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Retained / released list


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Abldeen-Goodridge, Tristan Kareem
Appiah, Paul Nana Akwashi
Bridge, Mungo Olayipo Oladapo
Hourihane, Conor
Onodi, Akos Sandor
Revan, Dominic
Thorndike, Finley Joseph
Young, Ashley


Afoka, Chisom Kenneth
Archer, Cameron Desmond
Azaz, Finn Issac
Bailey, Leon Patrick
Barry, Louie Mark
Bogarde, Lamare Trenton Chansey
Buendia Stati, Emiliano
Burchall, Ajani Alexander Edward
Campton-Sturridge, Dj (Offer )
Cash, Matthew Stuart
Chambers, Calum
Chrisene, Benjamin Joshua
Chukwuemeka, Carney Chibueze
Chukwuemeka, Chigoziem Caleb
Coutinho Correia, Philippe
Davis, Keinan Vincent Joseph
Digne, Lucas
El Ghazi, Anwar
Frith, Declan 
Guilbert, Frederic
Hassan, Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim
Hause, Kortney Paul Duncan
Hayden, Kaine Kesler
Ings, Daniel William John
Iroegbunam, Timothy Emeka
Kalinic, Lovre
Konsa, Ezri Ngoyo
Lindley, Hayden Taylor
Marschall, Filip
Martinez Romero, Damian Emiliano
McGinn, John
Mings, Tyrone Deon
Moraes Ferreira Da Silva, Wesley
Nakamba, Marvelous
O'Reilly, Aaron Christopher
O'Reilly, Tommi Dylan
Philogene-Bidace, Jaden
Raikhy, Arjan Singh
Ramsey, Aaron James
Ramsey, Jacob
Revan, Sebastian Emmanuel
Sanson, Morgan Stephane
Shakpoke, Ruben Okemute
Sinisalo, Viljami Kari Veikko
Smith, Kerr David
Soares De Paulo, Douglas Luiz
Sohna, Myles Baboucarr
Steer, Jed John
Swinkels, Sil Laurentius
Targett, Matthew Robert
Traore, Bertrand Isidore
Vassilev, Indiana Denchev
Watkins, Oliver George Arthur
Wright, Tyreik Samuel
Young, Bradley Jamie Ethan
Zych, Oliwier 

Premier League

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Sad day to see Mungo released, if only for the name.

Surprised to see Thorndike on there. Sure we paid compensation to get him, and that was less than 12 months ago. Wonder what happened.

Even more surprised to see Targett on the retained list . I was sure we sold him yesterday 😜

Revan clearly not reached the level we're expecting.

Cheerio Young, short and sweet. Glad that this suggests we'll be signing a better left wing back as backup. Or that we think Chrisene is ready to step up. Either's a win 

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Thorndike I think was brought in more as a stop gap player to cover the amount of players we had out on loan, and obviously we didn't think any of the second year scholars were ready at the point he was brought in.

He had some good moments but also long spells where he didn't do much, could see a massive difference between him and the likes of Carney Chukwuemeka and Aaron Ramsey, and even Tommi O'Reilly when he came into the team.

He will probably find a new club no problem, but hard to make it with us, even more so as a central midfielder when you look at the competition, not just in terms of the youngsters we've got pushing the first team, but there's more coming through in the younger age groups, and we will be looking to give those more game time with the U23s next season.

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Should say that all Premier League teams have to submit their retained/released list to the Premier League four games after the last day of the season, which I think would have been May 27th, that's why on the above list there's no Carlos, Olsen, or Kamara, and also why Targett is still on there, Premier League only put it up on their site today, but they've had it a few weeks now.

When the club announces the retained/released players on the official site, which should be today as they're required to do so before the second Saturday of June which is tomorrow, there may be a few changes, some of the players offered contracts as of May 27th may have signed them by now for example. Would be good to know exactly what's going on with Patrick Zito, Dewain Sewell and Caolan McBride, as well.

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Always a bit sad to see the back of youngsters whose names we’ve seen for years. Shame that it hasn’t worked out for them, but we have to put the club first. I really hope it works out for them somewhere though!

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1 hour ago, Rds1983 said:

Surprised Bridge and Revan have been released. 

Bridge's loan went abysmally. When he only got one league game (plus 92nd minute sub appearance) for French 3rd Division side then never even made the squad again before returning to Villa in January, you kinda figured it was coming.

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5 minutes ago, the_eristic said:

Bridge's loan went abysmally. When he only got one league game (plus 92nd minute sub appearance) for French 3rd Division side then never even made the squad again before returning to Villa in January, you kinda figured it was coming.

Change surprised to dissapointed as had high hopes for him once. 

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Bridge was injured last season that's why he hardly played, will probably get a decent move to a lower league club, still a decent prospect but incredibly hard to make it with us, and we also happen to have a bunch of highly rated younger defenders coming through now, so those will be given game time for the U23s.

Dominic Revan is the one I feel most sorry for, he's a big Villa fan, seen him interviewd comes across really well, and you can see how much he likes the club, but similar with Bridge, I think he will get a move to a decent football league side, and could potentially work his way up the leagues.

As we've seen recently with the likes of O'Hare, Doyle-Hayes, Sarkic, and Green, being released by us doesn't mean they're bad players, just it's better for their careers once they reach their twenties to go somewhere where they're going to get first team football.

The other defender in the list Paul Appiah is a little younger, but I think he will be okay, wouldn't be surprised to a decent team come in for him to play for their U23s.

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Forgot to post the scholars amongst the contracted players...

Alcock, Todd Rees
Barber, Jayden Christopher
Barnes, Mikell
Ealing, Frankie (Offer Contract)
Feeney, Joshua Philip
Hart, Taylor-Jay Phillip (Offer Contract)
Lane, Joshua Thomas (Extended)
Lutz, Charlie Ethan
Moore, Kobei
Munroe, Finley Christopher Ryan    
Pierre, Kyrie Jay Victor
Rhoades, Harvey Jack Owen
Rowe, Edward James (Offer Contract)
Softley, Luke Paul
Wright, James Thomas  

Dewain Sewell and Caolan McBride still missing, surprised that Joshua Feeney doesn't have a professional contract already, as turned seventeen last month, I think with our most highly rated younsters we usually offer them a one year scholarship that turns professional when they turn seventeen, in fact I think that's been pretty much the case with every academy signing we've made over the last two or so seasons, even with lower profile ones like Chisom Afoka and Aaron O'Reilly.

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Bridge's loan was absolutely bizarre, even if it had gone brilliantly playing for a part-time French side wouldn't have shown or proved anything. To be honest I'm surprised by some of the comments above about him being a prospect, I never really rated him. Good at playing the ball out from the back but he seemed very weak in the air or at imposing himself on attackers. 

Sad for Revan too, thought he had a bit more about him than Bridge, and I still think he'll have a better career, but if I had to guess it will only be at League 2 or below level. 

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This happens all the time across every club in the country. Some will go on to have decent lower level careers, some might fall out the game, one or two might surprise people and pop up again in 3 or 4 years as a really good player. You just hope the club have advised them well and they have good people around them to support them in what they wanna do

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