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  1. Half his wage, for a 1 year deal and get him doing his coaching badges. Bring in a dm to start leaving gw as backup. Job done.
  2. Read the regs handbook again, and be very precise when looking at the language. It effectively says its only a free kick for handball if there is intent in the referees opinion, so by default, if he gives a free for handball, he's also saying he believes there was intent and therefore has to book the player. Just to be clear, i'm not saying i agree with the rules, but in this incident, the rules were correctly applied.
  3. Funny, i thought you were talking about whether Mings should have been booked... He lashed out after not getting a free kick he, and I, felt he deserved - definite yellow. The ball does strike his arm, and were the same happen in their box, i would expect a penalty. Unfortunately, the rules state that a handball is a yellow card - so both fair yellows and fully justified and in accordance with the rules. Take off the claret specs, and objectively, its 2 yellows. Can't appeal, as you can only appeal straight reds. I have no complaints with those 2 decision - plenty of others - but not those 2.
  4. I hope when the full tome whistle blows i get to eat my doubting words. But not yet, there is still a long time left
  5. Pile of poo. I thought more of DS than this, but the team were woefully unprepared for this. Can see it being 2 or 3 nil by the end. Wheels well and truly off
  6. Great bit of defending that!!!
  7. If we get promoted to the prem this season, i do not believe he will play next year, and his development will suffer. Another year at this level could make him.
  8. I was talking about the guy who put the ball into the net who ran in unopposed from our left hand side. Taylor was about 3 yards behind him and didnt seem to be pushing to get back and make a tackle.
  9. Taylor may not be the only one who made a mistake but the guy who put the ball into the net ran in from our left side unopposed with taylor jogging about 3 yards behind him. For me, he should have been busting a gut to get back and make a challenge and didnt.
  10. I felt he lost his man for their goal today. That aside, he was very good. I do think we could and should bring in better though, promotion or not.
  11. "The pears i picked up in Aldi yesterday were so much better than the fish i got in M&S 3 years ago"
  12. In a worse team and in a higher league...
  13. Personally didn't think he was great in the previous game either. Gave away possession a number of times, and his individual errors led to most of the oppositions chances. Still want him to make the move permanent though as he has been good since he arrived despite the recent lapses.

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