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  1. Apparently genoa have made contact according to skysports . I for one hope he goes as he deserves to playing football and I feel like it's a waste of his and our time him being here .
  2. avfctom89

    Adama Traore

    Yeah I agree but I don't think gil did enough yesterday so hopefully adama gets half an hour rather then the usual 7 or so minutes.
  3. avfctom89

    Adama Traore

    Well with Sanchez potentially injured he might well be forced back to a 4,3,3 with Westwood gana and Veretout. Which leaves a position free with ayew and Gestede. Hopefully adama gets game time in a front 3 . Him or gil I suspect
  4. So hopefully if he's possible a direct rplacement for Sanchez. And hopefully is a lot more reliable game after game.
  5. Inler would definently add that bit of steel in the middle and would hopefully work well behind Veretout. Is he more defensive or offensively minded ?
  6. I think naismith and ayew would work well together with gil/sinclair/traore as the other forward . And for reportedly a similar price to Gestede surely a no brainer. Not a world beater but the best I think we are looking at ..... sadly
  7. Being linked again with Townsend on loan, not sure what I think to this wouldn't say no as he has undoubted quality , but a bit of a meh signing . But I suppose we probably are not going to have the pick of transfers, so best we can hope for.
  8. What about Ashley young on loan, doesn't seem to be getting game time. And I'm pretty sure united will dip into the market especially after today . If have him here in a heartbeat .
  9. I think someone like jedinak would be ideal in the middle and seems like a natural leader . Not going to drag us up the league but could do a job . I don't think we can afford to go abroad and take the risk of them not hitting the ground running. That's why I'd love Austin.
  10. I'd enquire about David ospina , debuchy or Joel Campbell. If we bug arsene wenger enough he might give us one of them.
  11. Charlie Austin , a decent cb, cissokho back. And cross everything you have that's enough .
  12. I do think him and Richards can form a good partnership at the back but he needs to pick one and stick with it .
  13. I do believe we will be out of the relegation zone come January and hopefully on the way up , so I can't see why he wouldn't come to us .
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