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  1. Watford wasting time was worth that winner being in the 95th and not 72nd minute.
  2. anyone doing that but Van Dijk and everyone says it’s a foul.
  3. reminds me a lot of Jordan Ayew in that video.
  4. and the ball hit Henderson’s hand, but they didn’t slow it down and zoom in on every angle like every other call up to this point.
  5. Why is this still a two legged semi and why is it separated by 3 weeks?
  6. VAR can’t manipulate any of the footage to show a possible infraction so the goal stands.
  7. that is onside. keep moving the line until it looks off though. **** VAR.
  8. Can hear Smith bollocking them from the side line.
  9. good, wingers dropped. still prefer Guilbert but what can you do.
  10. edit; take it back, i didn’t see the thigh contact, i only saw Jota rolling around holding his poorly elbow.
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