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  1. Half chance? I'd back my nan to score those, and shes dead. Terrible miss. Great finish from Trez. Fingers crossed we dont 'do a villa' in the second half
  2. With Wet Spam and Watford both winning today, I'm afraid it no longer matters - we're done.
  3. Fail to win this and we're down. I expect a 3-1 defeat.
  4. Thats it though isn't it? Any player can make mistakes that concede goals, like Reina rushing out and missing his kick, Engels doing the same. But both players have only done that once. Closing players down constantly and consistently is some that can easily be coached into even the most talentless of players, but DS and JT couldn't drill it into this bunch, assuming they have tried. There are so many things that we get wrong every game that have nothing to do with ability, but everything to do with coaching, that leaves me wondering if we doing anything at Bodymoor at all. The coaching staff clearly have not got the ability to drill a team, or inspire, or motivate. Complete clearout required in the backroom staff,. And I mean complete. Don't keep any 9f them, because we clearly don't coach correctly at any level.
  5. 100% not McGinn's fault, its the muppett that keeps picking him when hes clearly not ready
  6. Its not only my opinion, its shared by most fans and pundits, so i am afraid you are in the minority if you think his performance was anything other than poor.
  7. Hate? I'd applaud, particularly in Jack's case. Its been like playing with 10 men since the restart he has been so absent.
  8. Sorry but if anyone is delusional here, then it is you. Mings missed at least 2 clearance before the penalty that Hause had to come across for and recover. He stood off and failed to close down on nearly every attack. He stood by watching united players pass around him with his head down between his shoulders all game. Fans, pundits, impartials have all stated how poor he was tonight. So if you are the only man saying he wasnt bad, then i hate to break it to you, but you are the problem.
  9. Can anyone tell me why Taylor moved to right back and Konsa to left back?
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