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Pre-Match thread


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I think neil has prepared for this game i watched them against spurs and it looked like they were just going through the motions and not really giving it a go they also rested hoolahan and o'neill with this fixture in mind. I think fatigue will be an issue in this game with the games being so close together and after us playing gung ho for nearly the full 90 against west ham we will struggle.


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16 hours ago, HanoiVillan said:




-Barney McGrew--Cuthbert--Dibble-------




Lovelace has a reputation for staying too deep...

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16 minutes ago, Raver50032 said:

1-0 to Norwich... with Hutton getting a red card in an ill tempered struggle.

I would love to feel what a win is like again. If we do, I will treat myself to some self love in the shower later.

Otherwise known as the Hitler w#nk.

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