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  1. Did see that on Twitter, but I've just ordered some.
  2. It will be interesting what the plan is for these players in terms of integrating them, loaning and selling. There's so many highly rated youngsters it will be difficult to manage if they fulfill their potential. A good problem to have though. Always good to remember, reputation and 16 is far from reaching potential. I watched Eng v France under 16s at Aggborough maybe 1997ish? The only England players to really have a high level career from that day were Ledley King, Scott Parker, Francis Jeffers maybe Bywater was one of the keepers. Matthew Ghent was the other from Villa. I don't think any of the French really became household names at all, in UK at least.
  3. I know people who drink tea without milk who swear by putting hot water in the cup first and then dropping the tea bag in, which would would be the middle ground of what you do and drops the temp a bit but not too much.
  4. Just on way to London for Italy Austria later. Was intending to be good and not start too early but got to New St and saw M&S at barrier, ended up with one of these. And a Gamma Ray Awful will power
  5. I had tickets to the Wembley round of 16 game on Saturday, which I lost when capacity was cut. We are meeting up in London anyway for some beers but just managed to get some again. So will be going to Wembley for Italy v Austria, the last match I went to was our cup final.
  6. I've only done 3 winters but generally the weather doesn't bother me. There's been about 3 VERY wet, cold, windy days, where it's been a pretty horrible experience. It has been a good move for me, I got a new job, which I didn't enjoy at all. So was looking for something else a few months later and got out after a year. Like many it's a job I thought, I could do that's, so thought why not go for it. It's been great allowing me to spend time with the family (I was hardly seeing kids in previous role apart from days off), even though since I changed offices I work 6 days a week (with a full week off every 6 weeks) it's still great. I'm now starting to think about what I am doing career wise. As I said it's been great family wise and improved my health but I do feel like I need something more. More money would be nice too, although it's not too bad pay for what it is. Also from about 6 months in I started suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Which I've been managing, and it didn't really affect me while working, it was more after work and in the morning. More recently there's been times where I start to struggle after about 3 hours. If I can't get it under control I will have to find something else anyway. I'm off for 2 weeks now so at least I can give my foot a bit of a rest. Just checked and I walk an average of over 10miles a day. Which is my overall average including days off. One day last week I walked 21 miles, throughout the day.
  7. My old place did staggered shifts for social distancing. Some finished at 1330 others 1630 and some at 1830. So may have been something like that or may have been down to work load.
  8. I became a postman 2 1/2 years ago. My contract is 30hours. It does vary a lot from office to office. After a fair while of just doing my 30hours at the start, I managed to increase it to full time 39 hours plus an extra 3 hours collecting on a Friday afternoon. I then relocated in August to buy a house and transferred office. It's a bit hit and miss whether I work full time hours at the moment. There is overtime available if I wanted it, as there are local offices that are struggling but this would be after my normal shift had finished or working days off. So I don't tend to push for it as I usually have the kids to sort out. In my current office I work 6 days for 5 weeks then have a week off. So this week and holiday I'll only get my paid my part time 30hours. Although the week off does allow for overtime if they need someone. So I can only talk for the 2 offices I've worked in but yes you can bump it up but can depend on office, you may need to push for it, and some people tend to get asked first, but if you're reliable and keen you can ensure the manager thinks of you early on. Things can change though, like early on in lockdown, with loads going off to isolate. They panicked on staffing cost, with all the sick pay and the cost of covering them, they cut all overtime. It didn't last long as offices were struggling so much.
  9. When's that though, will they not go through the waiting list after that?
  10. I can't even remember whether it was like that when I went on the list, it is a strange system as I'm just looking at getting one on my own, it doesn't really matter where. I'm guessing I chose The Holte as that's where I used to have one, but would be annoying if someone that registered way after me got one because they chose Doug Ellis.
  11. With regards to the waiting list, has anyone checked that it is just following on from the start of last season? I presume so with how many they have said there are on the list already. *Just noticed that the waiting list has reopened, and it won't let me do it (says I'm already assigned) so I guess that answers my question. I doubt anyone joining now will get a sniff of a seat for a while.
  12. I would say a typical establishment will want to make 60% gross profit. So a dish that costs say £6 would have a menu price of £18. Some places will have higher margins and some lower but I'd say 60% would be typical if what places want to achieve, that's coming from working in a hotel, pub, restaurant and a University. Some dishes you wouldn't make the 60% but you can maximise on others. So if a cheap pub was offering a large mixed grill for a tenner. It would have to cost no more than £3.33. so they either aren't making their 60% or are buying some very cheap meat.
