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  1. run in possession beating an opposing player who is attempting to tackle you - and result in a shot or successful pass afterward.
  2. I only come on here in work - and was off Thurs/Fri to watch the game piss take all you want - England won that game and were fully deserving of it, I think Wales played the occasion rather than the game but I did dream a little at half time!
  3. Good players, god awful manager with no clue on his best team - in all seriousness, someone at the FA needs to sit down here and work out whats going wrong. Roy clearly does not know his best team to put out... you looked good against us, I thought it could be like Euro 96 again but if you get Portugal next - you're going home.
  4. But they have Roy Hodgson stood there orchestrating them to play in a style that doesn't fit the players they have at all - its like watching Belgium
  5. Wales tested their keeper 5-6 times, scored twice, had two clear penalties ruled out (including one that should have ended Skrtyl (???)'s tournament) - you certainly seem concerned the amount of times you tell us you're better than us you should beat us, comfortably.... lets see if your players can deliver, and more importantly, your manager can use his subs as well as say Coleman has.
  6. I'd love it to see Ian Wright breakdown on TV
  7. Can you see England beating this Slovakia team? I wouldn't say its certain...
  8. They'll finish bottom anyway - Wales, England, Slovakia - in that order.
  9. Weiss and Hamsik are both better players than what England possess. Hamsik in particular would walk into either of our national teams, quite comfortably.
  10. Good time in Marseilles but who were arrested as a result? Or is that conspiracy theory rubbish?
  11. England fans have been at it for years. Still are. This time, people fought back - and were prepared. And now in 2 years these English fans will need to go to Russia - its going to be the same. Not innocent at all though - years and years England fans have been pricks? Or is that not true as well?!
  12. Wales sit deep but compact - so the space is wide only - we have 4 big centre backs and a massive keeper - we want you to play cross after cross. England lack the technical quality to 'Arsenal' it around our box with 8-9 one touch passes and open us up through the middle. We didn't concede from open play in qualifying at all by the way - just so you know - we sit deep but you need to break us down - and then leave Bale against Chris Smalling 1 v 1.... hello!
  13. Its known as the English disease for a reason
  14. Bookmark this thread and return after World Cup 2018 when 'innocent England fans beaten up' starts around. And after Euro2020, WC2024.... etc etc. Every time theyre involved, always claim to be innocent.
  15. no I couldn't clear the quote from the browser!
  16. No space behind Wales' backline for Vardy to run into - Wales sit deep and compact - what England should do is go wide to pin our fullbacks (always our out ball under Coleman, Speed) in so we can't get bodies up to support Ramsey Bale and HRK. If you try to play through Wales - you wont do it. If you go wide, you'll have more joy. But hey ho.
  17. every single tournament England fans are causing problems. Every single time. If a group put themselves up there to be shot at, they cant complain when they are, surely? Guess what - it'll be the same in 2 years time too, England fans will travel en masse, and cause carnage. And these blokes will be back, and will hammer them for it. Its not difficult to do - turn up, have fun, don't be dickheads, go home. Don't see Welsh fans getting their teeth rearranged by 'MMA fighters' (!) etc - and there are a lot of individual dickheads in there too for sure - but England have this ability to bring the numbers of idiots that make them a target.
  18. I'm going to be there and been looking forward to it all week. don't care if we win lose or whatever - party time plus its a few hours not in work / being nagged. all plusses.
  19. id rather have a villa man there and underachieve than some dickhead just after a payday and underachieve.......
  20. Id love to see John Gregory back, but that's just me.
  21. This is my last Villa game for a long time as moving away - if it was any other - yes I'd walk out but this I'm staying to the bitter end. I've been going since 88 so I'm choosing to at least take in the ground etc before I don't get to go back for a long while.
  22. We've been sold!!!!!!!!! Not yet. But I wanted the first celebratory post in here. Come back in 229 pages time
  23. I'm emigrating to Richmond, VA shortly and looking for other Villans to find a stream of the home game with Burton Albion with and share the disappointment. GSOH. Non smoker. etc.
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