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  1. SSN reporting he is on his way for a medical.
  2. Looks like Romero will be signed tomorrow then. Fee and personal terms agreed according to reliable twitter accounts.
  3. So much for that poster on here saying he was off and everything had already been agreed with United. Jack may still leave but it’s clear nothing was ever pre-agreed. I think it’s looking good for us.
  4. Ah, I apologise for spreading fake news. Is that the case for Jaden Philogene-Bidace?
  5. Not mentioned as signing a pro contract. Guessing he's off.
  6. If they do PPG and separate it into home and away, we stay up anyway don't we?
  7. I hope it doesn’t go to PPG. I’m looking forward to the inbreds at Leeds doing there annual implode
  8. That's the Irish phased plan, definitely not leaked.
  9. My mate’s a Leeds fan. He was showing me their forum called Waccoe. Even he couldn’t believe how obsessed they are with us, we are talked about daily and even this site is visited frequently. Still fuming about how they bottled it last season it appears.
  10. People need to get a grip. He’s gone to a mates house, when he shouldn’t (not illegal, despite the lockdown) and crashed his car. Nothing mentioned about drinking, he’s apologised, villa have fined him. The end, it’s been dealt with.
  11. Going on the 'if' scenario where we stay up: There’s a lot of sentiment with Smith and I was apart of that but I think too much has happened now. We see our vulnerabilities and every other team knows them too, I think we'd have to change and if we didn't we are not learning from mistakes. As far as i'm aware we have complied with FFP this season which gives us fresh money to spend. It will be very interesting because I feel our owners mean business and if they do we should be going for a high-calibre manager.
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