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  1. The problem we have is that our strikers are absolute dog shit. Neither Davis or Samatta would get into any other team in the premiership. You can’t score goals without decent strikers in this league. it’s absolutely criminal that we thought at the beginning of the season we could get by with one unproven striker from the Belgian league
  2. We could do with Samatta and Elmohamady at right back in the second half
  3. Mings is a bit error prone this evening which doesn’t bode well. We look a bit more solid with Konsa at RB but you can see El Ghazi is missing the overlap.
  4. Douglas only scores bangers. We are five nil up. And Kate is fit.
  5. If we had not started last season so badly we would’ve finished higher than Norwich and would’ve destroyed them when we played them. And our team is even better now than the second half of last season. Norwich‘s team has not improved this season. We should fare better than them this season, surely
  6. Norwich have actually had about three decent goalscoring opportunities and have wasted them all. Stieperman’s in particular was incredibly poor.
  7. I walking around Kingsbridge in Devon looking for a pub to watch it at later. The review on Tripadvisor for one of them says “don’t take your mother or children there”. I think my 7 year old son and I will go to that one.
  8. Bielsa’s interviews are always so bloody awkward
  9. He’s like Elmohamedy. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s bad
  10. Wayne Bridge and John Terry would be an even better one
  11. The media would love Frank Lampard’s Derby to do one over on us
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