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  1. I will never forget the sound bite from Gregory, “A couple of weeks ago Dwight openly state to me that he wanted to play for Manchester United and not Aston Villa. That really hurt me, and if I had had a gun I would have shot him.” Classic Gregory!
  2. OMG! I was also at the game, and also wrote a letter to the club about Juninho! Did you ever get a reply? I did not...
  3. Never saw Rimmer play, but 100% agree with Spink and Shilton. All 4 top class keepers in my opinion.
  4. I'm being told that the gk rumour came about because kalinic hasnt settled and is looking to move on.
  5. I won free tickets to that game. Was sat in the lower DE stand beside the north, when lower north was the away end. Wimbledon fans gave it the bigun when they went one up, by half time they were singing "we want 10" - the wimbledon fans were awesome!
  6. Like it were only a few weeks ago... Madness
  7. Nearly half time and only 1 speculative 25 yard strike at goal (derby). What happened to 'football will win'? Pretty dire so far...
  8. Whilst we havent been poor, we havent been good either. None of our big players have turned up yet which is disappointing. For me, Derby are there for the taking, just not sure our guys want it.
  9. Looking forward to this against Derby now
  10. If we go through Leeds will destroy us at Wembly. Such a team of bottlers, its incredible. Glad most will be gone next season

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