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  1. I had moderna. Felt okay until about 9pm then had the worst shakes and chills I'd ever had. Was awake on the hour every hour going from hot to cold and back again. Some joint pains and loss of appetite but feel better then after the first jab. Didn't help that when I went for a bath just now the wife had turned the hot water off.
  2. Had the 2nd jab yesterday. Barely slept all night and feel exhausted but over then that all good.
  3. Nope but I bought the full season package. Really hoping that the Crewe game gets added later as disappointing to have missed it.
  4. I have Watkins and Antonio in current draft but just have a feeling about Auba.
  5. Just seen this. I get arranging another game to cover for the cancelled one but why at the same time as this one and why not put it on AVTV? Curious to know which game Dean attends.
  6. I think Toney is 0.5m too expensive for a player and team unproven at the top level. Jiminez there's too many questions as to if he's the player he was pre-injury and how the new manager wants to play. Antonio is an option but is never fit. Jesus might be an interesting idea if he finally gets decent minutes but that's a big if and I hate owning City players due to Pep Roulette.
  7. Apart from Watkins there's no striker's I'm overly keen on price wise this year so just thinking things through.
  8. They'll be updating it from last year's statement to this year's one I'd assume.
  9. I'm really tempted by Aubameyang as think he might be a bargain. Price drop down to £10m, no European fixtures as a distraction, Arsenal's end of season form wasn't bad and he has some decent attacking talent behind him. I reckon he might find his form again to go with some decent fixtures.
  10. I'm thinking of dropping Jack purely because he's late back to preseason training. I am tempted by Sancho though.
  11. The one my wife went to as a kid actually ended up going to prison for this type of thing. Was caught out having done thousands of unnecessary procedures just to make money.
  12. This is the app I'm using and works well. The barcode scanner is very useful. Not overly convinced on the calories burnt during exercise bit is correct though.
  13. I'll probably sign up nearer the time. Might struggle to keep up with it each week mind.
  14. I was struggling to keep up with the Grealish craziness to begin with but now you're annoyed about people posting about being annoyed about people posting about Grealish in an annoying way? Really hoping this post doesn't annoy anyone as that's just getting confusing.
  15. Losing 1st 4lbs in 7 weeks is great going. That's 18lbs so about 2.5/3lbs a week. Was going to suggest carrying the dog on the walks if you wanted to up the intensity but don't think you need it.
  16. Yeah I fell into this trap before and would shovel handfuls of Almonds into my mouth at a time or go crazy for avocado or think it's just a splash of olive oil that's fine. The biggest shock for me though was tortilla wraps. I'd make a 'healthy chicken wraps dinner', thinking I'm clever by going light on cheese and swapping sour cream for Yoghurt (still high calories) and have 4 or 5 wraps. Not realising they were 100-150 calories each as thinking there's nothing to them.
  17. That sounds a bit fishy.
  18. Growing up in Devon I've kept an eye on Argyle and Puma have done some very nice kits for them in recent years.
  19. How did the Mods know that?... No, wait hang on.. It's okay... Don't answer that.
  20. A. Continue as is. I'll use them occasionally and can see that they're becoming a lot more common which I'm not overly keen on, but firstly as limpid pointed out I'm not sure how you could enforce that rule and secondly I think it's just the way the Internet is going these days and you'd just be fighting the tide. I might be wrong but I suspect those that post a lot of them are relatively young and those who object to them are mid 30s or older. By limiting it would you just be sending the younger posters elsewhere to another forum?
  21. Cheers bud. To be honest one of the most difficult things is the wife isn't really dieting. She'll often say let's get a bottle of wine or something like that. She didn't want the doughnuts going in the bin.
  22. Yeah, that's the one. Very tasty and huge but not good for weight loss. Was a struggle having one bite and ditching the rest.
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