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  1. surprise surprise they bottle doing anything that would have any impact
  2. I go straight through the drive through, park my car in a collection bay, climb through the empty ‘second window’, make the food myself and eat it immediately. I don’t use any paper bags or wrapping, so I empty a bin into the ball pit.
  3. “Petitions is down for maintenance” I’m no conspiracy theorist...
  4. One of the biggest questions people have been raising is why Wade agreed to be witness no.1 for Jackson as an adult and ended up being the primary reason for his not guilty verdicts, and also why would Jackson use someone he abused as his main witness. It’s an argument easily crushed when you think about the psychological control abusers have over their victims, the embarrassment, the pressure of the biggest public trial since OJ or possibly ever, and also that this was someone who had already testified for Jackson and lied in court for him as a teenager.
  5. What are the chances May puts some white Lorem Ipsum at the end of the deal document to bump the word count before presenting it again?
  6. Absolutely bottled playing the game today
  7. Yeah, really odd how you lost Tony, you’d have never guessed the result from the stats. Shots 18 - 5 On Target 5 - 1 (a nothing effort straight at Steer) Possession 61% - 39%
  8. Mings is an unbelievable player. Should be priority signing if he’ll come permanently.
  9. A tactical sub 4 mins into the half, Pulis is **** odd
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