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  1. I think he’s just accidentally let slip that all the refs are robots that can only follow specifically worded rules like the ones in ‘I, Robot’.
  2. YES THATS THE POINT ITS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON THE RESOURCES AT HAND Dean Smith is doing a great **** job and will continue to do so.
  3. Rafa whose record is similar to Bruce’s at Newcastle. It’s almost as if context is important. I’m done with On Topic for a good, good while
  4. A few of their entourage went to the toilet and never came back, I think they don’t want to show the empty seats.
  5. Now there’s reports he’s been stabilised, can someone admit they had a great Saudi joke lined up?
  6. The presenters and pundits are doing a great job but they shouldn’t have to be doing this. I guess it’s more comforting for viewers than a blank screen.
  7. Reguillon got the refs attention to something in the Geordie crowd, looked like a medical emergency and called over the club medics. They took about a minute to get up and actually rush over. Game paused for 7 minutes then ref called everyone off the pitch and we’ve gone for a temporary break - with what looked like advice from stewards and police.
  8. Maybe the commentators should shut up for a bit while they sort this out
  9. The **** were the medical staff waiting for then?
  10. I do like Saint-Maximan, he’s Adama Traore with more talent.
  11. That’s onside, get in Kane you **** clearing in the woods
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