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  1. That’s insane, it should be his goal anyway it was going in. A shot on target from anywhere else on the pitch other than the corner flag and it gets called a goal no matter how significant the deflection
  2. because the first one he missed the ball and stepped in Ronaldo’s path, Ronaldo didn’t initiate contact it’s a clear foul. the late one again Zouma missed the ball completely as Ronaldo got to the ball first and was tripped.
  3. I’m plan on being naughty during the game so santa has to fill my stocking with coal.
  4. Fully deserved for trying to use a special teams player
  5. I know, I’m not an idiot. They were penalties though.
  6. The middle one wasn’t, the first and last are.
  7. Nah, not a pen at all. That, on the other hand.
  8. Haha what the **** is that, it didn’t get overturned?
  9. It also wouldn’t have been offside last season, it was well on and brilliant movement from Ronaldo
  10. Skybet offering Everton and a draw but Villa win suspended. In totally unrelated news. Sky Sports are reporting that a result for Everton is close.
  11. Games currently being replayed on sky, it’s 0-0 at 57 minutes. Perfect time to tune in.
  12. a m ole


    To put it bluntly, yes. He’s had bad luck at Liverpool but the quality is there. He’d be a huge signing for anyone outside the top 4
  13. a m ole


    The commentators suggested it was in the Liverpool game yesterday but it is the end of next season, my bad. They’re trying to sign him up to a new deal but always feels like he’s a back up and he’s far too good for that.
  14. Smith said that it was a second knock that made him feel dizzy later on, not the first one he was treated for which did just look like a cheekbone injury.
  15. I’m not even sure what happened there with Walker and Armstrong. I think it would have been a foul but Armstrong fell over at the exact same time and in the exact same manner as he would have had Walker actually clattered into him. Bizarre.
  16. a m ole


    Didn’t realise Naby Keita’s contract runs out at the end of this season. We don’t have a chance, but imagine if we had a chance.
  17. Huh? We didn’t go 4-3-3. We stayed at 3-5-2, just with a very attacking wing back.
  18. He’ll be talked about forever, I’d get used to it
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