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  1. Houseoftomorrow

    Possibly interesting maps...

  2. Houseoftomorrow

    Your Thoughts On Summer 2015 Transfer Window

    Decided to plug everyone (minus Nzogbia, Steer, and Senderos) into a standard 4-4-2. It's definitely been a while since I've seen depth on a Villa team like this. No idea how Ilori will fit in, maybe Okore's injury is worse than we thought? Either way, it's nice to have options at each position. Only negative was not bringing in a proven striker to replace Benteke, but it's better than shoehorning one in just because we panicked.
  3. Houseoftomorrow

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Not sure if this has been talked about on here yet, but who do you guys see leaving? (especially if you think more players are coming in) By my count we'll have 30 senior players after/if Adebayor comes in. That means we need to ditch 5 players to get to the league registration maximum.
  4. I thought this Stephen Colbert interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson was pretty good (albeit kind of long).
  5. Houseoftomorrow

    Summer Speculation 2015

    I doubt Helenius, Tonev, Luna and likely Gil will be registered, and U21s don't have to be counted, which would put us at 23 (if I counted correctly).
  6. Houseoftomorrow

    Summer Speculation 2015

    That's interesting - where did you see that? That's interesting - where did you see that? It was a sentence mostly based on my feelings that a takeover won't happen and so Sherwood will have to work under similar constraints that Lambert had to work with. Going for two Swindon players would suggest this too, it's not as if they're teenagers, they're both in their twenties so I'm sure will be expecting to be in and around the first team. I think Luongo is less about a transfer policy, and has more to do with Sherwood knowing the player from his time at Spurs. I don't know much about Gladwin though.
  7. Houseoftomorrow

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Just read an article about a Luongo/Gladwin bid. Without knowing too much about them, what does that mean for Gary Gardner? I'm sure there's going to be some shuffling in the midfield this summer, but after his season at Forest I hope he has a chance to prove himself.