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  1. Assuming people have been to Cadbury World, would you recommend it for a 4 year old or is it too grown up for that age range? My lad keeps saying he wants to go to a chocolate factory.
  2. Myfitnesspal says I've hit 75%of my weight loss target which is nice. Down from 14st 10lb to 13st 5lb and feels like a much better weight for me.
  3. Id potentially challenge that and say Plymouth Argyle have a larger catchment area. Devon and Cornwall have 1.8m people with Argyle taking by far the lions share (my family are fans and live 55 odd miles away) of the few clubs down there (Exeter and Torquay taking some fans). They also get a lot of fans from Dorset and Somerset too. Why they could get 16,000 fans in League Two without being a recognised big or successful club. Off Topic but an interesting discussion and Newcastle certainly do have a large catchment area.
  4. How many of the people laughing at him are in better physical shape then him?
  5. The bit that has always looked out of place to me with regards to them supposedly spending hundreds and hundreds of millions straight away was that the Reuben brothers were involved too. Whilst they're loaded themselves, they're not going to be looking to spend a fortune as it'll be an investment. Plus, if the SIF was going to splash all this cash why did they need the Reuben brothers?
  6. A swimming pool filled with chocolate coins so that I can Scrooge McDuck freestyle into it for a swim. Real coins would probably hurt a bit and this way I'd have a nice snack on hand if I got peckish.
  7. Nice. I've never actually seen it uncovered before as not had it installed.
  8. Don't worry you're not the only one. Although, I hope you're home alone and not sat in the office looking like a complete nutter.
  9. Are those pipes in the top pic under floor heating?
  10. If that was me I'd be going insane and desperate to move out and pretty sure my parents would be even more so.
  11. If they've got more then 4 they're doing it wrong.
  12. Looks interesting. I'll probably watch it as loved the first one and had a huge crush on Neve Campbell when I was younger. There's a fair amount of botox on show in the trailer though and who still has a land-line plugged in nowadays?
  13. James is back in training apparently. I'm considering getting him over Azpilacueta. I currently have Rudi, Lukaku, Raphinha and Cancelo on my WC so patiently sat waiting for injury updates.
  14. Oh well. Thought I'd suggest it. On the plus side I do hear Legally Blonde 2 gets really good on the 12th view.
  15. Can you not just watch stuff on your phone? You can often then cast it onto a TV as well.
  16. Honestly have no idea what I'd buy. I'm also now sadly grown up enough to realise I'd need something to keep me busy and my brain working so would still keep working somewhere (with less stress). Maybe buy a gym or something and work as a PT whenever I wanted. I'd also be worried about how it would affect my son growing up with that wealth.
  17. He'll definitely get jacked and do that precise video... Calling it now 'chicken and broccoli', some basic exercises and saying how anyone can achieve it in only a few months. With no mention of the personal chefs, trainers and Dr's to monitor blood work and 'hormone' levels. It'll still be hard work for him but made a whole lot easier than for you or I to do it. What I'm actually not sure on is whether he's good looking enough for the role? The character is meant to be literally perfection from what I remember. Surprised it didn't go to a random Hemsworth brother. I've no idea if he is a 'stunner' but from the little I know of him he isn't a heart-throb (could easily be wrong).
  18. I'm really curious what this would actually look like. What data would show how the coaches were performing and how would they contrast that against the coach doing well but the player being at fault or not buying in? Admittedly part of the coach's duties is to get the players to buy in.
  19. The MP was clearly just chasing local support and hoping to boost their poll numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if they either don't even know who Wonga are or if they have shares in them.
  20. Family bag of Doritos and some chocolate milk.
  21. Agreed that the hub does not come out of this at all well. If the ICO knew they'd ignore raised security concerns for over a year they'd have little defence against an imposed fine.
  22. If it was someone else who deleted teams so be it. Didn't think there were multiple breaches/hacks?
  23. Agreed. Just saying if they want to say they're the good guys they could have at least not done something as severe as deleting teams. Something which is recoverable from. I understand they're concerned about the info/data security within FPL and agree it should have been flagged if it was not being fixed, but feel there's better ways they could have done this.
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