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  1. Steve Bruce

    Rumour is he's been at a hot tub party in Bromsgrove.
  2. Steve Bruce

    A lot of silence around the club this morning. From the recent experience of the last 286 managers, that's usually a sign they're waiting to be told they can post something..
  3. Tony Xia

    I sincerely hope not.
  4. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    "Disastrous start to the second half for Villa!" Season pal. Season.
  5. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Hoofball. Why is it always Hoofball.
  6. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    I envy teams who can complete passes and create chances.
  7. Pre-Match Thread

    I paid £6 because I, sirs, am an idiot. Come on Villa!
  8. Steve Bruce

    Seen this far too often recently. We know his days are numbered, as does he I suspect. Why are we prolonging the inevitable? I can only hope we're seeking out a replacement to allow for a quick change. From what I've seen of the doctor, coupled with his tweet after the Hull game, I don't believe he will be patient much longer. Tomorrow could bring about the end.
  9. Next Aston Villa Manager

    If this has taught me one thing, it's to ignore the sentence "... would be a huge risk". I'm not specifically talking about names mooted in this thread, but the idea in general. When we got Bruce in he was, arguably, the polar opposite to a "huge risk". A safe pair of hands with a large number of promotions and bags of experience. It hasn't paid off. Now I can't see a huge risk anywhere, I see risks everywhere. Who had as much experience and as many promotions as our incumbent? No one. So by that metric, surely anyone is now a risk from Pardew to Yorke, they could be a success or a failure. With parachute payments and FFP, the time to try a safe pair of hands has gone by 12 months ago and now we are in an unfortunate position of stick or twist. If we're to take a punt in a young, attack minded manager, I'd say now might be the time. I don't know who that is, but I'd quite like to enjoy games. We went for Bruce in the hope that we nick a couple of games.. Grind out results. It hasn't worked and it's dull. I want to see us play some exciting football and turn teams over, something we haven't done in far too long. Remi Garde?
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    I thought I had seen it all on Bruce's last comedy roadshow, but long balls to Samba up top. That's a hell of a new addition for 2017.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Good first half. Some sloppy play, particularly in the last 10. Bacuna has particularly been sloppy giving the ball away. Hogan needs a goal. He puts a hell of a lot of effort into it. Deserves it.
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Gabby scored. Hutton assist. Let that sink in.
  13. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Come on Villa! Strong start!
  14. Pre-Match Thread

    I won't moan until the final whistle. I won't moan until the final whistle. I won't moan unti - BACUNA?! Why not let Richards come round and bang my missus while you're at it, Steve.
  15. Germany 23rd July

    I'm still so confused. For one, I can't find anything about the Cup of Traditions online. Are we the only team to ever achieve such heights? Also, what did La Liga have to do with it?! Why is it so big? Samba could use it as a leaning post. So many questions.