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  1. I'm emigrating to Richmond, VA shortly and looking for other Villans to find a stream of the home game with Burton Albion with and share the disappointment. GSOH. Non smoker. etc.
  2. They're experts at achieving the minimum - i.e. not getting relegated.
  3. Not very good? Really? In comparison to Premier League defenders or the general population?!
  4. Absolute class this bloke - dominated the middle of the park Saturday. Performances like his are making me consider the possibility we might stay up... and I don't like that - its a bigger fall when it doesn't happen
  5. we bought Gavin McCann when Sunderland went down with about 15 points!
  6. Needs some real vocal backing on Saturday I think. But Fox/Hollis....
  7. should give him a run for a few games now - cant do worse than the other clowns there... (and ayew)
  8. the guy had a calf strain against notts county and was out for best part of 2 months. now hes broken a bone we might as well read his last rights.
  9. get a season ticket then and do your bit, you're sending us down!
  10. lack of movement up top is painfully obvious - it reminds me a lot of Wales under Toshack - we used to pass it sideways, backwards as good as anyone - simply because we had no-one getting behind their defenders or making runs to get some space for midfielders to push up - why are we not going after anyone to fix this? Simple point here - saying the seasons dead - yes - but the 2 penalties we should have had vs Leicester and WBA (if converted) would meant we're 6 points adrift of Norwich now with them to come to VP in a couple of weeks - we can get out of this but we need a front line who'
  11. If someone offers what we paid - I'd let him loose. He's made of glass and whats he going to get next year in the Championship? Kicking after kicking.
  12. start him. will help his fitness if anything.
  13. I thought he was absolutely superb vs Sunderland at home but yes agree this was his best so far. Good to see because Leicester win a lot of ball in the final third so he needs a similar performance Saturday
  14. would love it but cant see that - he'll be lucky to be fit for August
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