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  1. Sam3773

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP Doug. Only met you once, but your love for the club and its fans was evident.
  2. Sam3773

    Dean Smith

    Great chance for him to build something here at the club he supports. Get this right and there's no telling where this adventure could end. We went for an Arsenal man, a Chelsea man and ended up with a Villa man. I'm happy.
  3. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    I like Simon Jordan and have no intention of doubting what he's saying - we know the finances were screwed in the summer. The EFL tend to look favourably on new owners though, and there was a lot of talk of a deal being done based around FFP. I'm sure we will breach it, but by how much and the punishment, I'm not sure. Let's not forget Birmingham are in trouble for ignoring it completely. We certainly haven't done that. #VeryOffTopic
  4. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    So to summarise some of VTs thoughts: Thierry Henry is exciting. Yes, we know he's never managed before but he's been assistant manager, he'll have learnt lots there and from his playing career to make Villa a success. Dean Smith. We're not sure. Yes he's been head coach at two clubs experiencing success above their means, but how much of that was him? He of course won't try and apply what he's learned at Villa. That would be crazy. I'm struggling to keep up with what VillaTalk want, let alone who's odds on anymore.
  5. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Colour me sold. I want him.
  6. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Well that was Rui. At this rate, Gabby will be in the dugout.
  7. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Looks like it's going to be Rui now with all the speculation. I hope to hell he plays a different style of football to his partner in crime. I doubt it. One thing's for sure, he's not going to want to be there or there abouts... I'll keep an open and accepting mind..
  8. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    I think we'll see a lot more of Rodgers' name being floated tomorrow, and the odds on him shorten. Just another name in the mixer.
  9. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Jardim is the kind of coup we're working with Mendes for, surely. I mean, he's been immediately linked with Man United, but we're Aston bloody Villa. With former England International Micah Richards. He'll come.
  10. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Reports at the time claimed Jardim got the Monaco job due to his, wait for it, connections with one Jorge Mendes. Make it so.
  11. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    In 5 years time, when Monaco have been relegated and you're battling for a mid to bottom table job, the Villa vacancy will come up and you'll come begging. Your CV will be going in the same pile as Martinez, Moyes and OGS.
  12. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Daily Mail are reporting that Jesus is helping us.
  13. Sam3773

    New Manager Speculation

    Buzzing for another KMac masterclass next weekend.