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  1. If we had not started last season so badly we would’ve finished higher than Norwich and would’ve destroyed them when we played them. And our team is even better now than the second half of last season. Norwich‘s team has not improved this season. We should fare better than them this season, surely
  2. Norwich have actually had about three decent goalscoring opportunities and have wasted them all. Stieperman’s in particular was incredibly poor.
  3. I walking around Kingsbridge in Devon looking for a pub to watch it at later. The review on Tripadvisor for one of them says “don’t take your mother or children there”. I think my 7 year old son and I will go to that one.
  4. Bielsa’s interviews are always so bloody awkward
  5. He’s like Elmohamedy. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s bad
  6. Wayne Bridge and John Terry would be an even better one
  7. The media would love Frank Lampard’s Derby to do one over on us
  8. Can’t believe Wilson missed that
  9. I wonder how this will play out now. If derby keep up the intensity, they could nick it
  10. That was a quality goal from Leeds
  11. They were two amazing saves by Steer. Adomah doesn’t look like he cares anymore. He’s knows he’s not here next year and it shows. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the final
  12. If that happens, Bristol or Derby would still be able to match our points if they win their remaining 3 games and we lose our 2. However, Bristol they would have to turn over a 15 point goal difference ! We’re on 22, they’re on 7! Derby are on 9

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