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  1. I thought the bespectacled lady was holding a small ice cream for a minute
  2. trust me, it’s just blissful optimism as a coping mechanism for our last 8 years, don’t take it too literally. We’re all shitting ourselves as much as the next Villa man. Having said that... Ok, guy
  3. just look at the way she slowly places her hands on the lectern to a pitter patter of applause like she’s Nelson Mandela
  4. Oh well, will lay it under the Andrex in case of emergency
  5. haha no idea but me and the neighbour had an addressed postcard through the letterbox - assuming whoever looks after the electoral register have been dishing out my details.
  6. How do I get myself of these words removed’ mailing list?
  7. Will they sell us their left back if we go up?
  8. Amazing game of football, totally open. Not sure I’ve seen a play off game that entertaining except for Deeney’s Watford winner. What helped Derby look so devastating is Leeds’ style of play. All about risk reward, players busting a gut forward with flicks and overlaps, surrounding the opposition off the ball. Works well to pile the pressure on but leaves them very vulnerable. We are much more cautious and in control of our play, the build up is more considered and we try to pass the ball forward but it’s less 3 swipes of the sword and more death by a thousand cuts. Great character in Derby but I think we’ll get the better of them, again.
  9. How about people who press the button when the WAIT light is illuminated, or people who repeatedly press the button like they can make it change quicker. Or how about people who come and press the button while you’re stood next to it, waiting, like you forgot to. OR, the people that are stood at the crossing and haven’t pressed the button. Too large a proportion of the population do these things. On a similar note, how about people who try to open a toilet door when the red occupied indicator is on the lock. Seriously, how oblivious can you be.
  10. Neither Leeds or Derby would commit that many players so deep in defence. Their whole tactic was sit in front of him and block the pass.
  11. intentionally off Johnstone’s shin, cool as you like

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