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  1. yes I have @Davkaus. Just having a laff. His point about “not seeing the picture quick enough” is bullshit though.
  2. I have no doubt he could have fouled him all game, just like everyone else in the league.
  3. HE THINKS HE COULD HAVE MARKED HIM OUT THE GAME LOL ”Id have loved to have played against him because he’d allow me to get close and physical”
  4. Hahaha Souness is a **** moron.
  5. This fragile, stuttering nervousness is an act isn’t it?
  6. whoever is blowing that trumpet isn’t helping, i can’t focus on his bullshit enough to hear it.
  7. pneumonia vaccine is against a specific bacteria that causes pneumonia but not against getting it itself, so yes unfortunately irrelevant. stay safe!
  8. talking about fairness, there’s no way they can make a decision on what most likely would have happened. most sensible options to me are 1. null and void season. maybe next season Villa will be even more shit and maybe next season Liverpool would actually be unbeaten. Liverpool get to be an asterisk team if they really want to, who gives a ****. 2. Cancel EFL Cup for 20/21 and carry over missing 9 or so fixtures in all leagues. Season 19/20 ends with 2 week break and we’re into 20/21 with only league and FA Cup games to schedule.
  9. This is the fear in the back of my mind.
  10. Johnson’s logic re: sporting events is crazy. Says that on average one person infects two or three others so you have low probability of infecting a large number of people in a stadium as you only infect people close to you. That’s the whole point, stadiums bring you into very close contact with thousands of people and high volume contact points and massively increases the chance of infecting a higher number of people.
  11. can confirm, a lot of drunk pricks around me. I get people enjoying the day out and the noise adds to the atmosphere but it’s a shame for people actually trying to watch the game.
  12. a m ole


    absolute disgrace of a team.
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