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  1. So, after a vote of no confidence, the Conservatives will choose an unelected leader to renegotiate Brexit?
  2. a m ole

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Alexander-Arnold, great finish. Poor defender.
  3. With Labour nailing their colours to the mast with this, I wonder what the outcome of a GE would be. Lib Dem’s must be kicking themselves with the reputation hit they took in the coalition and then Farron. Who does a no-brexit voter vote for?
  4. a m ole

    The Game's Gone

    £2.5m a year.
  5. a m ole

    The Game's Gone

    awful on so, so many levels.
  6. a m ole

    Things you often Wonder

    thing is the ones proposed are bigger, like a tablet that is current phone sized but thicker when folded.
  7. a m ole

    Things you often Wonder

    who wants a foldable phone?
  8. a m ole

    James McClean Poppy Row

    It’s been going on since 2012 for Mclean, when he first appeared in the Premier League without one. He received death threats for not doing so (although it was probabaly more to do with his switch from NI to the Republic) and sold the signed shirt with proceeds going to a children’s charity in Derry. Actions and consequences?
  9. a m ole

    U.S. Politics

    Republican snowflakes on twitter trying to argue that it’s assault and he’s a disgrace. But Greg Gianforte, he’s a great guy.
  10. a m ole

    U.S. Politics

    oh she’s interested in it, she released an anti-trump song/album
  11. a m ole

    U.S. Politics

    "Gang members, known criminals, people from the middle east..." This is what people mean when they say satire is dead.
  12. a m ole

    Neil Cutler

    So good at goalkeeping they call him The Octopus