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  1. Davis has impressed me every time I've seen him tbh, hope he gets to play his part this season.
  2. Second half XI: Kalinic, Guilbert, Chester, Mings, Taylor, McGinn, Lansbury, Bjarnason, Davis, Green, Hogan
  3. 1-0 Grealish, stupid coverage missed the goal
  4. was on 300k at brentford apparently, hardly small money
  5. Approaching 30k according to the club
  6. The 2016 provisional squad had 11 midfielders and there are currently 12 midfielders with shorter odds than Grealish. The chances are that at least a couple of them will be injured/lose form/fall out of favour, can really see Grealish sneaking in if he has as good a season as we know he's capable of.
  7. 4/1 at Betfair to make the provisional Euros squad of 26 players
  8. Respect to Frank after the game, he was very gracious in defeat and is a smart guy. Hope he does well as a manager
  9. Big feeling that nobody is gonna play the clause and he'll stilll be our player next summer
  10. Exactly. Name another striker who has similar figures at his age. Underrated and underrespected imo
  11. Love it that you were so into it today because of John. Definitely come down next season!
  12. honestly mate, just shut up
  13. No idea what you lot are talking about, he's here for next year without a shadow
  14. Hourihane is currently 70/1 to score 2 on betfair exchange
  15. Saludos from Mexico Monday morning, perfect time to be drinking!

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