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  1. Only going off what he told us at the bar. Someone asked him about it and he seemed to dismiss it pretty quickly. Maybe it was just how he viewed his personnel at the time. He seemed pretty adamant that the 4-3-3 was what he preferred.
  2. It could be that his opinion has changed, but for what it’s worth we got to talk to Deano in Minnesota last season and he (and Terry) absolutely hates three in the back formations. I was surprised he turned to it last season, but it may have been out of desperation. But I wouldn’t expect him to use it.
  3. Saw that Málaga are restructuring their club and laying off the entire first team. I'll be the cold-hearted guy and ask if anyone rates their players?
  4. Neither. I like a lot of the other wide options out there, not keen on trying to shuffle the central midfield more than we have to.
  5. Not really. They'll want to get at least a few players in for preseason camp (btw, does anyone know when that starts?). I thought we would have a signing by now but a lot of players are still on holiday, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. I suspect we'll see things pick up next week.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Davis entering the last year of his contract? I know there’s some merit in a loan to get him minutes and see how he plays, but if he’s not in our plans wouldn’t trying to get something for him make more sense? Or having him around as a third option so you can evaluate him within the squad?
  7. One thing Watkins has going for him is he's played all three forward positions in a 4-3-3 (I think Origi has too). He's definitely more experienced in the center, but it's nice to have that flexibility to get more goal scorers out there.
  8. This is probably the third time I've seen someone say 15-25m for Tammy since the West Ham match. Is that what everyone thinks it will take? He's 22, English, and just had a 15g 3a season, surely that's gotta be pushing 35-40m minimum in the modern market?
  9. Looks like something out of the early 90s, and not in a good way. If that’s it, I hope it doesn’t look as cheap in person.
  10. From the Premier League website: "The summer 2020 transfer window started on 27 July and is open for 10 weeks, ending on 5 October. A domestic-only window, during which Premier League clubs can only trade with those in the EFL, will run from 5 October to 17:00 BST on 16 October."
  11. I'd be a little surprised if we sold Lansbury. I was fortunate enough to attend training with a group in Minneapolis, and Dean brought up how good he's been this summer (unprompted). He said similar things when we saw him at the pub later in the night. Not saying he'll see significant playing time, but he may have a niche in the team as cover in central midfield if injuries occur. Also FWIW, Hogan was the only player that didn't talk to us after the practice, and he has seemed pretty upset/disconnected this preseason (even after scoring).
  12. Nice, I’m also in 109, a handful of rows behind the Minnesota Lions. This is the first match following the initial training camp, so expect to see two entirely different teams for each half, with some u23 players mixed in. Not sure if they’ll lump all the starters together or split them up.
  13. For those interested in going, looks like we received more tickets.
  14. Correct, we sold out all 290 seats in sections 108/109, which makes it the largest away section for a Minnesota United match. Just heard we're about to get a block of 150 more in section 112, which is nearby. The Aston Villa America FB group is a good place to start if you're looking for info, or want a seat on a pub to pitch bus for pre/post game. If you don't have Facebook, Simon (at)ChicagoVillans on Twitter can help with questions, too.
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