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  1. Anyone know how many loans we’re allowed?
  2. guyavfc

    Wesley Moraes

    He's been found chatting up a 16-year old girl on instagram. Can't find a link, but it isn't hard to find on twitter. Must have gotten a taste for it after we destroyed Liverpool's youngsters.
  3. No plans for a new player to join up
  4. Somebody linked Correa on twitter from Lazio which links with the Rome flight. In the same sentence though said it was probably bs.
  5. Twitter rumour is that he failed the medical.
  6. Marvelous, Marvelous Nakamba. He’s gonna reach out and snap ya.
  7. Been told that we’ve agreed a fee for Webster by someone who gets snippets. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  8. Not true, Blues fans are underwhelmed and say since Feb he was average.
  9. I wouldn’t mind Schurrle from Dortmund. Don’t think he did too bad at Fulham.
  10. Poor Jack, he could have been playing in the champions league final.
  11. Nixon said he was fine and would miss tomorrow's game as a precaution.
  12. He's involved in a new one. Check the @villaawayontour twitter account.
  13. Follow follow Deano, cos it's up to the prem that we go with the Tika and Taka, you know we'll out pass you he's the best manager that we know
  14. Would love us to approach Forest for Lolley. He’s been fantastic this season.
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