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  1. I bet your little finger points in the air when you drink it
  2. Is she going to be 50 next year now then?
  3. Get paid £25,000 a week for four years
  4. Been listening to Franksie in the afternoon slot and the pig headed moron crops up most days on there with his ill informed views on other subjects than Satanism mate
  5. Can only imagine what the phone in tonight will be like, idiot central We hate Villa West Brom West Brom, we hate Villa West Brom West Brom
  6. Singing always look on the bright side of life whilst five nil down at Leicester in the mid to late 80s in pouring rain, the game was a rare early Saturday morning fixture where we had to get out of bed at 6 am to get there. This was being part of being ‘Billy. McNeils claret and blue army’
  7. One of our own Created a united club and dressing room Plays, or always tries to play attacking football Two Wembley trips Made biscuit shins worth 100m Promoted at first attempt after several short months in the job Made Glenn Whelan look like a footballer Kept us up Had us playing some of the best football for decades last season Yeah, jury still out for me
  8. I had 10 lines and could not see any numbers at all
  9. if you win can me and you be buddies for the week?
  10. Aberystwyth pier revamp Pool and snooker now directly connected to the amusement arcade with the addition of ‘fun darts’ where the best pool table was and some some daft mini curling game. Also the Catherine Zeta Jones look alike with the big jubblies no longer works there
  11. Personal advice Do it and sooner rather than later You have been told
  12. A bomb dropping on the whole arena would not have been a bad result
  13. The Killers, ironically I loved Mr Brightside but what has followed is shite
  14. I like to feel their pain and bitterness towards anything claret and blue
  15. Also his movement is astonishing for a man of his sized
  16. The white feather ripped out the fireplace out of his mock tudor mansion when he lived up there and had it transported back to Italy when he left
  17. Most challenging wank for some time but got there in the end
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