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Pre match thread


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Scott Marshall has just said on TV that the team selection was a composite of his, Andy Marshall, Cowans and the youth team setup.


Gil fell short on a fitness test so should be fine for the league game.


Good to hear about Gil. As for the selection, I guess we'll see if we play any differently.

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Piss poor line up lump on Leicester half time - full time fill urs boots lads

Betting against your own team? Really?

each to there own the way I see it is win win either way the league is far far more important anyway
Here, have some of these.


It's on the house.

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If our team has the same shape as when lambert was coach, I will be very annoyed

Marshall is in charge so there's every danger

It's an uninspiring line up but other than Gil not that unexpected

If true it's a cowardly line up- lose then blame Lambert

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