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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/11/11/england-not-blind-good-player-jack-grealish-handed-another-chance/
  2. Also 8th favourites for the title at 130!
  3. We are now higher odds to go down (30) than to finish in the top 4 (22) on Betfair. We're under 10 to finish in top 6 and almost evens to finish in the top half, projecting us to finish 11th.
  4. This is how they're lining up apparently
  5. Was thinking that myself, from Grealish and Watkins to Neymar and Firmino, bet the poor lad can't wait to get back to B6
  6. Brazil trailed twice but now lead 3-2, Neymar with two penalties. Didn't see the first but the second looked soft. Dougie playing on the left hand side of a midfield 3
  7. I assumed it was a simple release clause in that, if they want to pay it and he wants to go, then he can join them at that agreed fee with personal terms to be agreed. I guess the other option is that Douglas Luiz has a pre agreed contract which automatically starts on City triggering a clause to switch his registration?
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/09/jack-grealish-i-would-love-to-be-like-gazza-he-played-with-such-joy?CMP=share_btn_tw Follow link for full article
  9. Mason Mount got MOTM apparently
  10. Hopefully the Shakespeare factor plus studying how West Ham pulled them apart will give us the edge here
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