2024 Tom Heaton Jun 30, 2021 Jed Steer Jun 30, 2023 We're probably happy leaving Steer as No. 2, but do we have a young keeper to step in as No. 3? I don't think so, so we probably need a keeper. CB Tyrone Mings Jun 30, 2024 Ezri Konsa Jun 30, 2026 Kortney Hause Jun 30, 2022 Björn Engels Jun 30, 2024 Hause near the end of his contract, Engels completely out of favour. I'm not Mings' biggest fan. Think we need
  12. We'll do well to draw at this stage having been largely untroubled most of the game
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