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Pre-Match thread


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2 minutes ago, sexbelowsound said:

Well I can agree with that. All 3 would be suicide.

Im not sure Bacuna is that much of a defensive winger, nor is Sinclair...they are both attack minded players, but can do a defensive role, so we lose a bit going forward (if we are all right and Sherwood and Garde both  wrong about Gil and Adama) but gain a bit defensively.


And we have to edge that way because we are going nowhere if we keep conceeding too many goals .

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Just now, thunderball said:

Not an fans choice, but then again Remi watches them train every session. 

I'm keeping my powder dry for now and hoping a few on this forum have egg on their faces.

If we get all 3 points today i will be more than glad to have bat shit on my face let alone egg

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