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  1. Because going 1 down to Leeds heads dropped and we quickly conceded 2 more. If we don't respect Southampton as we didn't Leeds, confidence will spiral. This team is still mentally fragile.
  2. As others have said, Southampton are similar to Leeds, so Dean really needs to up his tactical game to avoid another humbling here. Loss this, and i fear for the team.
  3. Whole of the ball must cross the whole of the line. Never a goal sadly
  4. I'm concerned. Whilst we have created the best chance, we have conceded a lot of chances. I hope for a better 2nd half.
  5. Kane's a much better player than Watkins. If you think he's not, then you're either a troll or seriously misguided.
  6. Shots from 30 yards maybe. We've created all the decent chances. More likely to score all game
  7. Jacks had 1 or 2 moments, outside of those hea not been very good. A 6 or a 7, nothing more
  8. I think we've been by far the better side tbh
  9. McGinn needs to come off before he gets a red
  10. A lot of passengers for villa tonight. Looks the international break had a negative impact on us.
  11. Anyone know if this can be watched on sky in ireland? Cant seem to find it anywhere
  12. Not being physically able and not being arsed are two very different things
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