  13. Oh and her farts aren't as vile now, either we are used to them or giving her dry food instead of the mix she had at the centre has worked. And, I'm also now not the loudest snorer in the house.
  14. A week now since we brought her home and she's settled in really well. Considering it's pretty likely she was used for breeding, someone has looked after her. She's been great with the kids and is good with other dogs too, albeit a bit exited when she sees another dog but good when they meet. Plus squirrels and bird, she'll go for as soon as she sees them, so it will be a while until we can let her off lead. It get you thinking, how she ended up as as a stray? We originally said that we wouldn't have her on any furniture but she's part won that battle as we've allowed her on a bit of the sofa with a throw on. She likes to test her boundaries with us. She is smaller than she looks in photos. We didn't see a picture of her before visiting as the centre contacted us before she was advertised. I was almost a little disappointed when she was brought out. She's about Staffy size. We'd have taken anything up to a mastiff or rottweiler but she is probably the right size for us, with the youngest not quite 4 yet.
  15. Still waiting for mine My brother, who I told about it after saw it here and ordered, got his straight away. I believe it was dispatched yesterday, so should be here soon.
  16. We have an extra member of our household as of today. A brush coat Shar pei. She's finally relaxed had a sleep. After the last attempt at rehoming fell through. This one hasn't been smooth sailing either. After we saw her, she was booked in to be neutered, when they spotted some skin irritation and entroprian (eyelids turned inwards) both of which are common in the breed. They initially said she would need an operation (which they would do) and a course of treatment for her skin. We visited again today to find out what the situation was. They have decided that the eyelids aren't causing irritation but may or may not in the future but an operation is not necessary currently. Knowing that this now won't be covered by insurance if she does need an operation in the future, we had a think about it but decided to carry on with the adoption. We were allowed to come back later on in the day to collect her and she's now snoring away after a busy day. Oh and her farts are vile
  17. I had a bottle of that last week and would recommend it too. I still find drinking sours a strange experience though. I have that what the hell is this taste at first, but then it grows on me as I drink it.
  18. Could have gone in the drinks thread but the obsession made me laugh. Had an email with a few different craft beer hampers on. There was one that I soon realised was a Coventry brewery as they had an official club lager. I then saw this one
  19. Having only bought one house and recently, so not the most clued up. I'm amazed at how poor some solicitors are, even considering my process was from last August to Feb which was a very busy time for them. My solicitor was always on the ball. Bank statements were pretty much the first thing they did along with ID. Which makes sense as it seems like such a crucial early stage to know if you can afford the deposit and where the money is coming from. My brother in law was buying at the same time as us (actually started before and competed after with no chain) but they seemed to be waiting on some searches which ours were again done early on, their seller also seemed a pain. Plenty of issues with one of the solicitors in my chain of three too.
  20. The reduced aisle is frequently my saviour. I'm a decent cook, but hate thinking of family meal ideas to suit everones taste. If I can't decide and no one else is being very helpful (as per usual). It'll be the first place I go and usually there is something to inspire me for the evenings tea.
  21. Had a quick search to see if I have mentioned it before but couldnt see it. I've had 2 starring TV roles. I played Nip the squid on Going Live with Sarah Green in the early 90s And was on the National Lottery Winning Lines game show. I did crap, well I didn't get any answers wrong but was too slow to answer and didn't get through to the next round and never spoke at all.
  22. Reminds me of me as a young child on a trip to Bodymoor Heath maybe about 93/94. Excitedly getting autographs, I'd just got Doug Ellis's, then saw Nigel Spink. I wanted to be a keeper for a few years so was delighted. He was chatting to someone, who I completely blanked. It was only afterwards my Dad asked if I knew who it was? It was Peter Withe.
  23. Personally I've been saying he's not good enough to be considered for England. That said I think Targett along with Grealish, Martinez and Konsa have been the stand outs over the season. Targett has probably made the least mistakes out of all of them too.
  24. It wasn't a short cut as it was a fraction longer but I used to live not too far from Leigh Delamere services on M4. Coming off at the services saved me a couple of times due to crashes and nipping off before getting caught up, and once when junction 17 was unexpectedly closed. It's a long way to 16 and back so was very grateful to get off before the junction.
  25. I think they are quite active dogs and need lots of stimulation. You would need to make sure the garden is secure too as they are known to escape. They're always following their nose so it's probably out of curiosity of a scent or boredom but they can dig under fences.
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