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  1. Anyone else’s signal breaking up? I’m on Virgin Media
  2. Fair play to Davis. I’ve never rated him but he’s made a massive difference to this game nicking the ball off that defender and creating Trev’s second goal
  3. It just goes to show how low Smith rates Barkley. In a game where there is zero creativity he still doesn’t want to bring him on
  4. All good apart from the comment about McGinn. If we are satisfied with a midfielder’s performance because he puts himself about but doesn’t do anything with the ball, we might as well invite Thor back into a midfield. Surely we can expect more from our midfielders than that
  5. It’s either that or make the dinner and I’m hoping the wife gets up before I do
  6. On a more positive note, we know Ramsey and Samsung can affect a game when they come on.
  7. Don’t get me wrong I love Dean Smith and believe he is the right manager for us. However, I really wish he would make subs earlier in the game to give us a chance. We had Leicester on the ropes there at the end, a team now in second place in the Premier League. We left it far too late to inject energy into the gane.
  8. I can’t speak for other people on here but I’ve been annoyed with him losing possession quite a number of times this game with either misplace passes or poor touches. He may well have put himself about a little bit but that is only half his job.
  9. Mings just completely bypassed McGinn with a long hopefully past to Traore because he didn’t have confidence to pass to McGinn in the middle of the park
  10. But he hasn’t used the ball well today and Sanson as we know is full of energy
  11. Might be controversial but I would like to see Sanson replace McGinn. His touch looks a little off today
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