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  1. yeah just need to cross a few t’s and I’ll have the full details on this one. looks promising.
  2. Give him some players to work with
  3. We have some poor players for the Premier League. Fortunately none of them should be in the first XI when the window closes.
  4. maybe, i’d like to think keeping Villa up was the bigger factor though.
  5. I think after the first week at the end of the season it didn’t seem like a deal that suited any club. Pep called him “exceptional” but too expensive in the winter, United were probably only ever interested if we got relegated because they didn’t want to pay fair value, Liverpool don’t need him, Arsenal never seemed an option, He’s not a Mourinho player and Chelsea have 17 £80m CM/AM hybrids already. Buzzing.
  6. Comes from evolution of the formation.
  7. I know of one confirmed tested case and 5 untested probable cases in March, 2 coming back from Ishgl.
  8. I believe that’s pronounced ‘Am-eh-reet-sa’
  9. i can’t wait to see him back in a Villa kit.
  10. I really want this based on youtube videos.
  11. i actually just played it and it sounds like a radiohead song
  12. Ollie Ollie Watkins He is the greatest one Ollie in the air, and on the ground Left and right he’ll score a goal, then he’ll do an assist defenders cower when he’s around hes the best footballer and he’ll never miss with jack and conor and ollie and neil what a joy the villa will feel Dean Smith is the head coach and unto Brentford he made an approach Ollie score a goal and win the cup VILLA ARE GOING UP AND UP AND UP AND UP TO THE CHAMIONS LEAGUE AND MAYBE 4TH IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE! repeat *Original tune - D, Eb, F, Am
  13. yeah to be honest I don’t think Southgate is being particularly malicious, I think he’s just clueless. His idea of breaking down two very organised international sides (isn’t it amazing that other countries deal with that perfectly fine) is hit the ball wide and hope Sterling or Sancho or Kane can do something. It’s simultaneously massively conservative and hail mary. it’s 4 4 **** 2 in a different shape.
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