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  1. Good analogy. I always return my trolley to the shelter but mainly for the fact that i gain more steps on my Fitbit. Now i discover I'm a good member of society. Win win !
  2. Any VTers tried these kits ? Am tired of using pataks and after once hitting the spot making my own one from scratch using spices etc, i haven't been able to recreate it :
  3. A place for east end types to have a gamble ?
  4. Think along the lines of cockroaches and nuclear explosions
  5. So i believe. Thing is, she wasn't representing the bank at that point nor was she in the office or branch...she was in her own free time so i don't know whether their codes of conduct should cover her private life. I think her behaviour was totally abhorrent by the way in case anyone thinks I'm sympathetic to her. I remember a bloke being sacked by DHL or DPD for appearing on tv as part of an EDL march, shouting and gesturing in a racist way....problem was he was wearing a company fleece jacket at the time. D'oh !!!
  6. You know what to *ahem* do...
  7. Had a fbook row with a stupid bint who filmed a dust cloud coming from a farmer's field as she was driving along a busy road. She had already defended her actions from criticism posted by declaring she was "safely" holding the phone with thumb and index finger and the rest of her fingers still on the wheel. She really could not see what she was doing was wrong ! When i pointed out what she did was illegal and stupid enough to do so, but then to put it on a public community forum where she could be tracked down by the authorities, all i got was "OMG !! Some people !!" A special kind of idiot. She's since removed it; i just wonder if someone's already reported it
  8. The adverts running on absolute radio of frank skinner promoting his poetry podcasts. Just shut up.
  9. I had booked - at the start of march - to go to manhattan, via dublin on aer lingus this september. Booked it on expedia but they said they dont do refunds for various airlines, with aer lingus being one of them. I need to go directly to their site. Fine, did so & it said those who fly before 30/9 (me) can move dates without admin charges, up to 330 days in advance. Those due to fly before 30 june however can apply for a voucher or refund i think, but definitely a voucher which i prefer. I won't know my leave allocation for next year til jan 1 2021, more importantly i dont know who would already be off at work if i said ok rebook my flghts for say, march 21st 2021. Aer lingus say at present my flight on 24/9 is due to go ahead.....but if it does, manhattan will be odd & not what i remember so i wont want to go. I guess I will have to wait nearer the date & see if they cancel my flight & i get a voucher +20%. I just want it all boxed off now though. My hotel is cancelled ok without charge as will my theatre tickets in a few weeks. Meh.
  10. I've had a recent fixation with the henson kits of mid 80s in a proper Icelandic retro moment, either the home or yellow away shirt....to the point where i emailed henson themselves who got a bloke in Leeds i think to contact me, but at £65 on his ebay site I've resisted the temptation which I'm so proud about !
  11. So......we have a thread for money saving tips and it made me sit back and think of all the stuff i've spunked cash on as some form of retail therapy. The list (since lockdown 24/3) is scary : Telescopic car washing brush/mitt Karcher: 1.5 mtr hose.....foam jet nozzle......K3 pressure washer....5 litres of car wash shampoo....garden hose connector set....karcher brush attachment x 2........ Presents for girlfriend i havent seen since lock down - gift set of 9 bath bomb...24 box of lindt mint choc bars.....gift box of assorted fudge.........big cushion of our fave pic on it (ghey, i know) Food - box of 48 cadbury creme eggs...nestle big 71 box of biscuits......box of 30 wotsits grab bag size packages.....3 boxes of craft real ales Lawn patch seeds...shower cubicle beading and sealant......microwave rice cooker.......oven cleaner bags......orbital mouse for laptop..shoe shine kit.....3 pack of fancy shower gel.....pck of 10 disposable face masks......pck of 100 gloves like what tattoo artists use....a washable face mask made by a tailor in huddersfield.......4pk of yorkshire biscuit brew tea bags (nice !)......metal firepit & cover (looks the bomb !)..pair of nike trainers......pair of tan brogue shoes..3 larger sized tee shirts to accommodate my WFH eating habits....pair of ralph lauren jogging bottoms (trying to up my game to impress @Xela) It's my line of thought, that being "I wonder if Amazon sell.....oooh yeah, they do.."click" ! Not included has been the usual tesco food stuff for essential four packs of stella or toilet rolls, i reckon i've spent over £700 to date
  12. Stilton cheese on a dark chocolate biscuit. Sounds gross but it works. For me, anyway.
  13. That's breakfast sorted tomorrow then !
  14. In all fairness that looks pornographic :
  15. Started watching white lines on Netflix last night. All about a woman looking for the truth about her DJ brother's death in ibiza (or "beefah" as the young uns say) 20 years ago. Very promising. No cryptic twists (so far), just easy viewing with a fair amount of nookie on show which can't be a bad thing and some bangin' tunes too.
  16. To me, vegemite has a milder taste. There is also now marmite XO that has a stronger taste than the normal blend. In fairness, it works. Neither the peanut butter or the marmite flavours overpower each other. If you like both then I'd be surprised if you didn't like the mix.
  17. I think you've done the right thing sacking him off. He must know by making complaints about her at work, never mind stalking that he's putting you in a crap position. The actions of a word removed.
  18. Chips and gravy. Again ! You legend ! I think i might've just found my second man crush*, after Sir Dennis Mortimer. *not in a ghey way of course
  19. Apparently he's a Liverpool fan. Who knew ? I think I'd almost prefer to hear about Dave Whelan's cup final broken leg....or David Walliams being Molly Sugden's bridesmaid
  20. Yes, i was bored (again) but this posting proves even more what we already knew. Looks like our mate Des was replying to a new member of small time alliance's forum (i think Flipper is/was a legendary nose...legend as in he has so far resisted the temptation to shag his own sister):
  21. I feel your pain ! The number of times I've shouted at my DAB radio "Alexa - off" and it's ignored me...
  22. Was this the guy who got sacked for "slapping a bird's arse in the office" (I'm a child of the 70s, so please excuse my lack of pc-ness) ? Or am i thinking about a different VTer ?
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