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  1. flashingqwerty

    Jack Grealish

    I so want him to be this amazing player, he certainly has talent! My fear is that he is a luxiry player, and that we wont see the best of him at villa as the others around him just arent at the same level. At a better team, he would be a rockstar
  2. flashingqwerty

    Scott Hogan

    Based on what exactly? One has played and scored a lot of goals at this level, the other has been fit for about 6 gamesin 3 seasons
  3. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    For the most part, i reckon theyd get into our starting 11 comfortably. Lets also not forget the likes of johnson and robinson at pne and burke who is now in the ireland setup regularly. As a club we dont make enough of promising youth in the first team, and i look forward to that changing!
  4. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Yeah whilst not 100% serious, the quotes were to emphasize that the respective situations are too dissimilar to really draw any fair comparison. Though i would alsoargue Bruce inherited a more balanced (thoughstill unbalanced) squad, due to our poor defensive position
  5. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Very difficult to make the comparison between a win percentage in the championship, where we have by far the biggest budget, best facilities, and highest money spent over 2 years, to a win percentage in the prem where we were no where near as big a fish and had nextto no spending power.
  6. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    If we are making a 'fair' comparison between Bruce and Smith, then the playoff final would be in year 2. This year he needs to do better than 13th
  7. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Depends on your definition of dominance i guess: if you use posession, then yes villa dominated. If you use something more real, like territory that posession was in and chances created, then brentford did.
  8. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    Never said anything about gks, but the club stayement specificly states he will be responsible for implenting a style from academy up, so if you think he isnt relevant, then prepare to be disappointed. Just to clarify i am not saying he is relevant - i honestly know nothing about him, but the post is about the role he is to play, and in that respect, the club has spoken.
  9. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    I dont agree that DS is here to impose a philosophy, that pitrachs job. Ds is here to coach according to the philosophy given to him.
  10. flashingqwerty

    Dean Smith

    I think we will find that once the defence is sorted, the new keepers will settle. Just look at the first 6 months of johnstone, littered with errors, and hes english. Foreign keepers with a poor makeshift defence is a recipe for disaster, and a settled consistent back 4 will improve the keepers no end.
  11. flashingqwerty

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    For those old enough to recall the Keep Britain Tidy ads "Keep Villa ti'idy - it's the gig we could win!"
  12. flashingqwerty

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    SACK THE MANA... Oh...
  13. flashingqwerty

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    Need a new manager in asap. Plenty of cbs around on frees to get us to jan where we can sign some.
  14. flashingqwerty

    Steve Bruce

    Ding dong the witch is dead! The wicked witch, the wicked witch is dead!
  15. flashingqwerty

    Easah Suliman

    Yeah, loaning out youth can only get you so far. Especially when our facilities are so much better than the clubs we loan players to. Ouryouth could possibly feel that taking a step out to a club with lesser facilities makes them try less. I do think players could develop more being given game time from the bench with the first team. If we dont give them some here, their growth will be stunted.