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  1. Why are we always so sh1t away from home? Never look ip for it, and soton arent even a good side - taking us apart...
  2. As must-win a game as you could get at this stage. Winnable, absolutely. Players capable, 100% Outcome, sorry all, i can only see us losing this 3 - 1
  3. 13 indiividual errors leading to a shot in 45 minutes for drinkwater, more than the rest of the team combined. If thats an improvement, we should send him back right away.
  4. DS has used up all the good will he built up in the championship. He has proven, time and again, he is out of his depth at this level. He isn't learning from his mistakes, and you can see from the performances, he isnt coaching mistakes out of the players, so what is he bringing to the table now? There are loads of managers out there that can play and instill an attacking ethos in a team at the expense of defensive cohesion. They make a living in the champ and other such leagues around the world. What we need is a coaching team that can do both, and the current regime isnt doing it. 26 games is more than enough time to get a cohesive defensive unit working with a dangerous offensive unit, but its the same mistakes by the same people every game, and a lot of it is down to the tiki-taka football we play at the back. For me, even in players like Engels who had a mare yesterday, there are some signs he is adjusting to the league, i just dont see it from DS. Drinkwater was garbage all first half, should have come off long before he did, but no, DS has his pride or cant see the wood for the trees and does nothing. Samatta was causing all kinds of issues and holding up play really well, and to me didnt look tired, i even recall the commentator saying a few mins before he came off how much fresher he looked at the game went on. DS takes him off and suddenly that danger to the spurs defence is gone, the hold up play disappears and we go front front foot to back foot in an instant. Its not just this game its pretty much every week. DS consistently makes poor choices in team selection, tactics, subs, etc. Its so frustrating. Even when he makes the right move its often 20 minutes too late. The fans can see it do how does an experienced manager not?
  5. It wont matter as DS doesnt have the bottle, nouse or technical/tactical know how to put it right. A good championship manager but completely out of his depth at this level and has shown he isnt learning from HIS mistakes, time and again. If/When we go down, the buck starts and stops with the coaching team. The mistakes that have haunted all season are coachable, and to still be making the same basic errors on day 26 as on day 1 is a testament to the complete ineptitude of the coaching staff. These players are capable, the coaches, not so much.
  6. Defence is shocking, and has been all season, with and without mings. I, personally, blame poor defensive coaching. Also, after a 2 week break, i struggle to understand why so many players looked dead on their feet after 60 minutes! Is it poor conditioning? Or, are we training too hard? Either way, its poor coaching. Going forward, we can look amazing, despite some really poor moments from el ghazi and trez. Grealish and samatta looked very good today. Drinkwater should not be in this team. In every game he has played, everytime the ball goes near him it leads to a shot against. The guy is a liability of the highest order and should be sent home. Complete waste of time and money and i 100% blame anything he does on DS as he was a DS signing - shockingly bad player. Overall, most of the issues that have plagued us all season, from individual errors, poor passing, poor fitness, are all coachable. Pretty much none of these players, other than Grealish, looked better today than match day 1, and that falls at DSs feet. I love the guy, and want him to secceed, but wanting it doesnt make him a better coach. He has shown himself to be naieve time and again at this level. I see no progression, and no improvement, no sign that he is learning from his experience in the Premier League. It kills me to say it, but i really think DS needs to move on if we are to establish ourselves at the top level again. I truely feel the coaching team are holding the players back.
  7. That challenge by a spurs player gets no card, pathetic
  8. Great game from ally for me. So much more effective than wes
  9. Grealish looks like hes really enjoying himself today
  10. Get baston on. Could use his aerial ability at corners
  11. Really sorry we didnt sign Vida. Him in the middle of a back three with mings and engels would be class
  12. Get that muppet drinkwater off the pitch. Not good enough for league one nevermind the prem. Pure calamety!!!
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