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  1. I really like this distinction. Yes, DS is a good coach. I truly believe he can improve players - when the player wants to learn what he is teaching. I do not think DS has the tools/skill/whatever to take a player who wants to coast and turn them into something more. I'd call this management to a degree. I also think he has too much pride to recognise that his philosophy isn't working with these players and wont change despite the overwhelming evidence that we need to play less open football.
  2. You make some good points, but what has any of that got to do with signing Drinkwater? Look at his stats over the last 4 or 5 years, played 20 odd games, been arrested, caused squad issues, not gotten game time at a team above us in the league. Someone who knows how to succeed at this level, does not bring a person like Drinkwater into a relegation threatened squad unless they are so desperate that they should no longer be in their job, or so clueless, they should never have been in it. The Drinkwater signing had 'car crash' written all over it from the start, and so it has proven to be.
  3. My point though, which you conveniently ignore, is that any and all of them would have had less of a negative impact on the team in general. You also completely ignore the, literally thousands of, midfield players across europe, who could potentially have signed and perhaps could have made a positive contribution. To suggest there 'were no other options' than drinkwater is at best naive and at worst ignorance in the extreme. For whatever reason, the transfer team picked a player who had played about 20 games in 5 years, and couldn't get a game at Burnley as someone to come in and transform the team. I thought so when it was announced, and his performances and behaviour since confirms, this was a terrible decision, and we'd have been far better off with noone or a youth player in his place, rather than bringing in someone who clearly is neither physically fit enough, nor mentally stable enough, to compete at this level anymore. As i have also previously said, this type of signing wreaks of desperation, and shows why DS and his team will never be capable of putting together a team that is capable of competing at this level. They, themselves, are too limited and short sighted.
  4. He also creates loads of chances for opponents to score and headbutts his teammates.
  5. He could not have done worse than drinkwater tbh
  6. 1. Bruno Fernandes 2. Ben Sheaf 3. Emile Smith Rowe 4. James Olayinka 5. Matt Butcher 6. Aaron Mooy 7. Alex Dobre 8. Max Sanders 9. James Tilley 10. Tudor Baluta 11. Henry Ogunby 12. Josh Brownhill 13. Scott Banks 14. Takumi Minamino 15. Nabil Bentaleb 16. Stan Flaherty 17. Ondreij Duda 18. Lukas Rupp 19. Melvin Sitti 20. Jack Rodwell 21. Sander Berge 22. Jacob Maddox 23. Gedson Fernandes 24. Giovanni lo Celso 25. Tomas Soucek 26. Enzo Loiodice Thats after a brief look at transfers just involving pl teams. I'm not saying we could or should have signed any of these, but i doubt any of them could have been worse or more damaging signings than drinkwater. And of course this list doesnt include the many, many, other players we might have been able to sign, that never moved in the jan window. So to say there were no other options is piffle.
  7. Look at quotes directly from DS where he says the signing was made because of the desire in drinkwaters eyes and how ds had wanted to sign him in the summer but was beaten to it.
  8. Given the amount of playing time he has had, the trouble he has caused, the poor performances in the small playing time he has had, i'd have rather not have signed anyone. I'm not a scout, but there were more than 20 central midfielders signed by premier league clubs in january, so to say there were no other options is nieve. There are plenty of players across europe we might have approached on loan. But i say again, based on what he has brought to the club, i firmly believe that not signing him would have been better. I find it difficult to understand how anyone could hold a different view based on how poor he has been, and the friction in the squad he has caused, and his overall poor behaviour. Terrible signing, and as i say, a firm reflection of how DS is simply not up to the task of assembling a squad capable of competing at this level.
  9. Was a DS signing, and undoubtedly the worst signing we've made. A fitting indictment of a manager not up to the task of building a pl team.
  10. Can see this being our worst result of the season. 6-0 chelsea.
  11. On the Wes signing - couldnt agree more. Had we gotten Samatta instead of Wes, i think our season would have played out differently. Samatta looks a much better player at this level.
  12. And thats down to the coaching staff, and ultimately DS.
  13. Disagree, and so do all of his defensive stats. One of the better defensive midfielders in the league, but as you have said, he is a limited player. When he breaks up play he needs someone near him to lay it off to so he doesnt have to play intricate football, as that isnt his game. Thats what Luiz is there for, but Luiz often goes missing. When mcginn is back, the partnership of nakamba and mcginn will be good as mcginn has that engine that luiz doesnt. Nakamba, of all our midfielders currently fit, is the only one i would keep if by some miracle we stayed up.
  14. If the owners dont sack him now, they can f**k off as well. Not up to the job. I'd take fat sam til the end of the season.
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