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The Coffee Thread


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As i saw the "Tea Thread", i thought we deserved a coffee one.

Right now i am in to Turkish Coffee.

Bought myself a Turkish coffee pot like this:


got myself some Memet Efendi Coffee

Got some Cardamom Pods (one pod per pot).


  • 2 spoons of coffee in the pot.
  • Add sugar to suit.
  • Add cardamom pod.
  • stir well.
  • gently bring to just below boil and you get the nice froth on top.
  • do not touch the coffee once on the heat.

i have it black, or sometimes a tiny dash of milk, looks like this when its about ready:



the really nice thing about it, is that if done right, even black, it isnt bitter at all, lovely way to do coffee imo.

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Seriously though. I’ve tried to get into ‘proper’ coffee and just can’t be bothered. Ive dabbled with Aeropress’s and French Presses, haven’t got the interest or budget for more expensive stuff and have just settled on illy instant.

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3 minutes ago, bickster said:

My current instant of choice

Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso 95g
currently £2:50 a tin in Waitrose (less that half price) Stocking up with 2 tins a shop whilst the offer is on.

Lavazza do decent instant coffee, their super fine coffee powder is nice.

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I was always an instant man but treated myself to a nesspresso a while back 

been working my way through many different makes and flavours and they’ve all been a bit meh tbh

Recently found this one in Waitrose though and it’s the first winner of the Tonyh29 highly recommended coffee pod award 


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I had one of those subscriptions for a year where they send you different beans every month and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it sends my anxiety off these days so I have to stick to decaf. Just come back from 8 days in Sicily and had some lovely coffee over there. 

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I use an espresso machine. Probably the most important thing is how fresh the beans are. If you’re buying whole beans they should show the date they were roasted, not a supermarket style ‘best before’ date. Use within about 2 months from roast date and you’ll get good results (assuming your process is reasonably dialled in etc). 

That Turkish coffee looks great though. One time I was at a cafe in Athens and asked for a ‘Turkish Coffee’ and got a filthy look from the server who scoffed that they only sold ‘Greek Coffee’ there 🙊

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I didn't drink coffee until I was at least 30 and hated the smell of it. Not really at connoisseur levels but it is now my go to hot drink. Not a massive hot beverage drinker but average not nuch more than 1 a day and a tea 1 a week or less. I haven't reached the stage of black coffee yet though, its either a latte/cappuccino/flat white when out or more than just a drop of milk at home.

I've got an aeropress at home which I mostly use or whatever instant we have in which tends to be Nescafe Azera or the Lavazza one above, only ever bought on offer (one or the other usually is) the full price is extortionate.

Tend to try different ground coffees for the aeropress. Currently I think I have Taylors espresso as its finer than most the grounds in supermarkets. I do like a Robusta one from Throat punch coffee. That proper gives you a caffeine kick. 

I would like a decent espresso coffee machine. I don't drink enough to justify spending that much though.


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39 minutes ago, Seat68 said:

@Davkaus taking an hour over his artisan coffee preperation before responding. 

Takes me 5 minutes, tops :D Usually less.

My go to these days is the Clever Dripper, and has been for a year or so. It doesn't make the absolute best cup of coffee, but as an immersion brewer, it takes any edges off and it makes a very good cup, even if you don't get everything perfect.

Lightly roasted beans roasted  in the last 2-3 weeks into a grinder (the Niche Zero isn't being replaced in my house any time soon), reasonably coarse, with just off the boil water, at about 15:1, let it sit for a minute, give it a stir, wait another minute and a half, plonk it on the cup. Job done, great coffee, and the grounds are all in the filter, so you dump them in the bin, give the dripper a literal rinse, job done, let it dry until your next cup.

Someone I work with still uses a cafetiere, **** that, takes ages dismantling it and getting all of the old coffee out.

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Never tried turkish coffee though, it's a gap in my kitchen, might need to give it a go. I'm not sure that the Niche can quite get fine enough for turkish, but I haven't read up on it.

I have got a couple of espresso machines, my favourite being the Cafelat robot, a quirky manual lever machine. It's good fun, but it's more of a thing to play with as a hobby than an everyday brewer, the heat control is a pain in the arse.

Cafelat Robot Barista Manual Lever Espresso Maker


I've got a moka pot which isn't a bad little thing, but falls in the gaps for me as it doesn't really get the best out of light roasts

The aeropress was my gateway into proper coffee and I've got a couple lying around. Way, way better than a cafetierre, easier cleanup. Loses to the Clever dripper for me because of limited capacity, and also the Clever is even easier to clean up

A couple of V60s and a temp controlled kettle took up a good portion of time in lockdown as well, but I don't do it often enough, my technique isn't great, and it's not enough of a jump up in quality for the work, IMO. Still have a go with it every few weeks, it's not as annoying as the espresso.

So, all in all along with the various grinders, probably somewhere around £2k spent on various coffee kit over the years.

If I were starting again, I'd just get a good grinder, an Aeropress or Clever Dripper, and leave it at that, good, easy coffee, combined with a coffee club subscription from a place that roasts fresh and will send you different styles (I use Union Coffee). The biggest step up is moving from supermarket grind to specialty coffee, they'll grind it for you, but it's another huge jump up grinding fresh.

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