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  1. Think Whelan starting is a shoo in with Mount and Wilson in their midfield. I'd start Adomah on the wing, in fact I'd be tempted to put El-Ghazi up against Cole and have Adomah on the other side.
  2. Probably the only villa fan in the whole city
  3. He was relegated today. A win would have kept Caen up but were beaten 4-0 by Lyon
  4. It'll be kicking off at 9am here. Will be quite nice to wake up after a weekend at 7am on a Monday morning and start drinking, to be honest.
  5. Their left back was sent off so it'll be Ashley Cole for the final
  6. On the bright side, west brom don't have many attack minded players on the pitch for pens...
  7. I think we should absolutely go for Leeds and Norwich, imagine the effect that would have on us and our playoff rivals if we finished the season by dispatching the 2 supposedly best sides in the league. To be honest I wouldn't swap those fixtures for any others at this stage, we've got nothing to lose having already confirmed top 6.
  8. We were unbeaten in 6 before he got injured too, won 4 and two draws to freak injury time equalisers (WBA and forest)
  9. To be honest it's easy to forget how young he is... at the age of 21, Ian Wright and Jamie Vardy were playing non league and Didier Drogba in the French second tier... As far as I can see no other player 21 years old or younger has even scored double figures in the championship this season (Tammy has 24), and in the premier league the top scorers of age 21 or younger are Richarlison (12) and Rashford (10)... He'll turn out to be a great striker and we'd be lucky to sign him if we go up imo
  10. He really is the difference. Since the start of November he's played in 14 games, we've won 12 of those and the other two we conceded injury time equalisers in freak circumstances (handball at west brom and 5 shots 5 goals conceded against forest), and scored 39 goals along the way. Let that sink in.
  11. And of those 4 games we didn't win, 2 we drew to late equalisers in games we should have won, and the defeats were in Smith's first week or so in charge and we weren't even outplayed.
  12. From what I can tell on social media and other sites, McGinn and Neves are pretty much the top 2
  13. Do we have a thread for EFL goal of the year voting? Link below, voted for McGinn's obviously https://clicks.online.efl.com/data_form/5c8a22612a70f694031695?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  14. Any stats for Smith with and without Grealish?
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