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  1. TheDon

    Tech jobs

    Mortimer Spinks, we've got an exclusivity agreement with them in place, but they're pretty hopeless a lot of the time! Probably because we don't like paying their full fees and have beat them down to a 10% commission. I keep telling people if you don't pay them as much as everyone else is then we're not going to get their best applicants, they'll go to people who are happy to stump up their full 30%.
  2. TheDon

    Tech jobs

    I'm the Lead Developer/Technical Architect for a software company. We're a Microsoft house so it's the full Microsoft stack (so MVC for web, WPF for desktop, TSQL at the bottom). We've recently acquired a few other companies so we're looking at integrating all our systems together, so I'm currently looking into ESBs, and trying to steer the conversation as far away from BizTalk as I can. Going into freelance work straight from uni is an amazingly bad idea. Most freelance work that's advertised online (especially the lower end of the market) will end up going to India because they undercut everyone, you're not going to be able to compete on price, quality, or timescales. Your best bet is entering into the permanent work force and gaining some real world development experience. If you work for a decent company you'll have people making sure you don't pick up bad habits, and you'll be able to extend your skills in a much lower risk environment. Then when you have a couple of years experience you can switch to contracting where the big money is (we're currently paying contractors between £400 and £450 a day, and they're not amazing developers by any stretch of the imagination)
  3. This gen consoles have actually been profitable from the outset. Sony are making money from their gaming division... and then losing it hand over fist on their smartphone division.
  4. I use the voice stuff all the time when driving. Just makes things so much easier.
  5. Weird, I'm using Waze and play music all the time whilst driving, and haven't had any issues with that (nor the bluetooth issue). Even when receiving phone calls as well they all work together how I'd expect, so you definitely seem to have something odd going on. I have had inbox not notifying me of emails though, I just assumed it doesn't tell me about all the crap that it bundles together with all the other crap I haven't read.
  6. It's fine for me, no issues at all. Did you guys do the OTA or flash the factory image? I got the factory image the day it went up and it's been perfectly fine, way better than the dev preview for me, so maybe the OTA is leaving things behind that it shouldn't be. Might be worth wiping the cache and seeing if that resolves anything.
  7. How much? I'll take whatever you're offering at any odds you like. Says you've got a losing proposition on your hands. The "get rid of windows, upgrade to Linux" shtick is pretty tiring. Linux users are like vegans and engineers, you don't have to ask if they are one, they'll make sure you know. I'd be more willing to bet it's due to location of desktop if it's on wireless as well, the tablet probably gets used closer to the router, the desktop is probably sat upstairs in a corner with most of the signal being blocked.
  8. You must play on some bloody big tennis courts.
  9. TheDon

    Google Project Glass

    We've got Google Glass at work now as our mobile apps team managed to convince the higher ups we might be able to do something with them... Overall I'm unimpressed. It's a fun novelty to have a voice in your head showing you where to go, but they get hot very quickly. The amount of times it's stopped working and told us Google Glass needs to cool down is stupid. They're obviously weighted on one side too, so I guess after wearing them for a while they'd probably start to get uncomfortable. I was pretty excited to have a play with them, but that quickly wore off when I realised there isn't actually much to do with them. All the "wow" factor are pretty limiting, the live translations are good, but whenever I've been somewhere unable to read a sign it's usually been in a foreign country with no internet access anyway, so the need to fire the translations off to google's servers means it's very limited in usefulness. It very much feels like an alpha product (because it is), but I can't really see much use for it in the real world, especially not if the cost stays as high as it is.
  10. I can't stop taking Lens Blur photos, makes me think I need an instagram account.
  11. TheDon

    Science Thread

    Anti ageing doesn't mean living forever. There's plenty of things that can kill you other than the ageing process. The only thing preventing ageing does is give you a longer time frame for Cancer to take a hold. Eventually it'll get everyone. That's if you don't die due to some other disease or get run over whilst on your way back from picking up your anti ageing prescription.
  12. I couldn't stay on ART, too many issues with apps force closing. Whatsapp for one flat out refuses to load under ART. When they've resolved the issues it'll definitely be a pretty major increase in performance though.
  13. Sorry but no, absolutely no argument for a stoppage, Groves was throwing back. And that's exactly why he stopped it. Because groves was just throwing back rather than protecting himself from the hits coming in. I'm not saying I agree with the decision, I'm just saying it isn't entirely indefensible, just mostly, and groves really didn't help himself.
  14. I dunno, the more you watch the replay the more you see the argument for the stoppage. He was neglecting the first rule of boxing, protect yourself at all times. He was taking big hits and trying to swing through them rather than protecting himself. The ref has to think about the fighters health, and its a tough call to make in a split second. Groves cost himself that stoppage, he shouldn't have given the ref the option.
  15. I can see the argument for a stoppage, but it shouldn't have been stopped.
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