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  1. Paul33

    Matty Cash

    Yes he is because he drifts off his man over and over again and gifts an outlet ball to every opposition we play. If the stat measured how many crosses (blocked or otherwise) were made against any given full back, I'm confident Taylor would be near or at the top. Celebrating blocked crosses is like celebrating regaining possession ..... it just hides the fact you gave the ball away in the first place. Agree he is not "crap" but I don't think he is good enough for the Premier unless somebody coaches the flaws out of his game.
  2. Just watching various You Tube clips and reading comments from those who have watched him in recent seasons ...... who, of course, may just be bitter about his departure. Talk is of inconsistency and lack of confidence which was Green's big issue. Like I say, hope I'm wrong and even if I'm right then who is to say a good manager and coaching team can't bring the best out of him.
  3. Really, really, really hope to be proved wrong on this one but I fear Traore could be this year's Summer Donkey signing ...... everything about him suggests a new Andre Green !
  4. Paul33

    Matty Cash

    Not seeing that myself. Positives are that he has reasonable pace and can make a tackle but the negatives are frightening lack of positional sense and an inability to provide any offensive threat. He scares me every game he plays because I just know the opposition's #1 threat will come from the right flank every time !
  5. The ONLY reason I want to sign this lad is to hear his interview where he says "as soon as I heard Villa wanted me, my mind was made up" !!!
  6. Apart from that ..... do we look okay ?
  7. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-united-villa-live-stream-18923162 100%
  8. Result: Villa 1 Man Ure 0 ...... Watkins with the goal on 38 minutes. Confirmed via a number of media sources including Mail.
  9. If Carlsberg did pre-seasons .........
  10. Wilson will undergo a detailed medical and with all the technology out there, no way will they give a thumbs up if they see anything of concern.
  11. Wish we would stop messing around and pay the money. £5M here or there is loose change compared with the money lost if we were relegated. Pay up, get them in, get them settled and get off to a decent start !
  12. .... and then there was this chap up at Celtic ?
  13. When does Edouard feature in this thread ? Just asking !
  14. I would have thought failure to make the squad will demoralise Jack and logically a demoralised Jack is more likely to leave. Seems obvious to me !
  15. Never liked this one being a part of Villa. She is trouble, always has been trouble and just not a person I trust in any way. Please get rid ..... find an excuse !!!
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