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  1. What they usually mean in the physio world is a gradual recovery from injury as opposed to say 4 weeks rest then straight back in. Minor increases to volume of training and things like that.
  2. I live in east London and it rarely occurs to me that I might be in danger
  3. Mings at left wing didn’t sell the joke?!
  4. Sub at half time for Chuk, think he could do a job in goal. Ramsey is doing a job as assistant manager.
  5. Sub at half time for Chuk, think he could do a job in goal. Ramsey is doing a job as assistant manager.
  6. El Ghazi Mings Konsa Targett Cash Grealish McGinn Davis Wesley Luiz Chukwuemeka could do a job.
  7. Just wondering how they found it. The profile of the one he posted looks about 12.
  8. Looks like almost exclusively Israeli kids commenting on his post and sending him DMs, no relation to Villa. I’m not even sure why he’s targeted, is he high profile in the Middle East? He’s Dutch/Moroccan. Looks like they’re finding any Muslim players to go after in response to recent events.
  9. These fake it til you make it morons are absolutely everywhere. ‘Entrepeneur’.
  10. Heart bleeds for Utd and that terrible line up of journeymen pensioners and undeveloped 14 year olds
  11. You’re actually not on a crazy tangent there, it’s thought to be to do with the stresses of the lower leg muscles and the connective tissue to the bone and heavier impact on hard surfaces causing inflamation and damage between the two.
  12. Seriously, you’ve not heard of shin splints in athletics? running around is pretty much the cause.
  13. I mentioned this before. If Wesley had pulled out and made himself light, he doesn’t get injured for 18 months but risks a yellow card for ‘simulation’. Dangerous precedent. Compare that to when Salah avoids yellow cards for when the earth suddenly drops a foot underneath him.
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