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  1. You mean they haven't cured us of George Osborne yet? Wrong disease. That was BSE giddy on the legs I'll get my coat
  2. You really couldn't make it up
  3. And she could have just gone to Baghdad with George, where she would have got much more money. Indefatigable
  4. Before Tonyh and Nigel Farage get their bit in, dodgy French and Romanian people
  5. Unfortunately for you, they haven't. They haven't been great but, given the unprecedented mess that they inherited, they haven't done too bad a job thus far. Until this government I never realised what Liberals were good for, but it turns out it is the tempering of the radical elements of the party that they are in government with. And bear in mind, I am not trying to 'dress up' anything - it is you who continually 'blogs' on this thread with totally one sided views.
  6. Oh, I thought that we were on the 'big party Labour/Tory thing', but it turns out that we are just Tory bashing, which is fine, but it helps if you don't pretend to be doing anything other than that. You quoted 'erosion of workers' rights'. I contest that the minimum wage and compulsory paid holiday are massive steps forward in workers' rights, so it would take a lot more that what you quote to bring a result of net 'erosion'
  7. This is your Labour/Tory thing that you alluded to earlier? I am afraid that your glorious day will never come soon enough, comrade
  8. I only expected you to agree with me on the point where you were wrong. I had no expectations with the rest, I was merely showing you the respect and courtesy of a reply. i shall continue my search for the mythical tax cuts and erosion of worker's rights that you are so hooked on......
  9. You referred to them as a 'lame duck government', which was completely incorrect, as they stand a fair chance of being re-elected. For the rest, you can poke the finger at every government, regardless of colour. Ponzi schemes I'll look up when I have half a day PFI hospital contracts - again, I'll look them up when I have the other half a day. The NHS is a wonderful Labour invention, but it cannot survive under the wasteful management of a Labour government. If Labour are in the term after next, they will have plenty of money to throw at it again. Royal Mail sell off - I comple
  10. Of course, because I disagree with you, and point out another of your simple errors in what you typed, I am wrong. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
  11. Of course, you could have written the same just over four years ago - and they really were collecting their wages, as they had no hope of remaining in office. At least this lot need to be careful as they stand a chance of getting in again. So none of the Gordon Brown Labour end of the line type vindictiveness to come. Another term of watered down Tory government after this one, and then the economy should be back in decent enough shape for a Labour government again. And the cycle will keep repeating, ad infinitum. Of course, if Labour are returned after only 5 years of the repair proc
  12. You can try and paint the governments utter utter unwillingness to make big business pay their dues to society in as good a light as you like. It don't wash with me I'm afraid. How could my pointing out the obvious error of your statement be translated into me trying to 'paint the government in a good light'? You have moved from making remarkable statements to ridiculous statements.
  13. What a remarkable statement! If it is several years it is very good. It means that the investigators are working from the back forward, and therefore there could be plenty more to come. And just think of all those HMRC employees now paying 40% tax because of their big bonuses!
  14. Can I put my hand up as well? As a Mac user, I find iPhoto and its big brother Aperture very good for editing, but crap for organising. Any tips for organising photos on a Mac?
  15. thetrees


    The 118 watch
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