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  1. If someone could tell me how the manager is supposed to get players playing well when they clearly don't have any desire to i'd love to know
  2. What did this fan say to get that response from Lescott? For all I know it may have been a totally legitimate reply to a complete tool of a fan. We have plenty as we all know
  3. Ulver

    Play the kids

    the psychological damage a 12 game battering would do the 'kids' doesn't bear thinking about
  4. Bacuna/Hutton and a midfielder in Lyden is enough ? We're going to the Championship not the Scottish third division with all due respect.
  5. I'm not sure Sinclair is the better of the two at all. What's that based on ?
  6. Ulver

    Mervyn King

    another chunk of money going out the club on wages.
  7. I thought he looked a wrong un from the start.
  8. Time to start sending mass emails to Tom Fox again then. Not just random abusive ones, send him one from the heart and let him know how he and Lerner have sold us all down the river
  9. well done, and to think you were living abroad in a country where you couldn't speak the language as well. you deserve a medal mate
  10. Quite happily take Williams from Palace on loan next season
  11. it's not. you're imagining it just like those folks that insist the media hate us
  12. I'm pretty sure one of them wont, Richards The championship will be ideal for Adama with his limited experience. It's still a huge step up from where he was plying his trade last season. And I think Ayew actually cares so may well give it a go for a season. Not that we'd sell at a loss which we'd have to as nobody would pay what we did for him at the moment
  13. I was kind of with you until I saw Richards as a centre back. IT DOESN'T WORK! not to mention you've put two right footed ones together as well
  14. and ANY and i do mean ANY **** could see what the problem was before we gave Lambert the boot we weren't getting the ball to Benteke where it mattered. Lambert had adopted a complete possession for possession sake style which meant the big man sometimes didn't even see the ball anywhere near the box. Dim Tim comes in and does exactly what EVERYBODY else in the ground would've done, and gets hailed a tactical genius he was a complete **** chancer make no mistake
  15. Yes, it tells you exactly what the problem is right there
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