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  1. Albert and jack both took plenty kicks from the dirty nosers didnt they. Id take a draw now
  2. If we win this ill be convinced we will go up with a gap to 3rd too
  3. Could just research Skybox/Openbox and CCCam instead. Roughly 60euro a YEAR for every single channel.
  4. Always seem to be England fans who get into fights and get drunk out their skulls chanting stupid sh*t.
  5. Sterling anonymous all season. Lalollna, exactly what does he do?
  6. This is why i hate ITV. Cut to ads more or less as soon as the whistle went. Miss all the emotion and atmosphere
  7. Dont think ive seen a sweeter shot than that tbh
  8. Iheanacho is class i rate him better than Martial
  9. I reckon PES will get even closer to FIFA sales this year. Actually enjoyed Fifa 14 was a good game but then 15 and 16 went downhill
  10. Yea can imagine Pep playing 1 of Europes best CFs on the right wing
  11. Best boxer ever imo, 1 of the great characters of the sport too
  12. I work alongside hollywood actors everyday. Currently working on justice league so speak with henry cavill, ben affleck, gal gadot etc daily.
  13. What a legend, what an insipiration. A great muslim too who wasnt scared to practice his faith in a very racist enviroment. Dedicated his life to his sport and to god. RIP big man
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