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VillaTalk Deadpool 2019


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So, someone had to start it... again :)

You get five names.  Five.  If you list more than five names then any names from six onwards won't count. 
100 points for a dead celebrity.  200 points if that celebrity is below 40 years of age on the day they die. 
The number of points is divided equally between every person who guesses correctly. If you are the only person to name somebody who dies then you get the full hundred. If five people guess, it's twenty points each. Decimal scores will be rounded up, ie, if three people guess then they get 34 points each, not 33.333

I'll be generous with the deadline. Entries are valid up until 23:59 January 6th 2019.  Editing your post after that time will invalidate your entry into the game.

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4 minutes ago, Xela said:

Fresh from 2 last year (George HW Bush & Stephen Hawking), here are my new 'victims'

Paul Gascoigne

Clive James

Phil the Greek

Robert Mugabe

Kirk Douglas

Apart from Gazza the other 4 are immortal!

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3 minutes ago, wazzap24 said:

Jacob Rees Mong-Chops 


Katie Hopkins 

Boris Johnson

Stephen Yaxley Little Legs 

It's more of a wish list, but fingers crossed, you never know your luck. 

I was tempted to do the opposite and name five people I really like. A bit like betting against the Villa. 

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3 minutes ago, johnny from donny said:

Phil the Greek


Dua lipa


Sir Alex Ferguson

Who the flippin' flip is Dua Lipa when he, she or it is at home?

(Don't bother, I just Googled. Odd choice - is she ill or summat?) 

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