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  1. Huge mistake from Mings, I can’t blame the staff or Smith for listening to him. I appreciate the fight to carry on but you have to do what’s best for the team.
  2. annoying, I think we need Guilbert’s pace against their wingers.
  3. Agree it’s borderline. I thought they’d consider that he brings his arm out from behind his back. Had the ref given it i’m sure it wouldn’t have been overturned however. Rules are definitely a joke. That’s not a hand ball, but if it skims an attacking players hand in that scenario and his team bury it - that doesn’t count.
  4. bit of a fortunate one for Fred that.
  5. support climate change summit, fly emirates
  6. Heading the ball onto your own toe is unbelievable skill. Genuinely though, what a build up.
  7. The sad demise of dairy milk. Regardless of the cheapened recipe, the shape is all wrong. Just had a ‘big’ bar, they used to be so thick you’d have to snap them with the heel of your hand, and it would never break along the grooves. I’d melt a cube in my mouth for a good 5 minutes. If you’re going to make them smaller and charge the same, you cheap words removed, just cut a line off or reduce the area of the square. The thin base sucks and if i wanted rounded edges that don’t awkwardly poke the roof of my mouth i’d eat a bullshit galaxy.
  8. they’re the ingredients of their bullshit manifesto, not the ‘Brexit Deal’. Also, let’s scan the barcode and see just how many hundreds of billions it’s going to cost the country.
  9. 2/3s Labour, 1/3 split Lib Dem and Green. My soul is pure. Interestingly the national and England results show a quarter Lab, quarter Green, just under a quarter Lib Dem. Are the more left leaning public more likely to use the site, and why? Or does the general public not vote for what it really wants?
  10. Probably down to his playing style, he’s got great acceleration and most likely to go full tilt. Mings had one moment he had to put the burners on to close down James, which probably accounts for him coming second, although he’d probably be up there with El Ghazi if they were to run a 100 either way, he just rarely needs to in a game.
  11. It’s probably a committee of Southgate, coaches and analysts.
  12. Why do people who have a problem with homosexuality also have a fixation with things being “rammed down their throats”?
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