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  1. Doesn't Gregg get everything wrong? Like, it's his 'thing'.
  2. You know exactly who's coming in..
  3. Feeling like I'm about to break up with a girl I love, but can't make it work because I can't get in the box. I know it's for the best but damn it cuts deep.
  4. Hearing it's happening from the ever reliable Twitter sources. I do get a sense it is happening, though. I'm gutted for the man I really am. He's one of our own and that won't change, but we have to.
  5. Here's where I'm at: Dean is a great guy and coached us during a great period in which we got promoted following a record breaking winning run. Key players in Grealish, McGinn and Mings were, and are, too good for the Championship, which certainly helped. We then went into a summer rebuild around those players. Recruitment has a lot to answer for, certainly, but Dean himself said he gets the final say in our 'transfer committee', so a certain amount of our window rests on his shoulders as well as Suso and Purslow. With some notable exceptions, I don't actually think we have a terrible squad for this league and I do think a lot of them will go on to clubs in top divisions. The problem is consistency and that's across the board. Even with the aforementioned Grealish, McGinn and Mings. They're now very hit or miss and a lot of that has to come down to coaching and morale. Another poster mentioned tactics and 'what's Dean meant to do? He's tried everything!' Well I don't particularly think it's a tactical problem. I think there's a confidence problem. I think there's a morale problem. I think there's an attitude problem. And, after the other night, I think there's a dressing room problem. Whatever happens now, I can't see Dean leading us into next season, be that in this league or the Championship. Moreover I think now, today, is the best time for him to go beit of his own accord or with a slight push. We have 6 games left and whilst I expect nothing from them and relegation to be confirmed, we MAY get a bounce from a new manager. A period of 2/3/4 games where the problems I believe to be there are washed away by a new broom. Chances are we won't, but the owners have to try something, and that seems the only option to maybe have an impact on this season. As for Dean, he's a fan of the club and got us promoted. There isn't a sour relationship with the fans, not to cabbage levels anyway, and there shouldn't be. He will be remembered for getting us promoted and having a go in the Premier League. OK, it hasn't worked out. I don't particularly think that's all his fault, but walking away might fix it temporarily, and keep him as one of our own. As for who we get in? A temp for now probably. Someone who can bring a bit of hunger back to the dressing room. Someone who can bring confidence back and someone who can boost morale. Maybe Big Sam is that man. He's done it before, albeit with more games left. Luckily as others have said, by pure blind luck the teams around us haven't moved. We still have time, with a bit of a bounce, to maybe stay in this league.
  6. Best thing we can do is get rid now and hope for a bounce. I'm pretty sure we'll just get relegated, shrug our shoulders, and give Deano another shot at promotion.
  7. Guy on the left is Fabian Tadiello. He's Wesley's agent. No idea about the other chap.
  8. Believe Luiz is happening because Spurs have come in for Phillips. I like the business we're doing and I like that were getting it done early so we can bed the team in. Couple more and hopefully we'll have a strong enough team to stay up and push on.
  9. We're not going to sign 10 proven Premier league starters, only for some of them to be playing second fiddle. Jota as a squad player is good business. Jota as a squad player in exchange for the tea lady's apprentice is a fantastic deal. I'm sure there will be more ambition shown on the starters we bring in. This isn't one of them.
  10. Well if you're as right as you've been this year, we should go up 88-0.
  11. They're nervous. Regardless of what people say, we're the team no one wants to face in the play offs. Sheffield United - Billy Sharp possibly injured. Not in great form. Nicking points. Leeds - After being in the top all season, dropping out will have morale implications. West Brom - Mixed form. Don't look great. Bristol - Same as above. Getting to the shakey part of the season. Villa - 8 wins on the bounce so far, winning even while playing ugly. Motivation RIGHT behind us. I don't care what any fan who ventures into these forums says, when they look at that list we're the ones bottom of their list. We're this season's Fulham. I said it months ago and I'll say it again; if we make it into the play offs, we'll win them.
  12. Sorry chaps, can someone point me in the direction of the 'Aston Villa Promotion Party' thread? I seem to have got lost and stumbled into Bristol City Ratings and Reaction by mistake..
  13. Just need Gayle to score another 2 and I'm up a position..
  14. Absolutely, and them getting sucked in only makes another space available for the teams that deserve it. We absolutely must keep this form up though. Saturday is huge.
  15. West Brom have a pretty favourable run in. Doubt they'll drop many more points.
  16. 5 weeks ago we were 12th and talking about Smith's first summer in charge and what a force we'll look like next season. Anything from this season is just a bonus now. But what a bonus it would be..
  17. Are we dependant on the player or the position? It's a key question, because we tried playing Hourihane/McGinn who are both unsuited to the more attacking position Grealish plays. They weren't as effective, perhaps because it's not their natural position. The only player who has attributes in that area, Lansbury, was also injured. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dismissing Grealish's talents by any stretch of the imagination. We are a different team without him, but if we had a natural backup for Grealish, a Sawyers perhaps, I'm confident we would have had a better run of results during Grealish's absence. Ergo, Smith isn't reliant one player, he's reliant on players playing in natural positions.
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