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  1. Can we change the thread title to "Villa's Farewell Game" ? I'm almost hoping we lose now so that our demise is not drawn out over three more games !!!
  2. Did Bruce really throw that one as revenge for being kicked out by Villa ? How can a team actually be THAT bad over 45 minutes !!!
  3. Absolutely this ...... and they will ship goals with Man City and Arsenal to come so FOUR points may well be enough for Villa. Not assuming anything here but if somebody said four points from four games to survive then we would/should rip their arms off ! PS: I am assuming Bournemouth struggle too !!!
  4. ...... and you are certain you have that dosage right ?!!!!
  5. If you go by the bookies odds, neither Watford nor Bournemouth will pick up any more points which would mean Villa need five points to stay up and maybe only four points depending on final goal difference. Makes it sound a little more encouraging but still down to us to find those results and, needless to say, this game is on the massive side of huge !
  6. No ifs, no buts, no messing ..... its win this one or be relegated. Time for the real Villa to step forward ? Fight like Lions ?
  7. Hard to argue with the points made though !
  8. Paul33

    Dean Smith

    We have to keep Smith because he has just done a season of hard learning at this level (as with most of the players) and he SHOULD be stronger for it. No point in investing all of that experience into a manager and then handing him over for somebody else to benefit from. He has to get at least half way through next season before any judgement is made.
  9. Paul33

    Tyrone Mings

    I think the point is that if Konsa is a 6/10 performer and Jack a 9/10 performer and both put in 6/10 performances, you have to point the finger at Jack rather than Konsa because Jack is not giving or performing at his best whereas Konsa probably is !
  10. In fairness we DO have a long and consistent track record of making decent players crap because we force them into playing a game they are not used to. It's like buying a square peg, trying to force it into a round hole and then complaining the peg is "crap" !
  11. At 9-1 against, we were not supposed to win this one but we ARE supposed to be fighting for our lives and we do not give that impression. I love Jack but, in all honesty, he is a shite captain who shows no passion and no encouragement for his team mates. Does he actually EVER talk to his team mates ? He is supposed to be a leader and he comes across as a sulky kid playing for the name on the back of his shirt rather than the badge on the front. I wish Smith would sub Jack or even leave him on the bench just to make a point. The only good thing about his performances and attitude is that there is no way any half decent club will sign him ...... not even for £8M let alone £80M !!!
  12. So its 0-0 after 90 minutes, five minutes time added on, Villa get a penalty at 90+4. Last kick of the match for sure ...... who takes the penalty ??????
  13. Being a bit of an astrologer and with Pluto in Uranus, I can tell you that Villa actually DO win this game 2-1 ..... definite FACT !
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