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  1. Oh well then perhaps we should have a veto on twitter and switch to 173 pages of an everso intellectual moan. No comedy tweets... no supposed ITKs....no newsfeed updates.... just the occasional update off the AVFC Official Site or SSN. Even change the name from Villa Talk to Pravda, for those old enough to know what I am on about Ha Ha The official line from the bloc. They used to come out with some twaddle.......Pravda that is
  2. The crux is, and every manager ask's the first question and same question is - how much are you going to give me to spend on players? Lerner is skint and there's every chance that wolves will spend more this summer. Thus I wouldn't say he's a cert but Lambert is certainly better than I thought we'd end up with (if we get him).
  3. I returned mine and my sons last season with a week to go. I haven't regretted it and the money goes on stuff my son and I enjoy doing (shooting and fishing mostly). Basically the club have lost us bar casual visits of say 2-3 games a season. Like the opening post I'm 50 and have seen us win everything bar an FA Cup.
  4. I can see it now. The fools or do they know something I dont.
  5. Betfair have traded £0 (Zero, nothing, **** all) on McCarthy being the next Villa manager.
  6. That's what happened to me last season. I saved an awful lot of money and enjoyed myself doing other stuff. If they want to lose another 8,000 odd ST's they're going the right way about it. I told them not to put the price of ST's up too.
  7. About 12 months? Har har. It depends. It might only renew on July 1st each year meaning it's currently 1.5 months. Or it could be like MON's where the end is always 1 year away. I'm not convinced Lambert would come given the choice. McCarthy and Bruce would though. (come on Lee Clark)
  8. If MM has said that then he probably is on the radar ...good. He's young and will identify with our young squad and ...he's free, don't undersestimate that. The boss is a bit strapped for cash.
  9. Probably too late for Lambert. Without knowing his contract status, Norwich wouldn't even allow permission to speak to him. Rodgers would be gettable with a boat load of compensation. He would also ask how much he would get in the warchest. I'd say not much. Lee Clark is free and would jump at the chance. He will, in my opinion become a top manager in time and is just about my choice but any of the three would be OK. Benitez - NO. Anyone Ferguson recommends because their Dad came from Govan - NO.
  10. billy_loes


    Am I the only Detroit Tiger on here?
  11. McLeish. Houllier suffered from silliness like St.Martin. I like McLeish but he's up against it.
  12. Wolves should offer a better test of the Stan / Delph combo, as it will all areas of the pitch, Dunne needs to get Doyle in his BP, Young needs to nobble Jarvis early doors and Bent needs to free himself from Johnsons shackles Wolves will offer a real stern test. Basically Delph has to do all the running around and Stan does what he does and is captain. That last bit isnt a great slight on Petrov. It was disappointing to read a well known poster slate Makoun in last season's wolves game for not standing up for himself when in actual fact he did and gave Henry as good as he gave. However Jean Deaux has problems and the best thing for him is away probably. Stan cant really run anymore and if there's one thing you need to do in the prem its run. I think Big Eck will play three across the middle to help out. I'd play Gary Gardner in a 442 with Stan, Delph and Albrighton as the one wide man.
  13. If you're talking about Downing the stats say different. Stats don't tell the whole story though but even then I'm much happier with Zog than Stewart 'Sherry Drinker' Downing. Dalglish valuing Henderson at 20m, Carrol at 35m and Downing at 20m (or whatever they were) means he's lost his marbles.
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