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  1. People who shout "comeon Tim " atWimbledon, You're not funny.
  2. Tat so manyn people can't spell 'definitely'
  3. Not being stuck in hospital this Friday
  4. Ah well at least we're already (as good as) safe.
  5. Eurosport showing the Euro Hockey League (that's real hockey not the ice rubbish...)
  6. So the rumours about Carew having his contract cancelled were bollocks then?
  7. They just showed it on Soccer Saturday, Loooked good , though could probably have done with a 'soon' on there...
  8. Just a spin off from the tv thread. How you judge 'better' is up to you, more entertaining, which one you couldn't sSopranos but its a close run thing Can a mod add a poll please? I thought anyone could add them in here but obviously not, I lose track.
  9. I hope the 397 smurfs attending the "Aston Villa relegation party" on Facebook have fun.
  10. Comfortably. I'd agree and yes I have seen The Wire as well. very much this, might have been different if id seen them the other way round but nothing comes close to the sopranos IMO I'm watching box sets of the Wire and The Sopranos at the moment and I'd place the Sopranos as the better show (though the Wire isn't half bad...)
  11. Good to se The Pacific being shown on Sky Atlantic. Imissed the first one but looking forward to the rest.
  12. Anyone watching thr second series of theEvent? Seen the first episode so far which was ok, I'll probably stick with it as the first series was faily entertaining.
  13. After seeing the pilot I was keen but it got some poor previews which but the first episode was very good I thought as you'd expect from the creators of Green Wing. Not as good as Twenty Twelve though which has been excellent
  14. From the Grand National thread: On a related note II guess it's not just me who gets pissed off with people who ride horses on the road? They're never going anywhere, you don't see them riding to the shops, they just get in the way and frown at you when you overtake them Twisted Evil Find yourself a field or bridle path!
  15. Anyone been watching Tremé? How's it shaped up? I've got it recorded. Worth watching?
  16. I realise it's not as simple as just taking one or the other and there's so many factors to takeinto account but ever since we were first linked with Downing I thought we should go for Johnson instead. But over this season I've totally changed my mind. Johnson has been alright an would do nicely in our team but I think Downing's been superb and is the better option. He's really shown his quality and watching Johnson today, even though he scored he just didn't offer as much as Downing does. So on a basic level was it the right decision? I say yes. If a mod could add a poll that'd be good.
  17. ****'s sake. I'd have taken a draw at the start though....
  18. I don't see how anyone can object to this. It's a choice. No-one's forcing anyone to stand. Having been to a games in Germany you can see how it can be done safely. It's a no brainer for me.
  19. Finally finding a shoe I can get over my swollen foot/ankle myself. Going to make life massively easier.
  20. I usually play poker on thursdays which makes it a good day. Not the favourite but a decent one. Even if I'm on a losing streak lately...
  21. What's your favourite day of the week and why? In the past I'd probably always have gone for Saturday as I would always either be playing hockey or going to the Villa but now I can barely leave the house I reckon I'm probably on my own in going for sunday as there's plenty good sport on tv and my parents are both off work which just makes life easier. I'm guessing Saturday is going to win this followed by Friday... Oh wait are there no polls in OT anymore? I'm clearly rather slow on the uptake.
  22. Is Avatar worth watching? Someone leant it to me but it just doesn't seem my type of thing.
  23. That I might be able to make it to VP on Saturday. Haven't been well enough since the Baggies game. Would cheer me right up.
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