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  1. Why ? Because an asthmatic Granny with heavy shopping would contribute more than Wesley does ! It isn't just about Wesley, he is the key outlet pass especially for away games where we are under the cosh. He's a lightweight and a lazy one too and his poor efforts are dragging down the entire team. We must have better options even if we blood a youngster !
  2. We are trying to win games with a dead weight on our back. Wesley is not Premier quality in any area of his game and is a major hindrance to our progress. Smith needs to have the balls to stand him down and give Kodjia a run until January, after which he simply has to bring in a couple of quality forwards.
  3. We were playing a school team ..... some of those players should be able to perform better than what we saw from them tonight.
  4. BruceBall returns to Villa Park. I actually kind of missed the ability to watch us roll the ball out from Steer and then go and make a brew and a sarnie before returning and finding us reaching the half way line ...... before either Hourihane or Lansbury played it backwards YET AGAIN to start the process all over. Some truly shocking performances out there tonight !
  5. Grealish in next England squad ...... nailed on after that one !
  6. Paul33

    Wesley Moraes

    We should not forget that Kodjia was a proven goal machine until a combination of injuries and a seriously garbage manager who had no clue as to how to play him ruined him. We don't need to ponder whether Kodjia has it in him, we KNOW he does and I hope he gets a chance to have a serious run - not just the odd game - in the team and a genuine chance to see what he can do.
  7. Paul33

    Wesley Moraes

    When we went after Wesley, I did the usual and checked out his "highlights reel" on You Tube and couldn't see why we were signing him. Nothing in his highlights reel suggested he was strong in the air OR on the ground OR that he was a good finisher in any way ..... and his performances to date are 100% in tune with his highlights reel ! You can argue that it is early days still but if he was going to make the grade on any level then you would expect to see signs of something out there and I'm not seeing it. He also looks miserable and moody and fed up and probably needs rescuing from a level that he doesn't seem able to deal with. If I had a magic wand, I'd send him out to League One or Two in the hope that he might find a confidence boosting game that he can bring back but - while I genuinely hope I end up eating my words - I really can't see him adding any value to the side and if we aren't careful, our stubborn determination to keep saying "still early days" might do some serious damage. We are too light on forward talent - that was a big mistake made during the Summer. Our best bet is to give Kodjia the role he has always wanted as a free roaming forward, otherwise go with and stick with Davis who might benefit from actually having a run in the team instead of repeated cameo roles which are clearly screwing him up !
  8. I would guess ...... we scored in last minute, Ref ruled it out, Villa fans get angry (like the rest of us), stewards get heavy and clash, police join in, everybody calms down and that's it ...... no real story ?
  9. Smith >>>>>> "A good goal. Nobody can understand why it wasn’t given. I can’t see anything, he got a nudge by Zaha in the back, as he offloads it, Cahill gives him one as well. Simulation? no chance! It’s a perfectly good goal rubbed off today. I haven’t seen the referee yet. I’d probably get the usual waffle but we know it’s a poor decision. I believe any goal goes to VAR. We started the game well, controlled it, but I thought we were very passive in our pressing. They finished the stronger. We righted that at half time. Trez gets a silly caution, that was one decision they got right today but there wasn’t many of them. It left me baffled on the side, the first three fouls were against us and, within a 20-minute spell, we end up with four. Trez was a millisecond late. It was his first one. Officials were very card happy. I didn’t understand the decision making today. If you’re Jack Grealish I’d be raging, he’s having his integrity questioned. Not only by officials here but in Stockwell Park as well. I still have no idea it went to VAR.” https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-press-conference-qa-16845905
  10. Then he should be forced to have a naked Dianne Abbot sit on his face !!!
  11. We do that because we lack the players up front running into spaces and down channels ...... you see our midfielders getting heads up and realising there is nobody making runs to pass to. Wesley is a bit of a disaster so far but not sure we have many options other than Davis who was certainly better than Wesley today.
  12. VAR should work as appeals do in cricket. Each captain should have two appeals allowed in each half so that they can ask for any decision of any sort to be reviewed.
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