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  1. Well done chap ..... just cost your team a play-off chance !!! Did a steward really attack Jack after the goal ? I saw the words exchanged afterwards and the steward sounding off ! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3979288/idiot-birmingham-city-fan-who-punched-jack-grealish-named-as-young-dad-paul-mitchell/
  2. Paul33

    John Terry

    With JT on board this season, I was expecting (a) defensive disciplines and (b) a big team spirit (fight, passion, etc) ...... but they have been two of our weakest areas to date so great season last season as a player but I seriously don't see any evidence of value-add from him this season. He may be benefiting from the experience but I'm struggling to see any evidence of Villa benefiting from his presence.
  3. Paul33

    Dean Smith

    Try as I might, I couldn't see the likes of Klopp or any top manager suddenly turning the likes of Adomah, Hourihane, Bjarnasson, Green, Elmohamady, etc, etc into anything other than the bang mediocre League One players that they are. The only way forward is to replace them all with players with real potential AND who are moving towards realising that potential.
  4. Now that is the understatement of the century ..... no shit Sherlock!!!
  5. We don't deserve to be losing but I ask again, how shite is Hourihane?!!! Makes no effort to move the ball forward and just passes the ball back every time he has it. Complete coward and we will go nowhere with him in the team !!!!
  6. First time I've ever cheered an opposition winner. Defence was pretty good ..... everybody else was shite !
  7. He hinders the whole frickin team and does so every time he plays. He just cops out of taking any responsibility and constantly offloads cowardly nothing passes sideways and backwards. We go nowhere until he is out of the team !
  8. Lost it in midfield again. Playing Jedi is fine but not when the donkey Hourihane is playing because that guy is bile which leaves just McGinn as any sort of creative force. Quality from Mings again and Elphick did okay too but huge credit to Whelan simply because he had a great game face on as soon as he arrived - he passed the ball FORWARD (take note Hourihane) and he was encouraging and picking up everybody.
  9. Been saying this all season. He is a HUGE liability and a HUGE weakness in our side. Replacing him alone would massively improve us in all areas of the field. A very horribly average player and Smith needs to get rid of him asap ...... along with Adomah !!!
  10. I think if Tammy's header wasn't stopped by a worldie save or Tommy's header didn't come back off the bar then most of us would have celebrated the win and called it a decent performance. The fact they didn't go in didn't make it a poor performance for me. The defence looked as good as it has all season and we looked the more likely to win throughout so frustrating but not a bad performance for me.
  11. Mings and Elphick more like ...... not sure Hause would get "up to speed" if you rammed the mains electrical supply up his rear loader !!!
  12. So what is "his job" as you seem to have that knowledge ? I have watched Hourihane enough times to know that whatever "his job" is, he has no creativity, he rarely ever runs with the ball, he rarely passes the ball forward - choosing instead to constantly bounce it back to defenders who have just passed to him, he is slow, frequently does not back track and gets the wrong side of attacking midfielders and he rarely gets forward considering he came here as an attacking midfielder. Yes, in a very bad bunch, he takes occasional decent free kicks but if the trade off is to be so poor in general play then so what ? I don't rate the guy and I hope, trust and believe Smith WILL ditch him very soon !
  13. Is that it ? You've changed my mind with that in depth and well considered challenge ...... well done you !
  14. Truly awful midfielder who weakens us in all areas. He seems to survive by virtue of the occasional goal but we pay a huge price for those goals. He and Bjarnasson are the crippling core of the current Villa side and both must be replaced if we have aspirations to get promoted.

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