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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Nottm Forest v Villa

    That felt good. A proper grind, but a good team effort from all. Great way to spend a weekend.. Let's keep this ball rolling. 19 to go.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Leeds v Villa

    Good point away. NEXT!
  3. Pre-Match Thread

    Elphick is there in case we need to move the big man up top in the 85th minute.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    G'warn Villa, win the league.
  5. Pre match buildup

    The easier games are done. Rightfully, our form looks good because of it. Today, however, is the real test. Against tougher competition that will require smart tactical moves and a bit of class to win. Over to you, Bruce & Co. I really hope we win.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I am over the moon with our recent run of results. I think they're a result of individual moments of greatness from Adomah, Hourihane or Snodgrass, coupled with Bruce deciding we can play 4-4-2 finally (). My worry is that we're winning in spite of Bruce and not because of him. These aren't world class teams we've dismantled in the last four, far from it. For me, Wolves will be his biggest test. Let's face it, any manager worth his weight in gold could have got a result against the last 4. We shall see. I'd love it to continue, I'm not sure it will. Maybe I'm just too used to expecting the worst.
  7. Pre-Match Thread

    I want a cricket score please.
  8. Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    I real enjoyed watching that. I'm amazed, you're amazed, we're all amazed. Fair. Play.
  9. Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    A picture of Bjarnason from behind?
  10. Match Thread: Burton v Villa

    Snodgrass broke my viewing.
  11. Pre-match thread

    Only change I'd make is Whelan. For this game and in general. As said, the Bolt on game will be the easier of the two, that's when we should give others a start ideally, if possible. Some may be too tired to go again tomorrow night.