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    Backstage at an Imelda May gig
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  1. So far this year Home 2018Total Number of Incidents 48,944Number of Deaths1 12,461Number of Injuries1 24,216Number of Children (age 0-11)Killed or Injured1 569Number of Teens (age 12-17)Killed or Injured1 2,426Mass Shooting2 306Officer Involved IncidentOfficer Shot or Killed2 251Officer Involved IncidentSubject-Suspect Shot or Killed2 1,827Home Invasion2 1,722Defensive Use2 1,523Unintentional Shooting2 1,345Gun violence and crime incidents are collected/validated from 2,500 sources daily – incidents and their source data are found at the gunviolencearchive.org website.
  2. I ordered mine last Wednesday and it arrived Friday morning. Delivered by Yodel ?
  3. Ordered the 3rd shirt yesterday. Nice to see womens shirts again this season.
  4. I was delighted my back was so bad that I had to leave at half time. I pity the supporters who had to suffer 90 minutes of that turgid rubbish .
  5. Meet Edmund Blackadder , goes well with Mrs Miggins
  6. I had to get Spanner PTS on Thursday, he had heart failure. Broke my heart .He was one of the lads I brought back from Ireland with me 5 years ago. He used to zzz on the pillow next to me at night . Getting a cat or any animal PTS is one of the hardest yet kindest thing a pet owner can do . I miss him
  7. I loved the Umbro shirts when had in the 70s.
  8. How hard can it seriously be to give us a shirt with a claret body & sky blue sleeves FFS. We are Aston Villa , we do not play in purple & washed out blue sleeves.
  9. Sounds a brilliant place for a gig. I went to one at Hampton Court in the main courtyard. Another amazing place for a gig .
  10. I have managed to lose a stone & half it has taken me 9 months as a keep falling off the wagon . Chocolate is my main vice. I have my push bike on a turbo trainer in front of my telly & try to do 2 hrs a day. I cut out nearly all the crap I used to eat crisps & general rubbish & I have a smaller plate for meals. the weight had to come off as it was making my back problem worse .
  11. Last Monday went to see Imelda May in Brum. Ended the night drinking champagne in her dressing room. Going see her & Wilko Johnson in August at Rugby school .
  12. I don't scrub up to bad for a 52 year old. With my best friend & Imelda May
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