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  1. Not been on for ages, just seen this topic, as one of the resident Jocks on here (yes I live in Wigan) I have to say the Independence is a joke and I don't know anyone back home who is pro, there will be some but I can't beieve anyone believes Salmond, he's an arsehole
  2. If your sole criteria is an ineffective Scotsman, I'll do the job for half of what we pay Hutton :winkold: Under cut. I'd accept a quarter
  3. Wasn't there myself but 2 of my mates were and they called me immediately after, Both very impressed by an apparently down to earth, apparently honest bloke with a sense of humour. Said the right things and both have come away looking forward to the season
  4. Why are we even arguing Spurs got kicked in the nuts, Glaston has commited Sepukku The world is in it's rightful place
  5. He'll still be here, absolutely no sign of him being sacked and he sure as hell won't resign as he thinks he's brilliant. Nice to see him getting the excuses for next seasons dismal performance in early
  6. I've just discovered that tomorrow is Both McInept and my birthday, Ok I'm a year older than he is, however I am also a Jock but thank the gods I'm not Ginger and regarded as shite at my job
  7. A merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to you all
  8. case closed, argument over By any chance do you have a Scottish heritage Mike as the above is basically our national motto
  9. Desperately sad to lose that rare thing - a man with integrity in politics. RIP
  10. New Leader, that would infer they're being led at the moment - debateable
  11. Oh dear, this will cause issues when I've got to trade my 9-3 in, it's a good old bus
  12. Can anyone explain why we're depending on Delph and send Makoun out on loan
  13. What are you trying to prove? I think that he is just trying to get a rise out of you There's no Knead for all this Flour
  14. IMO the quote is fabricated as its from Wikipedia, but it made me chuckle. 633 Squadron Supposedly where George Lucas stole the idea for the Death Star Attack! This all day My favourite story about the Mossie (probably as true as the Goering quote) was that the Yanks used them for reconnasance missions but as unarmed they sent Mustangs as cover and they Mossie had to slow down to let the Mustang keep up
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