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  1. I've heard that Eddie R2D2 likes his cruises and usually has a couple a year. Imagine if you've saved like buggery for years to have a cruise of a lifetime only to end up stuck on the same boat as him for 10 days.You wouldn't have to know him from before as I am sure that self opinionated whining would drive any sane person to launch him overboard !
  2. Yeah. DD tw@tted a salmon dead with a small wooden cosh called a priest and Jimmy Greaves exclaimed "effing deadly !!" Or so I'm told anyway...
  3. Just watched a bit of it. I dunno...if that was what he was all about then okay, drive by the ground but don't pull up for photo opportunities alongside a big poster. That's a whole different level than a blue and white wreath in the shape of a football. Doesn't sit easy with me.
  4. Reminds me of two vauxhall carltons parked (squeezed, more like) on the tiny front drive of a terraced house on jockey Road Sutton. They have been there for years and years mould/mildew around the window seals and looking in poor state. I often wonder if the house is occupied, who by and if those cars are a restore project (doubtful).
  5. I had to do this when preparing for my operation a few years ago. I had trimmed my spuds a few times with a razor but my gut got in the way of my vision, so I used a cream called Nads. Worked a treat but stinks. Nothing beats the feeling of a silky sack against my boxers, or bedsheets. Once it starts to grow back though.....
  6. Who the actual **** watches her videos for the tune ? It's the same as Anna Kournikova was a great tennis player (she wasn't but easy on the eye)
  7. If you're any kind of self respecting dirty old man (like me) you should then know it's a song by Jennifer Lopez....she of the arse you could rest your pint on
  8. But....but.....but....you like gravy with fish..... Now I am too confuse.
  9. I reckon @blandywould have gravy on that pizza too
  10. I did use the words "or something like that"....honestly, some people just love to nitpick. Mate
  11. I read that as "windy roads" and not "windy roads"
  12. Yeah, Bryan Savin who was a fellow BRMB presenter. I think it was more grabbing Savin by the lapels and lifting him out of his wheelchair. Something to do with Savin's show encroaching or overlapping on Butler's and TB got the hump when Savin complained.....or something like that. I got the impression that Tony Butler is or was a difficult character to work with
  13. The worst dogheads I've heard on that phone in are some smug lil yam yam called Phil who can barely hide his hate for us and also P(r)at from Warsaw.....I used to think he was from walsall until I saw a tweet from him with his location as Warsaw.....anyway, what a ungracious, dull, monotone person I've ever heard ! Don't think he's been on for a good while - which is nice - unless he's resurfaced this year ?
  14. Millwall -> SHA of the South.
  15. Brian O'Driscoll did a programme on the national rugby team, with a focus on players from both "sides", including some players of a loyalist background, some who were in the british army & those from republican roots.......... very interesting
  16. If "Jukey" (proppa blose mate) walked into a pub I was in I'd have no bloody idea who he was. I'd only recognise Hogan and the brothers Grimm....the rest of em....not a clue. Then again, I wouldn't be allowed in town, mate.
  17. I had a tesco delivery cancelled 90 mins before it was due. Driver shortage apparently. Great. However I was relieved when they confirmed that I wasn't going to be charged. Gee. Thanks. Got on to amazon fresh and got the lot more or less delivered 2 hours after placing the order.
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