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  1. Wondering if we can win 10 in a roe again with the new additions
  2. What? Are you wondering if Dean could get a tuna out of Sturridge?
  3. I know we will most often play 433, but does anyone think we have the flexibility to adapt to something like 4411 if the need arises? Something like Heaton Guilbert, Engels, Mings, Targett. Elmo, Nakamba, Douglas, El Ghazi Grealish Wesley. Just maybe a bit more solid in the middle but still some creativity going forward.
  4. Seen Walter Benitez mentioned a couple of times on Twitter (yes, I know) just wondered if anyone else has heard anything about him and is he any good.
  5. I like stuntpegg, (or Nieve, to use her proper name) she's usually entertaining and knowledgeable about what she's talking about.
  6. Some famous Italian defender (possibly Maldini) once said " If I have to make a tackle, it means I've made a mistake" or possibly the same but in Italian.
  7. It's Albert Adomah's brother. A couple of years younger than Quick Sessions
  8. 50 million + Tuanzebe might tempt us to consider it before we say no
  9. The Glazers bought Manchester United by borrowing the money then transferring the debt from themselves to the club. Effectively they bought Manchester United with Manchester United's money.
  10. If memory serves, Makoudi wants to stay in France for another year or two.
  11. Depends (as Rigo said) on the wording of the loan deal. If we have an option to buy in our favour, the transfer fee will most likely be agreed and it's up to us to say yes or no; think Scott Carson for example. We loaned out some players with an obligation to buy previously. It's all in the fine print.
  12. I wonder what Chelsea will value Tammy at when Solanke has gone to Bournemouth for 19 million pounds. Since his first team debut in the 2014-15 season he's scored a total of 8 goals of which 1 was in English football.
  13. Jeez, I really thought Kamala (Jim Harris) was dead. I know he's had both legs amputated due to diabetes.
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