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  1. the bots are running out of unique headlines
  2. id like them to collapse so far my sunday league team can beat them in the Dickie Davis Cup first round.
  3. put it on Motorway Joe, so was well worth it.
  4. the way this is being presented: those are two separate points. so the position of the arm is redundant IF a goal is scored. it wouldn’t need to be clarified that the goal being scored makes a difference otherwise.
  5. great to have a clear view of the laws as they’re enforced. now let’s watch David Ellary and whoever else play a game of football with their arms bound to their sides.
  6. VAR were very quick to get through their ‘review’ of this goal.
  7. came here to ask. you lot are well versed on the shadiness of this government and Cummings concerning the app, should it be avoided?
  8. cute, they think they would have been just fine if only had they only had their 4th choice transfer and a free.
  9. Konsa, Cash, Mings, McGinn, all in contention.
  10. is effort is unreal and he's useful, but i think Traore will prove more effective when we see him
  11. poor from Ollie, but he's getting the opportunities which is what we expected from him.
  12. but easier to close down the wide player, where they had joy. not sure its a great move from them from an attacking pov.
  13. i think it may be a relatively early change if we stay 2 or more ahead
  14. would probably start for any championship playoff side.
  15. would probably start for any championship playoff side.
  16. Cairney clearly clipped him and it was 'unfortunate', lol.
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