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  1. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    Is it? I don't tend to believe any 'ITKs' as a matter of course but let's be fair, something about missing a tax bill, the owner creating shares which can only be for the possibility of investment and the prospect of selling some of our best assets, albeit players currently, is pretty evidential to this being accurate. Even if Xia manages to get money into the club now I think it's gone too far with the fans. If I were a betting man I'd put a chunk on him selling before the end of the season and cutting his losses.
  2. Sam3773

    Going Under ?

    Sounds like a case of Freund.
  3. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    No, there's a lot of news stories out there at the moment. The 'facts' we know are that Wyness has been suspended. Nothing more or less. The rest is journalism and while I would expect it to be based on half decent chatter and rumblings, they're certainly not facts.
  4. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    Just preparing this for the next guy.
  5. Sam3773

    Keith Wyness

    Last Friday? Sure he didn't just try and use Visa?
  6. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    He would be if he didn't live in China. Their new money rules could choke him out.
  7. Sam3773

    Steve Bruce

    Hey, don't mind me. Just poking my head in to see if any decisions had been made about our manager before the season starts.. In three months.. With a month long international tournament in between. And a month of preseason. Two weeks after the transfer window opened. I'll pop back later then.
  8. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    I wouldn't be surprised either from both angles. It hasn't worked how he wanted it to, but also for us, new Chinese rules mean it's difficult for him to pump money abroad. Xia almost has two FFPs to get around. Ours and China's. I imagine it's very difficult for him to fund the club at the moment.
  9. Sam3773

    Tony Xia

    Simon Jordan of all people, who seems to have been following the Villa for a few years (for some reason) was on TalkSport last night. Said he knows some things so has to be careful what he says, but expects to see a change of ownership at the club. He probably knows chuff all, mind.
  10. Sam3773

    Steve Bruce

    Watch him go get Leeds promoted next season as Champions.
  11. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Perfect, then he knows how to deal with a car crash. But really, I seem to recall reading somewhere that might fancy a return to the dugout.
  12. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    I've come to float the initials AVB. Before anyone mentions salary, I'm sure the man with the most promotions ever from the Championship isn't on a small packet.
  13. Sam3773

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think you can take the final in isolation as a reason. Bruce himself seemed annoyed/upset/angry that we played so deep in the first half. Doesn't strike me as a decision he made. Not sure why he reverts to putting all the strikers on with no service, mind. I also believe he has done pretty well given circumstances. Our top scorer of last season was out for most of this one, and still hasn't got back to anywhere near the player he was. The entire spine of our team in Grealish, Jedinak and Terry were out for decent periods injured. And we still finished 4th. Would we have got automatics without the injuries? I'd be pretty confident. There's also an adage that another manager could have done better with this squad. I disagree. That's not a compliment to Bruce, though. The squad put together, on the whole, aren't designed to play quick attacking football. There's very little pace for that. However, Bruce put the squad together, so with the resources (money) Bruce had, then yes, potentially another manager could have done better. I'm not absolving Bruce by any stretch. He's the manager and has ultimate responsibility. Also, I've made it clear in the latest 'new manager' thread that I'd be happy with a change, but let's not kid ourselves here by making Bruce out to be a disaster because really, he was far from it and if we do keep him, I'd back him to get us 'there or there abouts' again. I'd much rather dominate and do it the easy way.
  14. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Bit unfair, they won about half of games under him in the three or so months he was there. He left when they were 6 points off the top, after the club had been given a 3 point deduction for fan violence. Shortly after he had to be taken to hospital after getting hit on the head... During fan violence. In terms of winning games though, given the circumstances, he didn't do overly bad.