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  1. Paul33

    Tyrone Mings

    For me, our #1 priority signing for next season. Had a truly outstanding season and offers so much to the team.
  2. I'd be worried if we spend decent money on Tammy. Did a great job for us over the season but once the intensity went up at the critical end of it all, he went missing and offered very little. That intensity will come every week next season and I think he'll struggle. Ironically, I think Kodjia will be a better fit than Tammy as he's both physically stronger and he can make things happen individually when others around him are struggling ...... plus, given a run, he'll score goals too.
  3. Paul33


    Club Wembley tickets being issued as E-Tickets this afternoon. I paid for a real ticket but have had it refunded as they are all e-tickets apparently !
  4. Paul33


    Was told this afternoon that Club Wembley tickets were being released tomorrow. LiveFootballTickets guarantee delivery by 1pm Friday.
  5. Paul33


    You get a seat .... a nice padded seat with loads of room and a great view. You also have access to all the usual bars and eating places without crowds/queues. If you get a Villa seat then you are on the Villa side of half way and you will be seated with other Villa fans. Went there last year and again this year and if you have the money, its a great seat/view. PS: There is a neutral section on half way but there are also Villa and Derby VIP Club Wembley sections so careful what you buy. If you get neutral, you can't wear colours and probably have to politely applaud if the opposition score !!!
  6. Paul33


    Another shout for JustPark ..... loads of private drives within ten minutes of the stadium. Bit more pricey this year at £15+ but very easy and a great way to get in close !
  7. Paul33


    VIP Club Villa tickets and Middle Tier Villa tickets at £390 from various re-sellers inclusive of all fees. Seems to be best prices at the moment. Derby seats going for about £100 less !!!
  8. ...... if you don't want to get near the bar and want to bask in the aroma of piss !!!
  9. Paul33


    Problem is that they add on around £90 in fees so cheapest Villa ticket is around £380 !!!
  10. Paul33


    What are the best ticket resale agencies out there if I'm forced to splash the cash ?
  11. Wrong starting XI, poor performance, Grealish had his worst game of the season and more but ...... we won and I'll take that !!!
  12. Well done chap ..... just cost your team a play-off chance !!! Did a steward really attack Jack after the goal ? I saw the words exchanged afterwards and the steward sounding off ! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3979288/idiot-birmingham-city-fan-who-punched-jack-grealish-named-as-young-dad-paul-mitchell/
  13. Paul33

    John Terry

    With JT on board this season, I was expecting (a) defensive disciplines and (b) a big team spirit (fight, passion, etc) ...... but they have been two of our weakest areas to date so great season last season as a player but I seriously don't see any evidence of value-add from him this season. He may be benefiting from the experience but I'm struggling to see any evidence of Villa benefiting from his presence.
  14. Paul33

    Dean Smith

    Try as I might, I couldn't see the likes of Klopp or any top manager suddenly turning the likes of Adomah, Hourihane, Bjarnasson, Green, Elmohamady, etc, etc into anything other than the bang mediocre League One players that they are. The only way forward is to replace them all with players with real potential AND who are moving towards realising that potential.

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