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  1. They can agree to sell him at any point, but he is not able to complete a move until his villa loan ends. Which cannot now happen until the summer.
  2. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    If my understanding of tactics doesnt meet your standard, i guess you'd better inform Fifa, Uefa and the FA, as all of those things are included in the course material for the 'coach tactics' badge.
  3. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Well lets be specific then : the Vic Buckingham quote talk about retaining possession, which is a tactic the Johan Cruyff quote talks about high tempo and pressing, both of which are tactics Rinus Michels talks about not being too nice, which i interpret as having a mean streak and being overly physical - also a tactic the Pep quote on the face of it talks about working hard, which granted isnt a tactic. But when you look at the context of the interview that line is taken from he is also referring to pressing hard to force your opponent into errors, which is a tactic. the southgate quote is all well and good when you work with a squad of highly intelligent players, but its rare, in any squad, including man city and liverpool, that you can have 11 players on the pitch you can rely to play by instinct. Englands performances havent impressed me one bit, and i think theyve been incredibly fortunate to achieve what they have. The defensive errors throughout the world cup highlight that he practices what he preaches letting a fullback play cb on instinct and those instincts letting the side down perhaps had he given the defence more instruction those errors would not have occurred? Sufficed to say i dont classify Southgate as an example of a currently very successful manager.
  4. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Sorry Tro, you're backing up your argument that tactics have little importance with quotes about how important tactics are? One of us is missing the point - and im sorry to say its not me.
  5. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Clough may have been right in what he said in his era, but its not a coincidence that all the most successful managers in modern football are tactic focused. The game has changed, and as a club, we have not, and that is why we continue to struggle.
  6. flashingqwerty

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Ive watched loads of him at u23 level and for me, at that level, he doesnt look anywhere near as good asthe moore brothers, vassell or even gabby. I dont know what managers have seen in him to make them think he had a big future, but i certainly dont see it, and would be very surprised if he ever plays regularly at a decent level.
  7. flashingqwerty

    Henri Lansbury

    Its incredibly unfair to come to this conclusion. As a result of his injuries, hehas never had more than a handful of games in a row to get up to match speed. For players to adjust and gain form they need to play a steady stream of games in a fixed position in a team that suits their style. Hes never had this, and under Smith may get a run in a system that suits him and could show how good a player he can be.
  8. If its an option, i"d sooner do that with Tammy
  9. flashingqwerty

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Nyland - 6 - think he played ok, dont agree that he is in anyway at fault for their 2nd as its a foul and 2 hand balls Hutton - 5 - thought he was below par today Taylor - 5 - looks like a rabbit in headlights most of the time. Poor again today and urgently needs replacing. Chester - 6 - ok, nothing special and no major errors Tuanzebe - 6 - see chester Hourihane - 5 - some say he keeps us ticking, but i just dont see it. Most of the times i recall seeing him he was either misplacing passes or watching an opponent run 0ast him. Poor for me McGinn - 6 - well below his usual level but still ok Grealish - 6 - hopefully his injury isntbad. He was also way below his usual standard. Bolasie - 4 - i thought he was poor, predictable and wasteful El Ghazi. - 9 - continued his improvement under ds and is looking a class act at this level. Tammy - 4 - very very wasteful i would like us to either start trying hogan more often or to sign another goalscorer to compete with him, as right now if he isnt on form i dont think we have another good enough to fill his shoes
  10. flashingqwerty

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    We could, or indeed should, have converted more of our chances than we did, BUT the challenge on the keeper for the last ditch eqialiser is a blatant foul. Yes, you can say the keeper was weak, but by the letter of the law any contact after the keeper has both hands on it is a foul, plain and simple, even without the obvious hand ball. I really hope villa formally complain about the incident and rodriguez is pinished with the 1 match ban for the red card he should have been given for deliberate hand ball. There was clear unnatural movement towards the ball on two separate occassions. That aside, i think a number of villa players were poor today. Overall, we were bang average, but still good value for a win which would have put us 6th. I am starting to think our bad start has put autos beyond us, leeds and norwich are too far ahead already i think
  11. flashingqwerty

    Paul McGrath

    The only defenders in my lifetime i would put in McGraths class are Baresi and Maldini. Few others can come close.
  12. flashingqwerty

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    As the saying goes "you can only beat whats in front of you" and we had no trouble beating boro yesterday. Long may that continue!
  13. Its the kind of game where any keeper would have struggled. For me Nyland is only at fault for the fifth, and maybe the Lolley goal (still havent seen a good replay from behind the goal) I dont think any keeper would have stopped the other 3, these were down to poor defensive work. I think its clear we need to upgrade at CB and DM, defensively both Hutton and Taylor could have done more, so i would not be surprised to see a FB or two in Jan either. We were shipping lots of goals under SB too, but atleast now we are scoring freely. Still early, but damn if it isn't fun to watch!
  14. flashingqwerty

    December Optimism Gauge

    Quick close it while we have 100% agreement!