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  1. Guy on the left is Fabian Tadiello. He's Wesley's agent. No idea about the other chap.
  2. Believe Luiz is happening because Spurs have come in for Phillips. I like the business we're doing and I like that were getting it done early so we can bed the team in. Couple more and hopefully we'll have a strong enough team to stay up and push on.
  3. We're not going to sign 10 proven Premier league starters, only for some of them to be playing second fiddle. Jota as a squad player is good business. Jota as a squad player in exchange for the tea lady's apprentice is a fantastic deal. I'm sure there will be more ambition shown on the starters we bring in. This isn't one of them.
  4. Well if you're as right as you've been this year, we should go up 88-0.
  5. They're nervous. Regardless of what people say, we're the team no one wants to face in the play offs. Sheffield United - Billy Sharp possibly injured. Not in great form. Nicking points. Leeds - After being in the top all season, dropping out will have morale implications. West Brom - Mixed form. Don't look great. Bristol - Same as above. Getting to the shakey part of the season. Villa - 8 wins on the bounce so far, winning even while playing ugly. Motivation RIGHT behind us. I don't care what any fan who ventures into these forums says, when they look at that list we're the ones bottom of their list. We're this season's Fulham. I said it months ago and I'll say it again; if we make it into the play offs, we'll win them.
  6. Sorry chaps, can someone point me in the direction of the 'Aston Villa Promotion Party' thread? I seem to have got lost and stumbled into Bristol City Ratings and Reaction by mistake..
  7. Just need Gayle to score another 2 and I'm up a position..
  8. Absolutely, and them getting sucked in only makes another space available for the teams that deserve it. We absolutely must keep this form up though. Saturday is huge.
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