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  1. there's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die.
  2. Just been to the Villa chip shop down Witton to get my 'Greasy' special and now that's off the menu, no reason given by the disinterested 16 year old on the till
  3. Just reacting to Jim's post my fellow Lichfieldian
  4. naughty, naughty, very very naughty
  5. Is the banner of him and Smith still on the North Stand Jim?
  6. This is pretty damning evidence, gutted
  7. need to mention a made up price and 'crunch talks' in the days ahead
  8. In all fairness who could hardly write about them
  9. classy on our 200th anniversary
  10. Can Admin please rename this thread as above
  11. Good morning chaps, I wonder what this bright beautiful day holds for us
  12. Did he have a profile on litter? I will get my coat
  13. Video link apparently *just made this up
  14. You are either with the Villa or you ain’t, if you ain’t you can **** off
  15. One way or the other please just end this, too much to take day to day
  16. not on Instagram, what does it say
  17. Jack has put up a picture of him with his fingers out of his ears suggesting he is now listening about a move rather than last years fingers in his ears suggesting he was not listening to such talk
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