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Seems like Ryanair are under fire. have taken afew of their flights before. Have to say one of the worst airlines. Last time we were almost killed because the stupid captain of the plane landed so harshly. Also before we was about to take off there was apower cut for about 2 seconds and they continued the flight straight away. Not suprised with this, awful.

Oh dear

Ryanair Flight Aborted After Tape On Window Comes Loose

First Posted: 10/24/11 09:38 AM ET Updated: 10/24/11 03:45 PM ET

Submit this storydigg reddit stumble The latest of European budget airline Ryanair's failures falls under the "oh dear God" category.

A Ryanair flight from London's Stansted airport to Riga, Latvia was aborted 20 minutes after takeoff after a tape on a window came loose and started making "alarming noises."

The tape was fastened around the edges of a windscreen in the cockpit, which had been put on by ground crew before take off, the Telegraph reports.

Anthony Neal, a passenger from Kent, told The Sun: "We were kept in the dark, and were terrified. I could see guys taping in the windscreen with what looked like duct tape or gaffer tape. We were in the sky, then the pilot said due to damage on the windscreen, we were going to have to turn back."

The flight, which was carrying 200 people, was forced to turn around. Ryanair insists passengers and crew were in no danger during the incident. A spokesman told the Telegraph: "We do not comment on routine technical issues. All Ryanair flights operate in accordance with approved safety standards."

The Irish Aviation Authority told the Daily Mail that they were satisfied with the ground crew's decision to add tape to the window, adding that it should last up to seven days. A spokesman said: "All the maintenance was carried out in line with the correct procedures. The pilot took the correct action by returning to base."

Head to The Sun for a photo of the ground crew assembling the tape onto the airplane.

Ryanair has had quite a string of bad press lately. Earlier this month, the airline came under fire for its announcement that it will remove toilets from planes to make room for extra seats. This summer, the notoriously cheap airline gave a passenger in cardiac arrest a sandwich...and later charged him for it.

And again


The European low-cost airline Ryanair has announced it would remove two of the three lavatories on its planes. Cutting back on bathrooms will allow Ryanair to add up to six extra seats, reports the Daily Mail.

Forget about coughing up the extra euro for that overpriced can of soda on Ryanair...you're going to need the bladder space.

At least the plan to charge passengers to use the bathroom has been abandoned, the paper points out.

According to CEO Michael O'Leary, this move would lower fares by five percent. That amounts to a £2 saving on a £40 ticket, reports The Independent.

"We're trying to push Boeing to re-certify the aircraft for six more seats, particularly for short-haul flights", O'Leary told the paper. "We very rarely use all three toilets on board our aircraft anyway."

Ryainair's fleet is solely comprised of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. And, if Boeing agrees to the added seats, there's nothing to stop the bathroom cuts, as there's no law mandating that airplanes have toilets.

This isn't the first move by the airline that's raised eyebrows. Ryanair came under fire back in June with its policy of charging passengers to print a boarding pass. Singer Lily Allen even took to her twitter to protest the "40 quid" charge. In September it was announced that Ryanair would charge a fee to purchase tickets with any credit card besides the airline's own prepaid MasterCard.

There was also the time Ryanair gave a sandwich to a passenger suffering cardiac arrest and then charged him for it.

Ryanair isn't the only airline to employ creative cost cutting. American budget airline Spirit instituted a $5 fee to print boarding passes that will go into effect November 1, 2011.

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how can they charge to go to the toilet or even worse not have any on board? surely that has to be illegal. if you need to pee then what? be very disgusting experience espically to those who have urological problems

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I spent 8 months working at an aero engine maintenance facility (primarily on a GE90 test bed) and that was an eye opener. They dealt with engines from airlines based all over the globe.

All I can say is that the engines arriving for maintenance from BA and Virgin were already in a better condition than those leaving to be re fitted for many other airlines. I think the biggest surprise was the pop riveted patch repairs, dents, pitting and general tired appearance of the budget airlines and asian airlines. Ok they may be able to boast that they buy new aircraft, but don’t ever ever let them tell you the servicing regime is the same as the expensive airlines. You want to know at least part of the reason it’s cheaper to fly some airlines, engine service history.

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If you dont like Ryanair dont fly with them! Simple. No point in the outrage.

The Irish Aviation Authority told the Daily Mail that they were satisfied with the ground crew's decision to add tape to the window, adding that it should last up to seven days. A spokesman said: "All the maintenance was carried out in line with the correct procedures. The pilot took the correct action by returning to base."

So Ryanair did what was considered appropriate......

I dont work for Ryanair, but i have flown with them alot. I have flown return from the Uk to Ireland for 12 euro total a couple of times. thats cheaper than the aircoach return i get from the airport to Dublin city center.

Anyway for me I am very greatful for Ryanair, here is no way I would have done the traveling I have without them. To be fair they are rarely delays unlike easyjet that seem to be delayed every time I get on them

Anyway this may be true about the seats may not, but I don’t think I have ever used the Ryanair toilets and there still will be one if im desperate so ill take the savings.

It is likely this imay not happen like charging for the toilets. They are just suggestions which give lots of free publicity

Just like the free publicity they got from increasing the breast size of their Logo

Michael O'Leary knows exactly what hes doing!

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For the Virgin and BA boys, I wonder how they manage to use Virgin instead of Ryanair, when neither fly to the countries (never mind the destinations) of the other.

For those of us who don't live in Landan, BA are not an option as they don't fly from the sticks.

Ryanair are no better or worse than Easyjet or BMIBaby. You get what you pay for, simple as that. As for bad press, well they do fly more people within Europe than any other airline, so law of averages and all that.

It's still worth shopping around though. Unable to find well timed Ryanair flights to their 'Barcelona' destinations of Gerona and Reus recently, I had the option of KLM or Swiss to Barcelona itself at £130 return, including bag, allocated seating, and a drink and bun on the flight.

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Monarch are a great budget airline, the BA of the budget airlines out of BHX

Only downside is they don't fly to many places

I didn't quote Monarch as they, like Thomson, are an old 'charter' company that have gone in to the low-cost flights to sun destinations. Basically they have retained their quality in terms of the product that they deliver, so can't be bracketed with the true lo-cost carriers.

That said, as Ryanair's numbers contract on the 'cold routes' they are attacking the Monarch's of this world more aggressively.

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Never had a problem with Easy Jet - everytime I've flown with them I've boarded my plane on time, and all bar one landed before schedule at my destination - the one that wasnt, we were waiting for de-icing in Zurich due to blizzard like conditions

RyanAir - never flown but my mate swears by them - flew internal continental/united recently over in the states (Houston->Vegas + Vegas -> San Francisco) and THAT was an eye opener. Having just flown in on one of their beautiful 777's we were huddled onto some horrificly smelly, dirty little plane which rattled its way to its destination.

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I've got no issue with Ryan Air. If you know what you are getting when you book the cheap flight option then you can't really complain when you receive it. I tend to go with Easyjet though if it is a direct choice between the two, their airports are generally better (i.e. closer to where you actually want to go) and they are a bit more flexible about adding bags and paying by card etc.

I do find it funny when you see people in a small regional town complaining about how they hate Ryanair but are forced to use them because no one else flys to their tiny little local airport. Surely they should just be grateful that someone has found a commercially viable way to service that airport with passenger aircraft at all?

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I'm not sure what disturbs me more, that the staff just duct taped the window in to place, or that the relevant authorities consider it "acceptable". They've probably super-glued the bloody wings on.

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