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  1. His sacking at West Brom was insane, he seemed to have had a really positive effect there and at Doncaster. If I was an inbred nose, I’d be very worried.
  2. I tend to agree. I think SM is a more fluid and aware version of Traore, less of a special teams player. He’s better than Newcastle but I’m not sure I’d rate him for a top 6 squad. Id take him, but not sure it would be value for money.
  3. Would you rather have Saint-Maximin or Adama Traore?
  4. We are an interesting comparison because of the Leeds hype, as our statistics are remarkably similar across the board when it comes to ‘great to watch’ and ‘exciting’. Villa first then Leeds: Shots per game: 14, 14.1 Shots on target pg: 5.3, 5.4 Goals pg: 1.58, 1.65 Dribbles pg: 9.9, 8.4 Crosses pg: 21, 21 The only big difference is we are a little more direct with a similar number of long balls but fewer short passes. As Man City regularly show, short passes around the defence isn’t exactly exciting though. One of the more entertaining aspects of Leeds is th
  5. they can say what they want, they’ve only scored 5 more goals than us from 2 more matches. on the flip side they’ve conceded more than bottom placed Sheffield Utd with only the Baggies leakier. We’re the “dull” team that scored and won the match without our most exciting player. Not sure why they find so much pride in being able to score because they don’t defend.
  6. Or similar to the one he’s become since he left us!
  7. got bumped by Watkins, threw himself down on the floor and clutches his ankle. starts rolling and screaming in pain. Ollie hears, and knowing he barely touched him let alone ended his career grabs his arm and like ‘Mings on Bamford’ drags him up off the floor. as Llorente realised Watkins had embarrassed him, he miraculously recovered from the snapped tib/fib to leap up and start remonstrating with Ollie. either Bielsa really is god and it was timely divine intervention, or it was dirty Leeds shithousery and Llorente was faking a horrible injury to get Watkins booked.
  8. I think refs allow quick free kicks as long as they haven’t halted play to officiate (issue cautions, cards, marking free kick distances, etc etc and otherwise distracted from the game). If the team don’t play it fast enough that the ref has to start ensuring a wall is 10 yards. It makes sense, so the opposition isn’t unfairly in a position where they’re taking instructions from a referee while play continues. I haven’t seen this incident though so can’t comment on if I think it applies in this case.
  9. if you want to get pedantic it’s a hyphen - not a minus− so you’re wrong
  10. you joking with Luke ‘Clunge’ Ayling in your back line?!
  11. 4 + (0-6) points ahead of these now.
  12. this really is Sunday League, we’re playing on with a keeper that can’t kick
  13. Anwar might have felt something, you never know.
  14. why is the commentator always suggesting something is nefarious when he sees a foul on slow motion?
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