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Ratings & reactions Spurs 2-1 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Heskey
    • Carew (for Heskey 35)
    • Bannan (for Albrighton 81)
    • Ireland (for Petrov 81)

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NRC - Awesome

Heskey - Massive threat, shocking what a bit of confidence can do.

Everyone else around played ok, nothing special. Dunne's got a lot of criticism but he made some awesome blocks, so swings and roundabouts there.

We need a striker though, Carew just hasn't got it at the moment, on his day he'd have had a hat trick from the chances he had in that match, but his days seem to follow the lunar cycle.

If Heskey hadn't of got injured we'd have an entirely different result.

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Ahh Villa, we seem so content on playing so deep and allowing teams to play around us after half time, we do it so often and it's baffling, the first half we pressured the midfield well and had abit of industry with the ball (largely on the break mind) then we go back to backing the bus, if the players get tired of running then sub them, Petrov tires after 60 minutes every game much like Albrighton then the become invisible.

As for the game we were asking to be scored against allowing a team with such a quality midfield to play around us, but the goals both came from defensive errors which was dissapointing, considering a lump of the blame could be pointed at Dunne who shouldn't have even got a run after Cuellar's preformace last week, turn it around GH.

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i guess i saw a different game to most people today. I thought that dunne played quite well and got himself in the way of everything. I certainly wouldn't blame him for the goals. Collins was beaten by crouch in both goals. On the second Dunne had to commit himself incase VDV hit the first time shot like 99% of the other strikers in the permiership would have done

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Thought we played some decent stuff myself. Downing and Reo Coker looked good. We've got to start taking our chances though

As for Carew, that was about as woeful a performance as i've ever seen from a Villa forward. Totally and utterly **** abysmal

His touch was useless, his pace has gone, and his awareness was that of a pub player

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Shocking...same old Villa though.

Same old? We used to regularly get points from games like this one.

Agree it's shocking not to have a single shot on goal after going down 2-1 in the 75th minute.

It is same old, we sit back and allow these goals.

between 55 and 70 we were in the ascendancy knocking it about really well. They scored because it was an open game where we didn't take our chances and they did - two bad goals to concede but Crouch is a handful.

Calm down and stop getting paranoid about us sitting too deep - we actually didn't do that today too much at all.

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Friedel - 7.

Warnock -7. Didn't piss me off today.

Dunne - 6. Shouldn't have started, made some great blocks and some poor defending.

Collins - 6. Lost out to crouch twice on goals.

Young - 6.

Albrighton - 7. Was an impact in the game longer.

NRC - 9. Man of the match, second best player on the pitch.

Petrov - 5. Lost VDV way to much.

Downing - 6.

Young - 7. Holds the ball up well, but dosent offer enough goal threat.

Heskey - 8. Was great when he was playing.

Carew - 3. Awful.

Houllier - 6. Set the team up well, loses 2 points for losing and 2 points for picking Dunne over Cueller.

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I can see a massive difference in how we play already. Houllier has really got them playing some nice pass and move. At times we looked comfortably better than them with how comfortable each player was receiving the ball and either playing direct to feet or taking a nice touch, even Dunne and Collins were doing that. Although I think that's probably more McAllister rubbing off so far.

I would love for us to have the resources to buy a player like VDV. He was brilliant for them.

My MOTM was Downing. I thought he was superb even though he missed almost an open goal from a corner.

Friedel - 7 - Solid as usual.

Young - 8 - Very solid and committed. Back to the one we know.

Collins - 7 - Decent but a few wayward passes

Dunne - 5 - At fault for both goals but made a few timely interceptions

Albrighton - 6 - Usual dangerous self until run out of steam early in the 2nd half. Double fitness training required.

Reo-Coker - 7 - Very good, much more comfortable in possession and nicer touch. Decision making still a bit off.

Petrov - 6 - Did a job on VDV for most of the match but not a stand-out player with technique any more now the others have caught up.

Young - 7 - Dangerous as always. Everything went through him. He'd be some player if he just stayed on his feet and stopped moaning so much.

Downing - 8 - This is the player we wanted from Boro

Heskey - 8 - Superb until he went off. The renaissance of Heskey continues.

Carew - 4 - Tried but not up to it.

I was livid when I saw Cueller wasn't playing. Why? We would have nullified the Crouch threat with someone who can actually jump.

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First half was a good game and a decent contest.

Not a great second half performance; when we did get in and around their box we were pretty lame.

In the last ten minutes or so, we looked absolutely out of ideas and no kind of threat. In fact, pretty woeful for a side that one thought might be trying everything to get aqn equalizer.

I always get the feeling that we are likely to concede and not likely to score.

Let's hope Heskey's knock isn't much because with Gabby out, Carew playing pretty poorly and Delfouneso eiher injured or not liked, we've got some issues up front.

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Thought our general play was good. Far better than what we were used to under O'Neill, looked much more comfortable in possession, just lacking a quality striker. Reo-Coker MOTM. Was a mistake dropping Cuellar. After his MOTM performance in the last game you just don't do that.

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To be honest, although we lost we played a damn sight better than we did here last season, and on another day could have won it. All in Houllier's 2nd league game. And I'm convinced we'll get better. A very, very good player made the difference today. Onwards and upwards!

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Not the end of the world as it's a difficult place to go, but after taking the lead it would have been good to get at least a point. We seem to really miss Heskey. Which seems a ridiculous thing to say and I never dreamed I'd say it.

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