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  1. He HAS to play in order to get game fit !
  2. Really ???? They had one shot on goal ...... how can we be lucky to be in a half where we shut down the opposition so well that they only get one shot on goal ? Jeez !!!!!!!!!!
  3. Surprised by some of the negative posts out there ...... thought we were brilliant today ! We had to stop Brighton playing and we did just that. Our intensity and workrate was top drawer and they simply couldn't deal with it. We shut them up for 60 minutes and then went for it and could easily have won that one. Tactically brilliant from Smith and the first full 90 minute quality performance from Villa this season.
  4. He shouldn't have been. He had no obvious pedigree and even his highlights reel had no highlights. He looked exactly on promotional videos like he has looked on the pitch. Somebody got seriously mugged off with that deal !!!
  5. Decent merchandise opportunities perhaps ........... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argel_Fucks
  6. Perhaps 110,000 outlays every week ? Best debutant I ever saw for England, outstanding at Leicester ...... just a car crash of a mess since. Partly his fault but partly circumstances such as playing under multiple crap managers at Chelsea. If Smith can scrape the outer layers away, we'll rediscover the outstanding player he once was ...... but time is not on our side !
  7. I did my groin reaching for a beer in the second half and I've heard absolutely nothing on here about that !!!
  8. Agree ..... shocking application from Kodjia. Sell now !
  9. Man and ball tackle .... Ref should have seen that. Red card job !
  10. European place must now be realistic ..... assuming we don't lose Smith to the England job !!!
  11. Just a tip here, the league table may show relative strength over the season so far but in terms of toughest/easiest matches, it is always better to go by recent form tables. Southampton have started playing well of late and will surely fly up the table, Watford likewise and stuffed Man Utd and even Norwich SHOULD have beaten Spurs and are no mugs. There are probably weaker teams to play right now higher up the table. Brighton, Bournemouth, Palace, for example, have only won one in their last five. That isn't offered as a weak excuse, simply pointing out that current form really defines strength of opposition at any point in time better than the league table does.
  12. Must admit, I'm starting to worry about Smith's constant excuses. Sometimes it is actually better to admit we lost because we didn't work hard enough and didn't play hard enough. It isn't like he was in any way correct ..... it WAS a penalty and Jack was NOT fouled for goal #3 and if that's how he sees it then he is delusional !
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