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Pre match thread


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i think it will be more like 





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Hope gils injury isn't serious.

Wow what a shit line up that is.

Pedestrian slow and crab like

So annoyed coz we had a chance of going to wembley

Named on defeat without scoring

0-1 Leicester

We really needed a win to get a bit of confidence going into stoke.

Here's hoping they try hard to impress Timmy

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Really excited for the game, but then again I am incredibly naive when it comes to Villa. Lambert did his best but hopefully there is a breath of fresh air around the place and the Marshalls just tell the lads to go out and attack all game, even if we get battered I'd rather see the lads go out there to win it rather than play like we have been.

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I don't want to see Given in there, like the cup is just some crap game that he can get a run out in.

I agree, although sometimes a goalie for a poor team needs a rest-

It's not motivating to pick the ball out of the net all the time.

Cleverly will score.......

For which team?


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