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Pre match thread


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A cup run may be a distraction, but it may also be a welcome relief from the league.

On the other hand, if there will be a feel good factor from having a new manager, I'm glad we don't have a new manager yet for this game. We need the lift for the relegation fight foremost.

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From The Guardian




With the eagerly anticipated movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey out in cinemas this weekend, Villa Park will no longer have a monopoly on surprisingly well-attended exercises in tedium that climax in a beating.



It is becoming annoying to have constantly become the butt of so many jokes.

Something else that has never happened before. 

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They seem to play 4-4-1-1 so I think we need Sanchez sitting in front of the back 4 to compete for the pull backs and knock downs.

Therefore if we want to open up a bit of space to the wings we only need 1 more midfielder but one who can hold the middle on their own. I think that's Westwood rather than Delph.

Put Sinclair and Gil on the wings.

Have Benteke up front.

Then I think the best person to sit in the hole is Delph. I think he's best as a ponta de lanca, good close control, can shoot, quick feet.

Grealish can come on if we need a reshuffle.

Back 4 picks itself.

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Think we might see the return of the 442 gung ho type football. Happy feking days!!


Hutton okore vlaar cisshoko

Gil Sanchez delph Sinclair

Benteke agbonlahor

Simple as that. Fast football through the midfield and plenty of chances please!!

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....... so I'm not expecting massive changes.

Exactly ..... can't see how they will change significantly. The Lambert style is totally ingrained in them and won't vanish overnight but we can hope I guess !!!

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