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  1. No chance it'll that low. I'd say minimum 50 plus a bunch of addons, and that's conservative. Spurs signed Moussa Sissoko for 30million 4 years ago before the market inflated massively. Grealish is younger, a far better player and English. Plus we don't have muppets running the show any more so doubt they'll allow themselves to be fleeced.
  2. Nominated for PL Player of the Month https://plpotm.easports.com/
  3. I swear sometimes he's just copying what other people are saying!
  4. Goal difference isn't used to settle teams equal on point this season btw, it's head to head record. So Brighton's goal difference is irrelevant for us.
  5. hearing on the twitter that Jack and Heaton aren't in the squad tomorrow
  6. Who is that sat on the other side of Steer?
  7. Best individual performance against Brighton this season and will be playing for England soon - sounds about right
  8. Depends if you're restricted to weekends; Liverpool is sold out and the next weekend game at VP after that is in December. Otherwise it'd be Wolves on Wed 30th (you'd have to sign up as a member tonight or tomorrow and get tickets because they've nearly sold out) or Newcastle on Monday 25th Nov. Alternatively you could try to get a Liverpool ticket from a reseller
  9. Yeh, it's the remaining 7k or whatever that went on sale to club members. Less than 1k left now
  10. Wolves tickets on sale as of 10 minutes ago - loads have gone already as I was trying to pick a seat. Will only be upper corners of trinity/DE left shortly I'd say
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