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  1. grazing the ball doesn’t make it not careless, as the ball stayed directly in-front of Trez and then he made significant (not gentle, lol) contact shin to shin. It’s carless because the ball doesn’t go anywhere and he fouls the player.
  2. the touch of the ball is irrelevant as Trez can still play it. If what occurs after is a foul, it’s a foul. He’s impeded Trez no matter how much of a meal he made of it.
  3. it’s absolutely clear contact, his shin bounced off trezeguet’s, whether it’s watching it in slow motion that’s deceiving you or something else I don’t know, but it’s obvious and not even under discussion especially when the player admits to making contact himself.
  4. if he got the ball, where did he take it?
  5. because the ball is still at Trezeguet’s feet when he follows through into his shin, fouling him. it’s ridiculously simple.
  6. what you’re seeing is called a ‘bounce’ in physics. just to make clear you have no idea what you’re talking about, here’s the quote from Solly March himself.
  7. the ball contact is completely immaterial as it stays DIRECTLY in-front of Trez. It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s not been won, or cleared. Then he kicks Trez in the shin. It’s a foul.
  8. I’m absolutely astounded and twitter is full of morons who think March ‘won’ the ball.
  9. For anyone defending the decision - after the touch from March the ball is still at Trezeguet’s feet. Then he hacks his shin. It’s a clear foul and absolutely insane that it has been overturned as though the referee initially made an error.
  10. they’re making the **** rules up as they go along, ‘touching the ball’ makes no difference whatsoever.
  11. The big shame is he could have played for England.
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