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  1. agree. on a football pitch every infringement should be equal no matter who or where on the pitch. glad it was implemented there though.
  2. no problems with it there, to be honest.
  3. i think a draw is the funniest result. Liverpool drop points and Utd start wondering if they can compete after all.
  4. We’re joint 5th with Arsenal and Spurs looking at goal difference, albeit likely to take a bit of a hit in the next two games. Meanwhile the bottom 3 are -9, -11 and -16. I’m not worried.
  5. Grealish is knocking on the door of ‘world class’.
  6. HAVE to make the most of it now. We need to make these VAR calls mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  7. VAR should at the very least be bringing consistency. Can’t even do that. Useless.
  8. it is if you’re booing them because they’re a certain race.
  9. I found it uncomfortable when Southgate hugged him after the game, although I don’t know if he was really aware what a prick he was being in the build up.
  10. from the strike too, not even the curve!
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