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  1. Like what? telling the migrants to go home. Oh sorry, that's CamelToe. Maybe it's trying to bring jobs home? No? You're right - feck em. Senile Beijing Biden has it covered with the NWO jabathon. Still, you'll own nothing and be happy! C'mon man.
  2. Hello Marxist cucks. How cucked are you all feeling today? Gramsci cucked or maybe just Marcuse? Enjoy your virtue signalling pretend muh racism as repressive tolerance marches through your pointless lives. If nothing else, I've got you all googling phrases you 'useful idiots' have never thought of searching for before. (useful idiots was a favourite of Lenin's BTW). What a shambolic thread in a country full of such racist thugs that all and sundry are trying to get here to be oppressed. You all need a reality check.... low-life, self-hating brainwashed, yes boys.
  3. Ha... i gave it six months. I was far too generous. Still, at least he ain't Trump eh? Remember: "If you ain't being bombed by Biden, you ain't black!" All his voters must be spinning in their graves by now.
  4. Which bit? When you're complicit in your tacet support of the Syrian bombing that is on its way - are you going to own up, or think for yourself? I'll be back.
  5. Keep stalling the BBC/CNN propaganda like a good bot then. Genuine question - when Syria is on fire again, will you bury your head again, or question what is being rammed down your throat for once in an echo chamber? 'We came, we saw, we killed.'
  6. I come back now and again to see how bats*t crazy the TDS sufferers have become. I'll be brief and to the point. Since Senile Beijing Joe (the one with the crackhead with and the dodgy Chinese laptop) and his corrupt cronies and dead supporters rigged the election have cranked up the war machine - I will bet that Syria will be on fire again within 6 months (due to an overdue Chem attack by Assad the terrible). When this finally happens (again!!!) will you wake up and realise that the establishment are the warmongers, or just Bury your egos in the sand and chirp 'orange man bad' forever and a day, 'cos rasssisss'. But don't worry - millionaire Marxist footballers still taking the knee 'cos 'rrsssisssm'. Don't forget to pick up your free copy of 'White Fragility' from Amazon. Promo Code: 'R3TARD'
  7. The Prem can shove it. Endorsing those far-left Representatives for Wellingborough Black Lies Matter is the last straw. No more f&*%s to give.
  8. I don't comment much any more, but had to write something here. It's hard to believe that a player of such natural ability had such an illustrious career when we consider his leg was snapped in two in his prime. I saw him carried off with just his sock holding his foot to the rest of him, thinking he'll never play again. But Sid was better than that and proper footballers come back and adapt. We were privileged to have him and he epitomised an era of Villa greatness. The best footballer we've ever had, first name on the sheet. Good luck with the battle Sid, you've never shied away before, it ain't going to happen now. xxx
  9. I've not posted for what seems like millennia, but thought, WTF. Lambert is an interesting comparison. He had a torrid time of it whilst trying to play football with some 'experimental' signings (Benteke being one). We took some absolute hammerings but he still stuck by his principles and towards the end of the season it started to pay dividends and we were starting to dominate teams and get results. When the new season started, even clearing in the woods-faced Adrian Durham made us his dark horse to do well because of our strong Finish to the previous season. Then it all went to shit. We just went back to percentage hoofball, for no apparent explicable reason apart from Lambert losing his nerve??? I like this appointment. Smith knows the league and he plays the way we NEED to play in this league. If you have better players, press the hell out of the opposition and keep the ball. Just hope he sticks to his guns!!! I can go back into cryonic suspension now.
  10. Do you like watching football? Then imagine staring into a bowl of ditch water for hours on end.... in a flat..... above a chip shop.... in Norwich.
  11. My feelings run deeper that the future of a mere football club. I'm not disputing what he could have done for Villa, I just cannot forgive what he was complicit in - I'll leave it there.
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