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    Wesley Moraes

    One thing I think we need to remember is that he only started playing professionally at the age of 16. He wouldn't have had the development that other guys his age would have had at this same stage. Going from working in a screw factory to now playing in the Premier League, in the span of only 6 years, it's been quite a roller coaster for the lad.
  2. With the amount of money floating around the PL, I was of the belief that not using technology to assist in making the correct decisions bordered on being irresponsible. Surely with the millions of pounds tied to every game and position on the ladder (and by extension - jobs and livelihoods), you'd want to use every method available to get the calls right? But the implementation of VAR in the PL has been so absolutely incompetent that it boggles the mind. Tin foil hat on but I'm beginning to think more and more that the PL have purposely and knowingly implemented a half-arsed version of VAR to show that it doesn't work, and so can scrap it next year saying "at least we tried" .
  3. Really good behind the scenes video of the women's preparation.
  4. He looks like the love child of Steve Bruce and Neil Warnock.
  5. 'Everyone said to me "why are you going to the Championship?" But for me it was a choice that I really wanted to go. For me Aston Villa is not a club for the Championship and I sign for the name Aston Villa.' What a man
  6. Ghost

    Wesley Moraes

    @A'Villan There's this story in The Guardian from July: Wesley Moraes: Aston Villa’s record signing with a remarkable backstory
  7. Exactly what I thought. I thought VAR would help in such a situation?
  8. Similar to Trezeguet's signing giving us a bunch of Egyptian fans, Marvelous' signing will effectively make us every Zimbabwean's favourite team.
  9. Is @useless your second profile on VT?
  10. Would be funny if they announce it on Thursday instead, despite everyone knowing this is pretty much done.
  11. Ghost


    The cross for BB's goal was from Green. Agree with the rest of your post
  12. Let's hope the classes are conducted by different people than those who ran Agbonlahor's.
  13. This reads as though it was written by a 12 year old. In one sense I can appreciate that some fans of the club would love the frankness of the statement but it's just so unprofessional.
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