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    That tour has excellent reviews, and looks nice with the added extra bits like visiting the floating market! Its certainly something to consider and if we went for it we went just have to extend out our stay in Bangkok. The price is good to by the sounds of it at £90! Those photos look fantastic! its fair to say that's probably the sort of place we would like to stay. It looks quite easy to get to as well as it seems two different local airlines fly to Chumphon from Bangkok and you just get a boat from there?
  2. bcarpet


    I need your thoughts & opinions guys. Me and the missus are going to head over to Thailand for our honeymoon next January. Our plan is at the moment; 2 nights in Bangkok - this is so we can see the city & see some of the buddha's etc 2 nights with the Elephants - not sure where is the best to go for this, but looking here there seems to be a few options? we'd like to do it somewhere its ethical and not hurting the elephants! (I'm sure we've all seen the tiger video on facebook recently), so if anyone has done this I'd love to hear your opinions! 7-10 nights of luxury relaxation in a quiet island somewhere that isn't too touristy, it seems very difficult to know where to pick though at the moment. We are more than open to other ideas on what to do or where! ideally we don't want to be constantly travelling for the two weeks as we would like at least 5 nights where we are settled and relaxing at the very end. Any recommendations for who to book it all with? As its the honeymoon (and our first time to a country not using 'our' alphabet) we don't want to be overly adventurous in the 'backpacking part' (i.e we don't want to do 5 hour bus journeys which includes buying our tickets while we are out there etc), we would rather have it all booked as a package type holiday before we traveled with all transfers sorted. I'm worried if we book with someone like Kuoni or Virgin etc we are almost adding an extra 30% in cost onto it! We have a decent sized budget for this but one of the reasons we've chosen Thailand is because its relatively cheap we might be able to afford in some slightly better places than usual.
  3. Does anyone have any experiences with running an Amateur football club? I'm on a committee of a club and I've thought where better than to pick peoples brains than Villatalk?! My club is 97 years old and play at an alright standard at local level (Gloucestershire). We own our own pitch and club house and we have bills of £3,000 per year which is a bit of a pain! We've currently got 2 men's Saturday sides and one Vets side on a Sunday. How do you all manage to convince people to sponsor your club? We've not had a sponsor in years now and its something we are desperate for! I'm probably going to volunteer to see if I can help out on this aspect but it would be great to get ideas from people who have already done it!
  4. bcarpet

    Gym Routine

    I have the Toffee one which is nice. I think I really need to do some reading up on nutrition, I'm doing weights 3 times a week (stronglifts 5x5), football training once a week (and a game once a week but i'm in goal so not sure how much that counts), as well as a swimming session every other week but I'm not losing any weight. Personally though I don't really think my diet is that bad but there has to be a reason I'm not losing this belly of mine!
  5. Anyone got any tips for the racing at cheltenham today? Im doing my usual new year tradition by braving the cold and going but i still know nothing about horse racing!
  6. Pocket seems ideal thanks guys I will give that a go!
  7. bcarpet

    2015 Holiday Plans

    I've got a couple planned for next year after this year was so good. May - Berlin for 4 days with my football club for a 'Tour'. Never been to Germany but I've heard good things. June - Out to Valencia for a week to see friends September - Italy, most probably Rome again and then a couple of nights in Venice. I absolutely love Rome and my mrs have never been so I'm really looking forward to this one! October - Reykjavik for four nights where hopefully I might be able to catch the northern lights too. Only booked the first two so far but hope to get the next two done in the coming weeks.
  8. I'm sure this is possible but is there a way I can sync articles I read on my mobile with my PC so I can read them on that? there has to be some kind of app that can work across platforms for this? I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4 which I regularly use for browsing on the net and every so often I find something that I would prefer to read on a PC or maybe print out. For a bit more background info, I've got a Dell PC which is running windows 8.
  9. I follow it cv, must admit i very rarely bet on it but that will probably change come pay day!
  10. bcarpet

    Gym Routine

    Im gutted as ive just slightly pulled a muscle in my back. Ive decided to rest it for a few days/the rest of the week. Its just not worth injuring it more and possibly not being able to play in goal on sat i dont think
  11. bcarpet

    Gym Routine

    Finished my first full month back on it today! Pleased to have kept going and stayed in the routine. My weights I've lifted are now; Squat - 80Kg Bench - 42.5Kg Row - 45Kg OH Press - 32.5Kg Deadlift - 85Kg
  12. bcarpet

    Doctor Who

    I tell you what Czechlad the BBC are right buggers for that! If you watch any BBC programme but don't watch it live you cannot go anywhere near their twitter feeds or the main BBC page because they like to have it all as their headlines. Surely they realise that a lot of people don't watch things live now a days!

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