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  1. Fully agree, i just think Davis is better at this than Wes is. With the obvious drawback that Davis doesn't/can't finish. If fit, given how we play, i think Davis is the better suited striker despite his lack of goals.
  2. Carroll won at least three: one where he should have scored himself, but heaton made a good stop, and two where he laid it off, for i think it was jowlinton to fire horribly off target. All 3 were very good chances.
  3. Maybe it was the sloppy passes, maybe it was the laboured breathing, but mcginn and guilbert were clearly struggling after 60 mins. I could equally say, if he brought on elmo and nakamba we'd have scored two more due to a better engine and fresh legs but we'll never know. Point being, on more than a few occassions, we've been a goal or 2 to the good, players have visibly tired, and as a result started making unforced errors, DS has done nothing and its cost us points. It could easily have done so again today as they had succificient quantity and qualiry of chances to score a couple, yet DS didnt change anything. History has shown, not making changes until 91 minutes will cost you more often than making changes early. Until DS learns this lesson, we'll stay in a relegation fight.
  4. No, def not shit. But still not good enough for me, and i dont think his strength match our style of play. Seen someone say he should have been played in more, and wasn't cos our midfield likes to shoot. I think they dont play him in cos they know his finishing is poor and theyve a better chance of scoring themselves
  5. Really? He should have scored at least one, and laid on 2 chances for his team mates within 10 mins of stepping into the game. I personally thought we handle him very poorly.
  6. Completely agree. Looks to me like DS wants to play with natural wingers, putting crosses in: Wes isnt particularly good in the air. We don't gernerally hoof it, good job as hes isnt good in the air, but his hold up play isnt very good either, and neither is his passing. His best quality is dropping deep pulling out defenders and creating space, but he isnt good enough at this to cover up his other inadequacies. I think Davis (yes, i know hes injured) is better at the things Wes does to a far greater degree than Wes is better at what Davis isnt good at, which is scoring goals. There are far better players out there for similar money, but it all depends on what DSs long term plan is. All players being fit, based on what ive seen this season, Davis suits our play far better than Wes does, as his is better aerially, is stronger, holds it up better and has better distribution and pace. The only thing Wes does better than davis is score, and he isnt hugely better at that. Wide players and a striker are vital for me in jan.
  7. Felt we were good forst half, credit to DS, think he sent them out the right way and the right selection. 1st half got him a v good rating. I dont know what he said at half time, but half the team switched off and a few of them were dead on their feet come 60 minutes. I feel we only didnt concede due how bad they were rather than us doing well. He really could and should have made changes at that stage as players were flagging and newcastle were well on top. Then when carroll came on and we looked dreadful defensively, and couldnt handle him, DS still did nothing. Poor game management and use of subs YET AGAIN and for me, we are very fortunate to have survived it. I dont understand brining lansbury on after 91 minutes. Pointless. He gets a very poor for the 2nd half, as i feel that there were plenty of great options on the bench to address the balance of play, and he did nothing. It worked on this occassion, but hasnt on many others, and i really feel it was dumb luck, not skill. I'm delighted with the result, but DS frustrates me massively. I really dont see anything from him to show he's learning.
  8. I feel a Norwich coming on... Hope i'm right!
  9. Mcginn has been getting worse and worse last few games. I think he needs to miss a couple of games like last season and maybe he comes back to himself. Our front 3 though have to be replaced in January as they just arent up to the required standard
  10. DS poor again for me. He is not learning from his mistakes. Same errors today as on day 1. Predictable and ineffective.
  11. But we had 3 or 4 good chances that we really should have scored. We desperately need a new front 3 in jan
  12. Is lansbury on the pitch? Havent heard his name once
  13. I'd rather try and win personally. Wrong man off wrong man 9n. Yet more poor game management from ds
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